What to Wear to a Lingerie Party

If you are wondering what to wear to a lingerie party, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what to wear and how to look great, while still scoring the hot lingerie piece you’re after!
What is a Lingerie Party?
A lingerie party is a social event that sells women’s lingerie products. A place to socialize, make friends and purchase lingerie garments at a discounted rate, are all big draws of the lingerie fete.

At some parties, you can also purchase adult toys. Aside from actually purchasing lingerie, guests get to play games and enjoy plenty of food and drink. Prizes and party favors are also usually provided.
What to Wear to a Lingerie Party Made Easy
Are you planning on attending a lingerie party? It can feel pretty exciting to be going to one and that can translate into an urge to run out and buy a whole new outfit just to commemorate the occasion. Try to resist this urge. Remember, you’ll want to keep any extra money you may have on hand for purchasing those must-have items that’ll be at the party. Here’s how to dress:
Be a Show Off
By this we mean choosing tasteful clothes that show off the contours of your body. It’s good to have on something that’s form-fitting and that skims your figure. If you find a lingerie item you like, for example, a Sexy Spiral design strapless bra, you’ll be able to see exactly how it fits your figure under your clothes. Are any lines showing? Are there any noticeable bumps or creases? No? Then you’re good to go.

What to wear to a lingerie party matters, but maybe not in the way you’d originally think–not to be flashy or trashy; it matters in a way that makes trying on lingerie quick and easy. Look pretty, but wear separates for the greatest ease.
Consider Separates
Consider wearing separates as well. Let’s say you wear a pair of slacks (or a skirt) and a top. It makes it that” much easier for you to slip into something nice, you see. Doing this also allows you to remove only the articles of clothing necessary for you to see what the undergarment looks like.

Skip Complicated Buttons
Try not to wear anything with too many buttons (save your cute military top for another occasion!). The reason here is obvious: When you’re trying to choose lingerie that looks good on you, it’s important to be able to remove your clothing with ease.
So, What’s Appropriate?
No matter the social function, you want to be seen as fun and accessible, but not trashy. If all goes well, you’ll be making friends, playing fun lingerie games and exchanging numbers with fellow guests. And no matter what, you don’t want to spend the night sucking in your gut! Here’s what to do:

Consider wearing a knit top with jeans, slacks or a skirt.
You can go in a dress, but keep in mind, if you’re looking at a cute red bra or foundation garment, you may have to take your entire outfit off.
Don’t go for flash. You really don’t want to be seen as trashy or too flashy. You want to appear pretty, current (fashionably speaking) and accessible.
To expand on the rule above, it’s best to stick with body conscious clothing. Remember, some of the lingerie party games you’ll be playing will require you to wear lingerie over your clothes, so dress accordingly.
Don’t Forget the Accessories
Even though you’re going more simple and classic with your clothes, there’s no reason not to express yourself through your accessories!

Shoes: Go flashy! Your shoes are one area where you can really let your personality shine. We’re talking leopard print, shiny patent-leather red, jewel-tones; anything and everything goes. Follow this great fashion rule: The more conservative your outfit, the more leeway you have with your accessories.
Jewelry: Feel free to go bold here as well. Remember, we said bold, not flashy. What does this mean? It means make a statement with strong colors, like eye-catching bracelets, or layered necklaces or varying lengths. Eye-catching is great. Eye-blinding? Not so good.
Don’t forget the makeup: You’ll want to appear pretty and polished, but that doesn’t necessarily mean boring. If you have terrific eyes, then play them up with violets, charcoal or blue liners and/or eyshadows. A luscious, generous mouth? Gloss will do the trick. And if you have great skin, consider a pretty pearlized look. Now, you’re ready to party!

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