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Halloween Costumes For the Nerd

If you consider yourself a nerd, the following Nerd’s Guide to a Successful Halloween Party Costume should help you identify what works best for you based on your appearance. But remember, this guide is supposed to keep what you are. You could be rest assured that you would still be a nerd :)

Costume for the nerd
Costume for the nerd



















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Retailers expect treats, not tricks, as consumers shop for Halloween costumes

Americans are expected to spend like foolish ghouls this Halloween, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation

Overall, $7.4 billion is projected to be spent on Halloween goodies in 2014, the NRF reports. “As one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays, Halloween has retailers of all shapes and sizes preparing their stores and websites for the busy fall shopping season,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “There’s no question that the variety of adult, child and even pet costumes now available has driven the demand and popularity of Halloween among consumers of all ages. And, with the holiday falling on a Friday this year, we fully expect there will be a record number of consumers taking to the streets, visiting haunted houses and throwing unforgettable celebrations.”

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NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014
NRF stats on Halloween 2014

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Halloween Costumes – Information For Effective Leads Generation

According to studies, you only have 0-8 seconds to get a visitor to decide if he/she wants to continue reading when he/she found your website. Statistic shows that 96% of the visitors that found your website are not ready to buy. This means if 100 visitors come to your website, you could best convert 4 of them instantly while the rest are still trying to gathering information to find the trust they need. So what information should you be presenting to these group of people? First let us look at how a visitor becomes a buyer.

Everyone goes through 3 different stages before they become a buyer. The 3 stages are:

1. Information gathering stage

2. Product evaluation stage

3. Decision stage

Does your website contain information that could satisfy the needs of visitors from these various stages?

For example, when you have some new arrivals of Halloween costumes on your website, how do you structure your website content so that visitors at their information gathering stage would buy your idea first before deciding to buy your goods?

The most important thing to do to generate leads here is to first build yourself a thought leader in this industry.  Here are some good ideas how you could do that:

1. Talk about some common topics about Halloween costumes e.g. Should you be wearing a costume that is sexy or a costume that is fully wrapped up like the nun costume below?

Sexy Nun Costume For Halloween
sexy nun vs traditional nun












2. What type of costume should you be wearing and why does this matter? How others actually think of you when you dress up in that way? Look at the graphics below to get some ideas before you dress.

Sexy Halloween Costumes
What does the different Halloween dress up mean?

3. What kind of costume is perceived to be racist? I am sure everyone should avoid this by all means.

4. Why it is important to get ready a few different type of costumes rather than just having one (Someone might be wearing the same as yours).

Above are just some great examples how you could add value to your customers on your website. Pure promotional content on the website would drive away visitors who are still gathering information to find the trust element they need. Being a thought leader helps you to generate leads in this industry and that is what we believe in doing.

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Halloween costume


Why We Do Not Simply Give Away Our Newly Printed Catalog Easily

If you think a printed catalog maybe important in a lingerie business? I can tell you no…… but it is f***ing important!!

This is the reason why we do not simply give it away to customers who do not know how to treasure it, and we only give it to the customers who work super hard for their business. So make very sure you are one of them.

You would understand this simple logic.

This is how we come up with our latest catalog for our Relleciga Swimwear.

1. First, we thought simplicity is important so we put larger pictures without fancy artwork.

2. Second, we thought you would not want your customers to know our identity so we put our company name and address in a removable sticker at the back of the catalog.

3.  Third, we understand your customers may rely heavily on the cataog to make the buying decision so we do not put in any pricing which allows you to make your own.

4. We spent a great deal of money to make to print the catalogs. It costs money dude.

As such, a nice catalog like this must find its owner carefully.

To say how good our swimwear is would be meaningless. It is what your customers say matter.

We understand what your customers need and every customer goes through a buying process before making decision to buy. A nice and professional printed catalog helps therm speed up their buying process. That’s all.

Remember, you must treasure the relationship with your customers like how your customers treasure every cents they spend with you. It does not come for nothing. And a nice catalog sells products faster than anything else.

This is why we do not give away our catalog easily. If you really needs one and you treasure the relationship with your customers, you may request it from us, and of course, subject to our evaluation.

Click Wella Bikinis to request our printed catalog.

*Note: We purposely make the following image larger than the given space of this blog post so you do not have to borrow a magnifying glass to look at it. Don’t ever think this is an alignment error!

Swimwear catalog
Relleciga printed catalog

New Features In Turnkey Solutions

We are upgrading the lingerie turnkey solution system and we would be adding the following features to the store:

1. Other products outside our website are now able to be added in the store;
2. Facelift of the front page and signing up page;

3. Product name and numbers are editable in turnkey store;

4. More professional templates are added to the store;

Stay tune!