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Your Guide to Buying Hook-and-Eye Corsets

Today we are going to talk about this very special apparel that women would go crazy about it, the boning corset.

Corsets have been worn since the 16th century, and became extremely popular in the 19th century. While they were originally created as an undergarment to shape and slim a woman’s body, they are now worn as outer garments as well. The modern-day corsets have flourished as a popular fashion trend worn by celebrities, models, and women everywhere. Corsets come in a variety of styles, shapes, fabrics, and sizes to suit any woman’s needs and preferences.

All About Corsets

Historically, a corset  is a close-fitting article of clothing that has been stiffened by bones of steel to shape a woman’s torso to an ideal silhouette. Modern corsets are not only worn as underwear, but they are worn as outerwear as well. They are usually made of three or four layers of fabric, but there are exceptions. The corset is usually tightened and held together with laces and hook-and-eye closures. If the corset only uses laces, they must be strong. It may be beneficial to look for a corset with sturdy hook-and-eye closures to keep the corset fitted around the body.

Throughout history, many corsets sought to give women a cone shape, which pushes up the breasts and slims the waist. Current corsets shape the torso by redistributing the fat to create a curvaceous silhouette, resembling an hourglass shape. They also support the back to improve posture.

Off the Rack vs. Custom

When deciding on a corset, decide between an off-the-rack corset or a customized corset. Off-the-rack corsets are those that would be purchased at a store or retailer. They adhere to typical sizing and measurements that are found on most articles of clothing. They are generally less expensive than custom corsets. Women who are wearing the corset for fashion purposes and just like the style may opt to buy a corset off the rack. Off-the-rack corsets are not typically designed for waist slimming and re-shaping.

Custom corsets are built and shaped around a specific woman’s measurements. Women who want a corset that fits their body perfectly while creating the ideal shape should invest in a customized corset. The measurements are based on each woman’s bust, rib, waist, and hip measurements. Custom corsets are much more expensive than off-the-rack corsets.

Underbust vs. Overbust

Both underbust and overbust corsets offer waist-slimming and back-support features. The underbust corset begins at the rib cage and ends in the hip region. They usually stop at the top of the hips, but some can extend beyond the hips. Underbust corsets tend to be more versatile and practical in that they can be worn on a daily basis. They are ideal for women with a large midsection, as they enhance the look of the bust and the hips. Overbust corsets are those that begin above the breasts and end between the upper and lower hip. They can be worn as underwear, outerwear, and lingerie.

Things to Look for and Consider

There are many things to look for and consider before purchasing a corset. Women should determine if the corset it being worn for ornamental purposes, or if it being worn to give a their bodies a certain shape or silhouette. Other things to consider are the size, length, and fabric of the corset. These factors will help in deciding which corset is right for you.


When purchasing a corset, women should buy one that is 2 to 4 inches smaller than their average bust, waist, and hip size. For example, a woman with a 36-inch bust, 28-inch waist, and 38-inch hips should purchase a corset that has measurements of 32- to 34-inch bust, 24- to 26-inch waist, and 34- to 36-inch hips. Most corsets have a 2-inch gap in the back to allow women to cinch themselves down to a smaller size. If the corset is cinched to the point where both sides touch, it has been cinched 4 inches, and a smaller size corset should be considered if the woman wants to go tighter. Women who plan on purchasing an off-the-rack corset should go to a local retailer and try on several corsets to determine which size fits best.


The fabric and materials used to make a corset affect how the corset wears. Fashion corsets will be made of one layer of fabric, such as silk, satin, leather, etc. In order for a corset to cinch and slim the torso, a strong fabric needs to be used, usually with other layers of fabric as well. Women should choose a fabric that suits their style and offers comfort. Fabrics such as leather will give a little stretch and may be preferable for larger women. Silk and satin corsets are smooth and hold their shape well. Keep in mind that corsets made of high-quality materials may be expensive.


The length of the corset should be determined based on the length of a woman’s torso. It is important to choose the right length of the corset because a corset that is too long or too short will completely alter the look of the torso. If the corset is too short, tissue or fat could bulge out of the bottom. If the corset is too long, it may be extremely uncomfortable to sit down while wearing it. Women should measure the length of their torso with a fabric tape measure while sitting up straight in a chair then choose an appropriately sized corset.


Corsets should have steel boning for strength and durability. A good way to test the boning in a corset is to bend it. The boning should bend to conform to the body, but it should also snap back into place. If the boning does not snap back, it may not be good quality. Boning that is not good quality may dig into the skin and be very uncomfortable. Corsets with steel boning are high quality, and will provide women with the desired shape and silhouette.

How to Put on a Hook-and-Eye Corset

Many corsets have a lace-up back and a hook-and-eye closure in the front. Other corsets will only have a hook-and-eye closure in the front or the back. Putting on a hook-and-eye corset is pretty simple. If the corset has laces in the back, loosen them and begin to fasten the hook-and-eye closure. This will make it easier to fasten the hooks and eyes. Begin at the either the top or the bottom and fasten the metal hook to the opposite round eye. After the hooks and eyes are fastened, tighten the laces to achieve the desired shape. If the corset only has a hook-and-eye closure, the woman will have to pull both sides together and fasten the hooks and eyes from the bottom or the top.


Hook-and-eye corsets have been worn for centuries, and they continue to be a popular accessory in the contemporary fashion world. The stylish corset is versatile in that it can be worn as sexy lingerie, it can be worn as a fun top for a night out, or it can be worn simply to give women a slim look and shape. To find the perfect corset, women should be sure to evaluate the size, fabric, boning, and length of the corset. This will ensure that the corset gives a flattering and attractive shape to the torso. Women should purchase a corset that is comfortable and in their price range. Hook-and-eye corsets can make any woman look and feel spectacular and all women should consider purchasing one.

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Is Your Lingerie Business Opportunity Everything You Hoped For?

It’s the almost the end of the month and already one twelfth of the year has passed. Are you on your way to achieving those goals you set for your lingerie home business? Let’s be honest with ourselves since the majority of the population has already failed in most of their New Year’s resolutions by now, and I myself can be included in this group.

Lingerie BusinessLingerie Business Opportunities Still Viable?

What you say? Isn’t this guy supposed to be giving me a bunch or “rah rah” of how cool he is and on track for massive goals already for this year? How magically with a few words, he will dole out sage advice that will turn my lingerie business right around. I could say a bunch of cool things to convince you that you should listen to me but I think you being told the truth is more important.

I plan to have a long term relationship with you so being blunt up front about how tough this business will be may hopefully convince you I have your best interests at heart. I want you to succeed at this because your success is our success, but you won’t achieve anything if you are not honest with yourself first.

Me laying everything out and interacting with you, the lingerie business owner, is the main purpose of me being involved with Wella Lingerie and posting on this blog. I have over 8 years of experience in the internet marketing space so you can be sure that I can answer most of your questions about how to take your lingerie plans to the next level.

All the marketing techniques in the world won’t mean anything though if you don’t really know what the whole purpose you are doing this in the first place right?

Why do you sell lingerie at all? Is it because it’s cool? Sexy? Easy? Were you someone who had the grand idea of throwing lingerie home parties, expecting people to be throwing money at you?

Maybe you tried one of those franchise or multi-level marketing opportunities in the lingerie industry and realized that if you dealt directly with a manufacturer or even a wholesaler, your profits would significantly increase (which is totally correct but something we’ll talk about in another post).

Whatever the reason you got involved, many of you quickly realized that unless you had an existing customer base prior to sourcing products, the road is a significant uphill battle. Becoming a lingerie representative salesperson wasn’t what you wanted and probably not what you expected at all!

So why do it right? That is what you have to honestly ask yourself. If you are in it for the quick money, there are plenty of other ways you can do that in the internet marketing world instead of dealing with sexy lingerie.

If however you have a passion for lingerie and love to talk about it and even submit designs you feel would be popular, than this business is for you!

Take the time to think about this carefully and let us know in your comments below why you are in this business. If you are new, even better. Tell us why you have chosen lingerie versus every other opportunity you could have done.

In future posts, we’ll talk in greater detail about how you can take that passion and put together a lingerie business plan that will insure your success. Hope you’re excited because I certainly am :)

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

5 Ways to Make Your Online Tools Mesh with a Social Relationship Platform

In today’s vast and varied social web, no enterprise can afford to limit itself to a single social network. That’s why independent social relationship platforms (SRPs) have emerged to support communications across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and numerous other social networks. HootSuite’s founder and CEO Ryan Holmes has referred to neutral platforms, such as HootSuite, as “ social media Switzerlands”. They bridge digital divides for businesses and individuals alike.

However, there’s more to consider in a social relationship platform than its connectivity with social networking sites. That connectivity needs to extend to other enterprise technologies — even those made by different vendors. Here are five things to look for in a well-integrated social relationship platform.

1. Support for multiple social networks and teams

All of your efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and even regional networks like and Sina Weibo should fall under common strategies for community engagement, customer service, content distribution and more. Otherwise, customers are going to fall through the cracks between social media accounts and the isolated social media teams who operate them. Empowering multiple teams to deliver a complete social strategy is the bread and butter of an enterprise social relationship platform.

2. Integration with other communications channels

Next, your social communications need to be in harmony with other external channels, including marketing automation, email marketing, helpdesk, and customer community platforms. This is where interoperability with other technologies is critical for your SRP. Knowing that a human being behind a Twitter profile is an active subscriber to one of your email lists or a member of your customer community platform allows someone in your organization to engage that person far more effectively.

3. Connectivity with CRM

If you want to provide social media context to customer relationships, then your enterprise’s social relationship platform needs to work fluidly with CRM. Whether you use a single CRM solution or different solutions in different lines of business, your organization must be able to pull social media data into your customer records. Sales teams and account managers will enjoy fuller views of prospects and customers, allowing them to close deals quickly and build relationships that last.

4. Cross-functional workflows

Social media can’t be the responsibility of a single department or business function. That’s why more enterprises are aiming for coordinated social media communication across organizational divides that exist between Marketing and Sales, or Account Management and Product Development. This vision includes a single business process map for triaging incoming social media messages and assigning them to the right department or team. In order to get the user adoption necessary for mass collaboration, your enterprise’s social relationship platform should be accessible and user friendly to anyone in the organization. Furthermore, if your SRP is integrated with the other technologies that workers use on a daily basis, every business function will be able to fully leverage social communications (and insights from social media data).

5. Integration between external and internal social media

Finally, a complete social media communications strategy requires a safe but effective integration between external social media and your internal social network. Again, your social relationship platform has a vital role to play. With the right mix of integrated platforms and intelligent policies, your organization should be able to take social media messages from customers and partners, bring them into discussions internally, and let them positively influence the way you do business. This is innovation from without.

Conversely, your organization should be able to use an internal communications tool like HootSuite Conversations or an enterprise social network like Yammer for internal collaboration, then push out coordinated social messaging from your entire workforce through your social relationship platform. This is amplification from within.

Why vendor neutrality matters

Since your social relationship platform has to integrate with a wide variety of other technologies, your organization shouldn’t become locked into a single vendor’s portfolio of solutions. This is especially true in the realm of social media, where new business needs crop up every quarter. Organizations that want to benefit from the rapidly expanding potential of social media need to maintain flexibility through vendor compatibility.

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Yoshizawa Akiho Loves Wella Lingerie!

Wow, the famous Japanese AV Yoshizawa Akiho (よしざわ あきほ) (吉泽明步) loves Wella Lingerie!

A little profile about Yoshizawa Akiho. Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984 and after working as a gravure idol, made her AV debut in 2003 under contract to two studios, Alice Japan and Max-A. Her first video as an AV performer, Angel, was released by the Alice Japan label in March 2003. Her second video 18-Teens was made for the Max-A Samansa and she continued alternating performances between the two studios through the middle of 2006 usually making one movie a month.Among her early videos was the July 2003 incest-themed My Sister Is an AV Idol for Alice Japan directed by sometimes mainstream director Rokurō Mochizuki.For her work in her first year in AV, Yoshizawa was nominated for the Best New Actress Award at the 2003 X City Grand Prix Awards.

Yoshizawa’s work in AV for the 2007 year was acknowledged by several awards. One of her S1 videos, the May 2007 release Hyper Risky Mosaic – Special Bath House Tsubaki, featuring S1 stars Sora Aoi,Honoka, Yuma Asami and eight others was the studio’s entry for the 2007 AV Open contest where it took the 1st Place Award.Yoshizawa also won the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Vegas Night and her S1 video Hyper-Risky Mosaic Akiho Yoshizawa took the 2nd Place Award.In another media, she was a nominee for the Best Actress Award for her 2007 appearances on adult Channel 902 (Midnight Blue) on satellite TV broadcaster SKY PerfecTV! at the 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards ceremonies. The next year, at the December 2008 Moodyz Awards, a competition among 37 AV production companies sponsored by Japan’s largest AV distributor, the Hokuto Corporation, she won the 2nd Place award for Best Actress. She has a large amount of fans in Japan, China, Korea and South East Asia.

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