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Why market starts to pay attention to Wella Intimate?

Recently, Wella Intimate ( starts to draw attention from the community of online lingerie retailers. Some have very high regards for us while some are having doubts on us. This is normal for any online business. We thank everyone for his/her feedback, comments and criticism. We treasure every single custmer for their valuable input. We would only grow when our customers grow. We believe in creating value for our customers and this has been our goal in serving our customers. We do not believe in reducing prices and compromising quality. That is why we now have more than 80,000 customers in our list worldwide

Wella Intimate has been in the market for 7 years now. We are the first ever world’s leading sexy lingerie supplier who could offer comprehensive  one-stop dropship service for our members via a new and effective turnkey solution. The main features of this service include:

  • Help members create their very own online business similar to ours in 24 hours or less with minimal cost;
  • Offer private labelling without minimum requirement;
  • Offer high resolution product images;
  • Offer competitive shipping fee;
  • SEO service for members (new service);

Why starting a sexy lingerie online business is a right decision in the 21st century?

Lingerie is part of clothing business. The online retail market for clothing has doubled over the last 5 years and is expected to grow at unstoppable speed. Based on the statistic, more than one third of consumers bought their lingerie online.

  • Lingerie is needed by every woman, regardless of age, group, race or body shape;
  • Lingerie is one of the hottest keywords on major search engines;
  • With the right business model, lingerie business is easy to start off without  throwing in big investment; more importantly, it requires passion;
  • Lingerie is less likely to be out of trend as a result of seasonal change;
  • More and more men prefer to purchase lingerie online for their loved ones via discrete shipping offered by online retailers;
  • The shipping cost is not a problem because the weight for this product is relatively light;
  • The risk is minimal compared to other hot products such as jewelry, electrical products, watches etc which come at higher value.

With the right support given by the right partner, your business can fly.

We serve every one of our customers with our hearts. We have a customer service team who work professionally with our customers around the globe. If our customers have any problem with our products or services, just send an email to and we would work our butt off to solve the problem for you. We would not run away from it. It is our duty to serve, to solve and to excel.

Although we are located outside the US, our main customers are located in the US and we ship our goods to the US every day. Recently, we receive some complaints that customer are not able to reach us on the phone. Indeed, we do apologize to them for not being able to reach us on our phone. This is because we are 12 hours ahead of our customers in the US. Our operating hours is from 9am – 9pm Beijing time. We would try to call back anyone that leaves us with their contact number when we receive voice mail from them. Nevertheless, we are aware of this inconvenience and we have been trying to improve our we encourage customers to communicate with us via email.

We treasure every single customer. Let us be your partner in this business venture and we would serve you with all our hearts. It does not matter you order with us or not. We are always trying to understand your needs first before we do business. We are definitely not scam as suggested by some malicious websites. If you deal with us, you would know that we are the right partner who you can entrust your business with.


Wella Lingerie Brand
Wella Lingerie Brand
Wella Lingerie
Wella Lingerie
Wella Lingerie Trade Fair
Wella Lingerie Trade Fair
Wella Lingerie Sampling Room
Wella Lingerie Sampling Room
Akiho Yoshizawa loves Wella Lingerie
Akiho Yoshizawa loves Wella Lingerie
Wella Lingerie Production Line
Wella Lingerie Production Line


Wella Lingerie Turnkey Solution – Making Dropshipping Easier and Faster Than Ever

Although a lot of people have attended seminars learning how to make money on-line, 90% of them did not start. The most essential challenge is none the less getting no clue where to uncover incredibly hot goods with minimal prices to offer. Despite the fact that dropshipping is a great enterprise device to create your new organization, some have no concept on which dropshipper to function with. Even if some have discovered just one, loading up products, constructing and managing the site nevertheless normally takes up also substantially time and a handsome expenses still have to be paid out to the programmer for carrying out this.

Afterall, the dropshipper that you perform with have to be capable to realize what is dropship all about and ought to give you the entire assistance in your organization. From developing an e-commerce website for you to providing you with the full range of items at reduced rates and shipping it to your consumer, you have to be assured that they are capable to do a excellent career on every single single factor to make your customer joyful.

Centered on large need of our dropship buyers, Wella Turnkey Stores  service successfully produced a groundbreaking turnkey alternatives model which aspires to solve the problems of numerous online sellers. We offer you the fastest, most secure and the most economical ways as an  answers for lingerie sellers around the globe who would like to start off an online business via dropshipping.  More than one thousand sexy lingerie items would be instantly added to your website and you can establish your own profit margin on the selling price. You only pay us for the order immediately after acquiring funds from your client. Aside from built-in Search engine optimization things in the website, you can have your possess domain. With a minimum one particular time set up value, no stock and no IT-expertise required, you can now possess a totally designed professional lingerie on-line store which is ready to convert visitors to customers.

Come and check out our great solution for lingeie business for the 21st century! Decide on your preferred template to begin this exciting journey!

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