Wella Lingerie Turnkey Solution – Dropshipping makes easier

  • Although a lot of people attended seminars on how to make money online, 90% of them did not start or have difficulties starting an online business. The most critical issue is none the less having no clue where to find hot products with low prices to sell. Although dropshipping is a good business tool to build your new business, some have no idea on which dropshipper to work with. Even if some have found one, loading up products, constructing and managing the website still takes up too much time and a handsome costs still have to be paid to the programmer for doing this.
    Afterall, the dropshipper that you work with must be able to understand what is dropship all about and must give you the full support in your business. From building an e-commerce website for you to supplying you with the full range of products at low prices and shipping it to your customer, you must be confident that they are able to do a good job on every single aspect to make your customer happy.
    Based on large demand of our dropship customers, Wella Turnkey Stores Solutions have successfully developed a revolutionary turnkey solutions model which aims to solve the problems of many online sellers. We offer the quickest, safest and the most efficient online business solutions for lingerie sellers round the world who would like to start a business using dropshipping. More than 2,500 lingerie products would be automatically added to your website and you can set your own margin on the selling price. You only pay us for the order after receiving money from your customer. Apart from built-in SEO elements in the site, you can have your own domain. With a minimal one time set up cost, no inventory and no IT-knowledge required, you can now own a fully built professional lingerie online store which is ready to convert visitors to customers.
    Come and visit our turnkey solutions and pick your favorite template to start your exciting and fulfilling journey on lingerie business today: http://turnkey.lingerie-supplies.com
  • Steps to start an online turnkey solution for your business:

  • 1.    Apply for the necessary licenses. Most states and countries require business owners to have a business license and a “seller’s permit” that allows them to charge sales tax in certain places. Visit the secretary of state website for your particular state to find out the requirements for obtaining a business license and seller’s permit.
    2.   Choose the market you wish to enter. Turnkey websites are available for everything from lingerie to e-books. Decide what market interests
    you the most and look for a turnkey solution that fits your needs. The best practice for choosing your first turnkey website is to
    choose something you are passionate about. Most importantly, choose the item that is hot on the internet. What is the most sought for products online? For example, sexy lingerie is one of them. Online marketing requires a fair amount of work to be really successful. This includes common techniques, such as social media marketing, article marketing and video marketing. The effort required to produce content in these areas, while relatively minimal, means that you will spend your time working on marketing your site. This is always easier if the products you sell and the market you sell them to appeal to you on a personal level.
    3.   Purchase the chosen turnkey solution for the market chosen in the previous step. Choose your turnkey website based on the package price, product profit margin, website quality, customer service system and the quality of the products being offered. The idea behind a turnkey system is that you can spend your time marketing the website instead of processing orders and handling complaints.
    4.   Purchase domain name from a third-party service provider. Choose a plan that fits your business budget.
    5.   Promote your website to drive traffic. Online turnkey stores, like all websites, require a constant flow of visitors to generate sales. This simple fact is true for any business, both online and offline. Each visitor is a potential customer, but not every visitor will make a purchase. For that reason, the business owner’s only job in an online turnkey store is to generate the maximum number of visitors per day. Common techniques include writing articles and posting them to article directories, creating videos and posting them to YouTube and paying for traffic with services such as Google Adwords or using mobile marketing.

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