What’s Hot for Christmas 2009?

“I just saw the H&M video podcast where the Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana tells in an interview she has to wear always white on christmas because it means peace and happiness.
How about you girls? Do you have any prefered styles and colours on christmas?


“As I am from europe we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th. All doors around the tree are closed and after the bell rings one door is opened with drama and we all sing under the christmas tree in candle light, read a part of a story from the Bible, wish a wonderful christmas to all of us, then the family pictures are made and then open our presents.”



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“I like to wear something ‘festive’ – red or green with a velvet or plush fabric. even if it’s just a vest. This year I used the Charles David Baci red-bow pumps going on sale at Amazon as an excuse/justification to also buy the fabric I’d been mooning over buying. So, of course I picked up the shoes to go with the floor length halter gown I then made with the fabric (a gorgeous red/black rose lace with matching printed velvet on the skirt). It’ll probably be another year before I embark on another sewing project, who knows. Maybe I’ll get a chance to take a picture of the shoes & dress together in a few weeks – I’m stuck in a hotel with my 3 kids until I close on our new home.”


People prefer red, white, and gree colors for Christmas costumes, what’s yours? As I said before, sexy is a part that would helps you to gain more happniess during this evening. Rose secret offer a large selection of sexy christmas costumes. For customers from Rose secret, we recommend you to keep attention on both classic and new styles for Christmas selling 2009. Check below styles as references:

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