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Swimwear Season is Coming – Get Your Favorite Beach Dress/Cover Up

It’s the time for get a few pieces of bikini again!

The point of being by the pool, lake or beach is to soak up the sun with sunscreen, relax under an umbrella, or swim. In these instances, you’ll wear your swimsuit sans cover-up. But there are times in these settings when you’ll probably want to partially cover up your bod and suit. Like when you’re walking to and from the car, visiting the restroom, grabbing a bite to eat, chasing toddlers, playing beach bats, strolling along the beach, when it feels a little breezy, or when you’ve just had enough of exposing lots of skin. Cover up comes in many types, you should be able to find what you like.

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Wella Swimwear cover up
Wella Swimwear cover up


What Does Underwear Says About You?

Let’s look at what does each of these panties say about you?



Comfort and movement are your top priorities.



Lace underwear:

You are feminine, delicate and sweet.

lace panties


Printed underwear:

You’re cheerful and young at heart.

printed panties



You have strong personality with a sense of humuor.

sloganned panties



You think pantylines should be punishable by death




You’ve had, or will have, this underwear for ten years.

classic underwear


High-waisted granny panties:

You’re retro at heart.

high waist underwear



You are always sexy and know what men likes.




Errr……. you are not an adult.

day of the week underwear