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If you think it is impossible for you to start a real business in 24 hours, it is because you have not heard of the word “Turnkey”

Starting an online business is easy, but it is meaningless in these days unless you are sure that your rate of return is going to be larger than 100%. Yes, 100%. I am not kidding.

If there would be one thing that people start talking about it in the future of the ecommerce world, it would be “Turnkey”.
Ask yourself this question: You may be thinking selling something online but why are you not doing it at full speed already by now?
What is your fear?
What are the obstacles?
Check your understanding with the following questions first:
  • Who says that you need to have inventory before you can start selling on the internet?
  • Who says that you need to ship the goods to your customers yourself?
  • Who says that it takes at least 2 months to finish uploading 2,000 products to your website?
  • Who suggests that you can only be an affiliate if you do not own any products?
  • Who insists that you must know programming?
  • Who insists that you must go look for what to sell before you can sell something?
  • Who says that you cannot own a fully functionable ecommerce website without investing thousands of dollars in the start up?
  • Who suggests that it is too risky to own an online business? What about the risk of not having one?

The followings are important and you must read.

A. What are the differences between the normal dropshipping program and the turnkey online solution?

  1. You do not need to upload every single products to the site yourself;
  2. You do not need to spend $$$ to engage a programmer to construct your website;
  3. You do not have to be pay someone to host the site for you;
  4. You do not have to set up a shopping cart using other program;
  5. You can start doing business in 2 to 3 days using turnkey solution, compared to traditional dropshipping program which may take up to one month to get everything in place.

B. What are the main benefits of using Wella Lingerie Turnkey WebStore?

  1. We provide free shipping worldwide;
  2. The site comes with 10 different currencies to suit different markets;
  3. The site comes with basic SEO elements such as metatags;
  4. You do not have to be computer language (eg. HTML) literate;
  5. You get paid by your customer first before paying us to ship the goods;
  6. You can conveniently remove or edit products or category that you do not wish them to appear on your website;
  7. You can select from a great variety of high quality and professionally designed templates of your choice to be the look of your site; Clickhere to view templates
  8. You decide what price to sell the products;
  9. Your customer will not know where the goods are being shipped from;
  10. We provide private labelling on the goods ordered based on your choice;
  11. You do not have to stock and ship the products yourself;
  12. We integrate online payment gateway for your free of charge;
  13. We integrate facebook, twitter and other social network sites for you free of charge;
  14. You can try the service for one month and if you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay for the second month;
  15. We can help you register your own domain;
  16. We provide hosting service for your site and the domain name can be returned to you when you choose to terminate the service with us;
  17. You do not need to have good knowledge about the products of the business before you start doing it (You learn and make money at the same time);
  18. You can upload your own logo and the banners on the front page are easily changeable;
  19. You would get a copy of full operating manual on the turnkey webstore after signing up the service;
  20. You would be provided an email account associated with your domain name;
  21. You can access to the admin panel anytime to manage the site such as adding or removing products, managing orders, view shipping status, setting up discount codes for customers, uploading logo, view message left by customers etc.

Visit Lingerie Turnkey Solution: http://turnkey.lingerie-supplies.com

11 thoughts on “Turnkey Solution”

  1. I would love to add your products to my web page and perhaps you could help me make that page more productive with some ideas. I currently buy stock for the ‘event’ side of my business but would like to make dropshipping a more productive avenue. Please contact me with information. Thank you . Candace

  2. I am very interested in beginning my drop ship store. I have a name in mind, but was wondering do you assist in logo designs as well or should I go through a 3rd party. Also should I go through a 3rd party for domain name. I actually have read through all information and it appears pretty laid out, however it would be nice to speak with someone. Please contact me at
    832-****** Texas

  3. I did not expect such a fast delivery from China. Now I start to change my view on China suppliers because of Wella. Keep it up!

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