What Makes a Woman Sexy?

We are all eager to know what makes a woman sexy, in man’s eyes. After talking with all my male friends, I got thousands of different answers, including round breasts, thick lips, smooth skin, strong laugh… Except for these personal interests, there are some common traits that they think a sexy woman should have.

Needless to say, confidence is one of the important traits of being sexy. Regardless her age or weight, a confident woman is sexy and beautiful, as men defined “sexy” in different words, and you could always make someone “turn on”. But don’t mistake confidence for arrogance.

Smiling is one of the biggest people magnets you can ever use! Numerous studies have shown that for men, a woman smile is very attractive. Men like open and cheerful woman, when seeing smile they can feel relaxing and believe she is attractive. A smile is always sexy! But remember to visit the dentist first, as bad and rotten teeth are not sexy.

Eye contact
Eyes are called the windows of man’s heart, for they can reveal the implication at a deeper level that spoken language cannot express. Many men just feel dizzy about eyes that can talk, thinking that woman seduces the best with her glance. Men strongly believe seductive glance is sexy. There are those who love the shy and gentle glance, while others are attracted to the mysterious glance. You can just set the glance your man like.

Lingerie makes you feel sexier, and it can increase the romance within your current relationship. When you look yourself in the mirror, you could even be fancied by what you see, which will certainly boost your confidence. While to your boyfriend or husband, he could see the sexiest side of you and be totally attracted. So, before you go to bed, slip on a sexy pair of panties, thigh high stockings, thongs or corset.

So now you know the secrets in man’s mind, you know clearly that it’s also easy for you to be sexy, and attractive. But to be the sexiest woman in your man’s eye you need much more efforts and information, as they are not the same.

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