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Quick Tips On Products Display

Quick tips on changing the products display order on the webstore and assigning products to more than one category in bulk

1. To arrange for the order of display for the products on your website, you could do it by adding a number to the “Sort” field available on the product listing as illustrated as follows. You can insert any number you like. The items with larger numbers would display before the items with smaller numbers. If a few products are having the same number, it would be displayed according to the sequence the product was added.

2. To add or change the sort order in bulk, simply select the product you would like to edit and click on the “Set up sort order” button displaying at the bottom of the product listing page to change.

3. To add the products to another category in bulk, simply tick on the products you want to add and click on the “Batch to change categories” button displayed on top of the product listing as illustrated below:

a. Select “Move to other categories” if you want the selected products to appear in another category (you can assign the products to not more than 5 other categories).

b. Select “Change the default category” if you want to change the primary category of the selected products.

Please visit our FAQ for all the answers to your questions regarding our turnkey store solution.

Wella Corset unleashed new video – The Beautiful Moment

Wella Corset unleashed new video – The Beautiful Moment

Watch it now!

Note: We now create similar videos for turnkey members. The videos would come with variety of styles and would be created under the very own brands and company names of the members. This is for a limited time only. For more details please email us at

Sign up our turnkey solution service today and make your own lingerie brand.

Congratulation to the Winner of Our Mega Prize worth US$3000

We are glad to announce that the winner of our Mega Prize for Halloween Promotion. This is the biggest prize we have ever given away in the entire history of our business.

Mega Prize Winner

If the winner is not you, please do not be upset.

The give away would continue to happen……but you have to be really sensitive to our announcements and emails. Make sure you do not miss any single one of them.

Note: The mega giveaway is only for our turnkey member. If you are not a member yet, remember to sign up at

Turnkey Store Help Guide – How to Set Up Discount Coupon Code

Some of our turnkey members have problems setting up the discount coupon codes. It is pretty simple. The instruction is provided in the help guide and here are the step to step instruction how the code could be set up:

Step one:

Go to <Customers> navigation bar and select “Discount coupon” tab.

Discount code 1

Step two:

Click on “On a coupon” button located at the top right corner.

Discount code 2

Step three:

Select either “Get a discount” or “Reduce an amount” option. “Get a discount” means the discount is given in percentage of sales amount. “Reduce an amount” means a fixed amount of discount is given.

Discount code 3


Step 4:

Fill in the required information:

“Coupon name” is the name you wish to give for this promotion campaign. It could be any name, for example, Halloween promotion.

“Discount” is the amount or the percentage for the discount to be given.

“Threshold” means the starting amount of which the discount would apply. For example if you key in 5 in this field, it means the discount would only apply when the order total amount is equal or greater than US$5.

“Expiry date” lets you set a time frame for this promotional campaign.

Discount code 4


Step 5:

You could customize your own discount code by clicking “yes” or you could let the system to generate the codes for you randomly by clicking “No”.

If you choose to customize the code by clicking “yes”, the field below it would change to “code”, and you are required to fill in your own code.

Discount code 6

If you customize the code, there is no limit how many times your customers could use the same code to get the discount.

If you choose “No” on the “Customize your discount code”,  you are required to fill in the number of coupons you need to generate. The codes would then be generated by the system. In this regard, each code could only be used one time by the customers to get the discount.

Discount code 7

Step 6:

Go back to the discount coupon listing and you would see this:

Click on “View code” and you would see the discount code.

Discount code 8

Step 7:

Start emailing your customers on the discount codes and ask them to use the coupon code when shopping on your website.
If you would like to find out more about our turnkey solution service, please visit or email us at

wella lingerie turnkey website for dropship business
wella lingerie turnkey website for dropship business

Lingerie Dropshipping with Turnkey Online Solutions

To those who dare to try out in business, we offer you with the latest online tool which is powerful and easy to use i.e. the world’s first lingerie online solution that provide users with a professional website which is ready to convert visitors into customers.

Upon signing up for our turnkey solution service, you are going to own a ready lingerie business ecommerce website within 24 hours (after setting up the DNS for the domain name). The goods would be shipped directly to your customer when there is an order. The payment would be paid to you directly by your customers. We do not disclose our identity to your customers when shipping the goods. The shipping fee is free on the turnkey site.

This service primarily help you save plenty of the time and cost on website building, hosting, looking for suppliers, inventory management, shipping and handling and all other operating costs. What you need to do is to market the website and bring in customers (we also can help you on this).

The cost of operating the store is US$30 per month. The one time set up fee is US$50 or US$100 for without domain registration or with domain registration respectively. Member could also choose to sign up quarterly, half-yearly or annually. The cost would be US$90, US$150 and US$255 respectively.

Turnkey Lingerie Business
Turnkey Lingerie Business

Some asks why the costs of products in the turnkey store are higher than that of the website. The costs of the products in the turnkey store are inclusive of shipping cost, i.e, US$6 more than the dropship price on our website for each item. Member could view the dropship prices on our website after registering a dropship account on our website. The shipping is free on the turnkey store with airmail and you can upgrade the shipping to expedited service. With purchase of more than 2 items, the shipping would be upgraded automatically to expedited service.

The turnkey solution service has already benefited a lot of online businesses. Come and feel it and you would know how amazing it is. It is easy to use and dropshipping has never been this easy before. You can learn more about our turnkey solution service at All the features of our turnkey stores are listed on


Why market starts to pay attention to Wella Intimate?

Recently, Wella Intimate ( starts to draw attention from the community of online lingerie retailers. Some have very high regards for us while some are having doubts on us. This is normal for any online business. We thank everyone for his/her feedback, comments and criticism. We treasure every single custmer for their valuable input. We would only grow when our customers grow. We believe in creating value for our customers and this has been our goal in serving our customers. We do not believe in reducing prices and compromising quality. That is why we now have more than 80,000 customers in our list worldwide

Wella Intimate has been in the market for 7 years now. We are the first ever world’s leading sexy lingerie supplier who could offer comprehensive  one-stop dropship service for our members via a new and effective turnkey solution. The main features of this service include:

  • Help members create their very own online business similar to ours in 24 hours or less with minimal cost;
  • Offer private labelling without minimum requirement;
  • Offer high resolution product images;
  • Offer competitive shipping fee;
  • SEO service for members (new service);

Why starting a sexy lingerie online business is a right decision in the 21st century?

Lingerie is part of clothing business. The online retail market for clothing has doubled over the last 5 years and is expected to grow at unstoppable speed. Based on the statistic, more than one third of consumers bought their lingerie online.

  • Lingerie is needed by every woman, regardless of age, group, race or body shape;
  • Lingerie is one of the hottest keywords on major search engines;
  • With the right business model, lingerie business is easy to start off without  throwing in big investment; more importantly, it requires passion;
  • Lingerie is less likely to be out of trend as a result of seasonal change;
  • More and more men prefer to purchase lingerie online for their loved ones via discrete shipping offered by online retailers;
  • The shipping cost is not a problem because the weight for this product is relatively light;
  • The risk is minimal compared to other hot products such as jewelry, electrical products, watches etc which come at higher value.

With the right support given by the right partner, your business can fly.

We serve every one of our customers with our hearts. We have a customer service team who work professionally with our customers around the globe. If our customers have any problem with our products or services, just send an email to and we would work our butt off to solve the problem for you. We would not run away from it. It is our duty to serve, to solve and to excel.

Although we are located outside the US, our main customers are located in the US and we ship our goods to the US every day. Recently, we receive some complaints that customer are not able to reach us on the phone. Indeed, we do apologize to them for not being able to reach us on our phone. This is because we are 12 hours ahead of our customers in the US. Our operating hours is from 9am – 9pm Beijing time. We would try to call back anyone that leaves us with their contact number when we receive voice mail from them. Nevertheless, we are aware of this inconvenience and we have been trying to improve our we encourage customers to communicate with us via email.

We treasure every single customer. Let us be your partner in this business venture and we would serve you with all our hearts. It does not matter you order with us or not. We are always trying to understand your needs first before we do business. We are definitely not scam as suggested by some malicious websites. If you deal with us, you would know that we are the right partner who you can entrust your business with.


Wella Lingerie Brand
Wella Lingerie Brand
Wella Lingerie
Wella Lingerie
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Wella Lingerie Trade Fair
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Wella Lingerie Sampling Room
Akiho Yoshizawa loves Wella Lingerie
Akiho Yoshizawa loves Wella Lingerie
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Wella Lingerie Production Line