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Getting your first corset

Corset has become an increasingly popular fashion among the women in many countries.  Corsets are no longer a fashion that is worn underneath your garment to assist in creating an hourglass figure which is used for such reason in the past history.

Nowadays, corsets comes in varies kinds of fabrics, design etc for various body types to fit in so that every woman could have an hour glass figure and feeling confident with their body.  Corsets nowadays are worn by many to parties, shopping etc.  It is becoming so popular on the streets.

Designs and varieties of corsets has also increased significantly these few years due to its popularity.

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The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look

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Plus Size Costumes

The plus size costume market has expanded substantially, with both online and offline stores increasing their numbers and variety. However, plus size wearers must select their outfits very carefully. It is not just the quality of the material that one needs to scrutinize but also the kind of look one wants to don. The attire must be such that it suits the theme of the party, while complementing your personality.

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Guidelines to Follow while Selecting a Plus Size Costume

Here are a few factors one must ensure while selecting a plus size costume:

* Comfort level – This is important because your comfort level in the attire will affect your attitude and how you carry yourself. Size is the determining factor in this case. If you plan to purchase a costume from an offline store, you must try the dress before buying. In case you are buying from an online boutique, submit your current measurement details. Too tight a costume or a low cut one might cause great discomfort and also attract unwanted attention from onlookers. You can save yourself from embarrassment by making sure you buy a costume that fits you perfectly and accentuates the right contours.

Also, take the weather into consideration. If the costume is meant for Halloween, ensure that it provides you with enough warmth.

* Flattering wear – The costume that you select must flatter your shape. Stepping out of one’s real character and role-playing an icon is fine as long as the costume you wear suits you. The right costume can make you look sexy. There are special plus size costumes that are designed for voluptuous women.

* Accessorize properly – Accessories are important features of a costume because they create the aura of the character you are imitating. They can make or break a look to a great extent. If you are dressed up as a Greek goddess, make sure that you wear a tiara and a pair of sandals to match the look. If you want to emulate the medieval figure of Death, make sure you are not wearing sneakers with traditional formal clothes.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Lingerie

Lingerie has become mainstream. With the increase in popularity of stores like Rose Secret women and men are purchasing these articles of clothing as gifts for others and for themselves. You can also purchase lingerie from catalogs although that is decreasing and internet purchases are becoming the favored method. If you are not the typical lingerie person you are missing out. There are many benefits to being an owner of lingerie.

Lingerie spices up any relationship. Your significant other doesn’t want to see your granny panties. It is a sight for the eyes. Most men are usually visual creatures so they will greatly appreciate that sexy new piece that you bought. It will create increase any romantic mood that you have planned and helps to prevent your relationship from getting stale.

There are many colors, fabrics and designs to choose from. When you first walk into any lingerie store you will be amazed at everything that is available. It is now considered a fashion genre all on its own. When televised fashion shows occur just to display lingerie you realize that it is a popular event. You are sure to find something that you will like that fit you and your style.

It doesn’t even matter what your body size you might be. Many stores and internet sites will cater to all. They realize that one size does not fit all so they will have regular and plus sized lingerie pieces. If you are uncertain, you’ll want to be sure and check your sizing before ordering lingerie online, since health regulations prohibiting exchanges on these items will be adhered to by most internet retailers.

They say that clothes make the man however, lingerie makes the woman. It builds your confidence. It is something that truly makes you feel feminine and sexy. As only you know what you are wearing you will have an extra spark in your step just from your undergarments. You can mix and match items and find out what designs you like and what enhances your body. You might even find pieces that slim your figure or accentuates you.

Purchasing lingerie is fun. No one wants to be caught in dowdy underwear. Even if no one sees it you know that you are wearing it and it will convey through your attitude and actions. So spicing up your lingerie will also spice up your life not just romantically but overall. Even if your budget won’t allow you to purchase name brand pieces you can find inexpensive items that you can slowly add to your clothing wardrobe. Internet purchases allow you the ability to buy from the comfort of your home without being hassled by the sales person and have it delivered right to your front door. So the next time you’re online or in your favorite mall check out the latest lingerie pieces for sale. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Shop and buy Sexy Lingerie and Plus Size Lingerie.

By Darren W Chow Platinum Quality Author

Plus Size Lingerie Online

At 5’3 and 160 lbs. at this size, it don’t exactly fit into society’s view of the lingerie model.  However lots  have always been happy with their body.  Still, just like it does for any woman a sexy piece of lingerie still makes them feel better and still makes their husband want more.

Yet the looks that local store employees gave them when buying lingerie was enough to stop them from buying it.  What is a voluptuous woman like them to do? They deserve to feel beautiful too, not to mention that their husbands need excitement just like every other man.

The answer for them was to turn to the internet.  There are many stores available online that cater to the growing population of plus size women who wish to purchase and wear lingerie.  The fact that there is no face to face contact greatly helped reduce the embarrassment they were feeling.  Also helpful is the fact that these stores specialize in this merchandise, so customer service representatives are understanding and courteous.
The clothes are available in various styles allowing the woman to choose the style that is right for her.  No longer is a voluptuous woman limited to little more than a sort gown when looking for lingerie.  Plus size lingerie now comes in all styles that normal lingerie is available in.  Thus the woman is in control and can choose to show as little or AS MUCH of her body as she pleases.    

As if this wasn’t enough reason to log on, these stores have the added bonus of privacy during the shopping process.  No more wading through a thick group of 18 year old girls, who thanks to never having a child can still fit into the size 2, only to be stared at and ridiculed.  Now one can take as much time as they need and find the lingerie that is right for them without stares, whispers and giggles.  

With these types of stores available no woman should ever have to be ashamed of her body again.  She can purchase the lingerie that makes her beauty shine and her husband sweat from the comfort of her own home with no strange looks or embarrassing giggles.      

Women of America be proud of your body and be proud to buy the clothes that make your partner appreciate the added curves.  There is no shame in being happy and making your man happy.  So, log on and purchase that nighty you’ve had your heart set on and prepare for the romance that will undoubtedly follow.

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Pampering with Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Physically speaking, not all women are created equal. No one has the supposedly perfect figure of a Barbie doll; not all women are built like runway models. Instead of becoming self-accepting and simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, women seek the unattainable body type and often make themselves ill.

Realistically, according to statistics, a growing majority of women are well endowed and wear plus sizes. Fortunately, responding to a growing need, the fashion industry has vastly improved

the styles and selections of clothing, including sexy plus size lingerie. Regardless of size, well-endowed women also deserve the physical, emotional, and personal pampering with sexy plus size lingerie.

First, consider humanity’s life-long love for the physical feeling of lingerie. For example, a baby’s first blanket is often hemmed in silky ribbon. Often, one side is covered in a satiny material used in manufacturing lingerie. On the other end of life’s spectrum, many people are actually laid to rest on a bed of satin. In between, both men and women enjoy the physical feeling of satin  sheets and good lingerie next to the skin. Lingerie is simply luxurious; lingerie is now available for all women, despite personal tastes and body structure. Women do not have to possess the perfect figure to appreciate the physical feeling of good lingerie. Continuing the love of comforting material is possible with plus size lingerie.


Occasional indulgence is necessary for all women’s emotional well being, regardless of her figure. Lingerie, especially sexy plus size lingerie is good for an individual’s self-esteem. For example, many women express improved attitudes and personal outlooks on life with a trip to the beauty salon to get their hair or nails done. Why not lingerie? Whether lingerie takes the form of nice undergarments or comfortable sexy plus size nighttime lingerie, feeling beautiful at rest, in relaxation, or intimate moments definitely enhances women’s emotional view of themselves and vastly improves self-esteem.

If a woman feels beautiful emotionally, and has a healthy self-esteem, plus size lingerie will likely translate into a more intimate and satisfying personal relationship. Feeling gorgeous, vibrant, and sensual in intimate moments will definitely improve private moments for women wearing sexy plus size lingerie, as well as their partners. Instead of hiding under the cloak of insecurity and darkness, confident women in plus size lingerie can spice up a relationship, initiating intimate encounters.

Therefore, sexy plus size lingerie provides a little personal treat for both well-endowed women and their partners.

In summary sexy plus size lingerie can improve the lives of many women in three important aspects. First, the physical feel of lingerie is a gratification learned from infancy.

Just because women do not have society’s view of the perfect figure, they often deny themselves the simple pleasure of beautiful plus size lingerie. Second, like a trip to the beauty parlor, sexy plus size lingerie is an emotional morale booster. Feeling pretty improves women’s self esteem. Finally, plus size lingerie can also improve personal relationships. Sensual to the touch, feeling pretty, and exuding sensuality, sexy plus size lingerie can result in improving many women’s quality of life, while providing some much needed pampering in the process.

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Plus Size Lingerie – The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Few things can show your partner how much you care about them than remembering your special day. Anniversaries typically mark the day of your marriage or the day of your decision to be together. This special event calls for meticulous preparation: a dozen roses, a large box of chocolates, a candlelit dinner, a rose petal bath, and of course, the perfect day ends with the perfect gift. What gift do you plan on giving your special someone on your next anniversary?

The 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th anniversaries have special names and there is an established traditional gift to give for each of these, increasing in value as the years go along. For instance for the 5th anniversary one conventionally gave a gift made out of wood, or the modern translation of this gift, silverware. There is also an established flower list of which bouquets to give for which years. For the 5th anniversary one gives a bouquet of daisies. These traditions culminate during the grandest celebrated years: the Golden, Emerald, and Diamond Anniversaries, where, as their name states, one gives gold, emeralds, and diamonds, or in flower terms: yellow roses and violets.

Couples traditionally exchange gifts on the eve of their anniversary, with the man getting something for the woman and vice versa. More often than not for the named anniversaries family and friends also chip in with a gift. Each half of the couple gets to receive their own gift, something exclusively for them such as neckties or jewelry. Why not get something that both will definitely enjoy such as lingerie? Plus size lingerie makes the perfect anniversary gift.


plus-size lingerie


What other gift will delight both partners and will add to their satisfaction as a couple? For women lingerie is something of an art form, delicate fabric that drapes around their curves and reveals all that must be revealed. Plus size lingerie in particular is doubly delightful for women as on one hand it accentuates her best assets to be flaunted and on the other hand, it makes her man extremely happy. For men lingerie is even elevated to something of a holy artifact. Few men can remain intelligible when faced with the seductive properties of a baby doll or any other type of plus size lingerie. With all the cuts and styles to choose from, the only dilemma that you may ever have is whether to get one piece or two and the only problem would be waiting for the anniversary night.

Lingerie shops cater to many different sizes, from AA to DDs. Recently even plus sized erotic lingerie can be found on the racks, proving that sexiness discriminates against no one. Very helpful salespersons will also assist any man lost in the world of women’s fashion to help him find the perfect lingerie piece.

Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary or are a friend of the couple, why not get a gift that will be appreciated and not kept away with the silverware? Plus size lingerie makes the perfect anniversary gift.