Wear Red to Greet the New Year

By Zahzel Rose

Well 2008 has come to a close in some countries as of this time. Through out the globe people are performing all kinds of special tricks to bring their new year goals.

In Japan the longer the noodle the more money you will bring in. In other Countries it is customary only to eat round food, i.e. grapes, oranges, etc. Fish brings luck for some thinkers.

Wearing RED all day on New Year’s Eve is an old Italian Custom to Bring Prosperity, Verility, Money, and Happiness. What do you have to wear and where is not important – just that you wear something red. Most Italians wear red underwear. Italians like to eat Lentils on New Year’s Eve. The lentils are shaped round similar to coins. The more coins you eat the more money will come your way in the new year. How do you prepare and wear do you buy lentils? Cook some up in Chicken Broth while it’s cold outside you can share Champagne, lentil Soup and wear your red.
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Why not keep the tradition longer through the year and bring those Customs to your undergaments “red” and while you think and dream of Happiness. It would be like a self fulfilling prophecy.

This year we need all the help we can get. Red is the only color most men can make out because we are told they are color blind.

Studies have shown all women look younger in red. (Maybe even skinny.)

If you happen to follow this custom give me some feedback how it works for you.

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