Turnkey Store Help Guide – How to Set Up Discount Coupon Code

Some of our turnkey members have problems setting up the discount coupon codes. It is pretty simple. The instruction is provided in the help guide and here are the step to step instruction how the code could be set up:

Step one:

Go to <Customers> navigation bar and select “Discount coupon” tab.

Discount code 1

Step two:

Click on “On a coupon” button located at the top right corner.

Discount code 2

Step three:

Select either “Get a discount” or “Reduce an amount” option. “Get a discount” means the discount is given in percentage of sales amount. “Reduce an amount” means a fixed amount of discount is given.

Discount code 3


Step 4:

Fill in the required information:

“Coupon name” is the name you wish to give for this promotion campaign. It could be any name, for example, Halloween promotion.

“Discount” is the amount or the percentage for the discount to be given.

“Threshold” means the starting amount of which the discount would apply. For example if you key in 5 in this field, it means the discount would only apply when the order total amount is equal or greater than US$5.

“Expiry date” lets you set a time frame for this promotional campaign.

Discount code 4


Step 5:

You could customize your own discount code by clicking “yes” or you could let the system to generate the codes for you randomly by clicking “No”.

If you choose to customize the code by clicking “yes”, the field below it would change to “code”, and you are required to fill in your own code.

Discount code 6

If you customize the code, there is no limit how many times your customers could use the same code to get the discount.

If you choose “No” on the “Customize your discount code”,  you are required to fill in the number of coupons you need to generate. The codes would then be generated by the system. In this regard, each code could only be used one time by the customers to get the discount.

Discount code 7

Step 6:

Go back to the discount coupon listing and you would see this:

Click on “View code” and you would see the discount code.

Discount code 8

Step 7:

Start emailing your customers on the discount codes and ask them to use the coupon code when shopping on your website.
If you would like to find out more about our turnkey solution service, please visit http://turnkey.lingerie-supplies.com or email us at info@lingerie-supplies.com.

wella lingerie turnkey website for dropship business
wella lingerie turnkey website for dropship business

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