Your New Years Resolutions – Be Careful With Weight Loss and Bras

By Tiffany Hart

As we leave 2008 behind and head into a glorious new year, you have undoubtedly done your duty. What duty is that? Why, you’ve come up with some optimistic New Year’s resolutions.

As a nation, we carry a lot of heft – literally. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar one as we all strain to lose those extra pounds. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions falls in this theme as we swear we will eat right, exercise more and lose weight in the coming year. Ironically, we tend to do this while drinking alcohol and partying the night away, but I digress.

For women, the weight loss resolution can become an expensive mistake. If you would like to lose a few extra pounds, please have at it and I hope you are successful. That being said, you might want to hold off on buying clothing in smaller sizes until you are sure that you can meet your goals.

For some reason, women often buy smaller bras when trying to lose weight. I am not sure why, but there is some thought that it has to do with the fact breasts are very fatty. You’ve probably noticed you don’t see a lot of female marathoners with size Cs unless, of course, they’ve been down to the office of the local cosmetic surgeon. If you lose weight, your breasts will decrease in size. When this occurs, of course, you’ll need new bras. The key, of course, is the “when this occurs” part of that sentence.

As you full well know, bras are not cheap. A beautiful, nice, expensive bra is useless if it just sits in your closet and is never used. Some women trying to lose weight buy smaller bras as a form of motivation. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it does not. If it doesn’t, that is one expensive mistake you have sitting in the closet.

The other reason you should not buy bras in anticipation of weight loss has to do with fit. No two bras fit alike. Also, not two breasts will reduce in size the same amount. This combination can mean you end up with smaller breasts when you lose weight, but ones that don’t fit your new, expensive bras and that is just a waste of money.

New Year’s resolutions are great ideas, but I have to admit I’ve failed in meeting most of them. If you are committing to losing weight in 2009, then good for you. I hope you make your goals, but suggest you hold off on buying expensive new clothes until you are sure that will be the case.

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