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The History Of Lingerie And The Evolution Of “Sexy”

Fashion’s closest answer to the puzzle of sensuality is simple: lingerie. A myriad of shape, texture and color, lingerie manipulates our individual concepts of sexy and the clothes that represent those tastes. It suggest, it flirts, but it never reveals all. And that’s the core of it’s essence: mystery. Complete exposure could never suffice, as it signifies an e-vite of constant availability. No, lingerie has always been seen as a curious subject, carefully choosing what to hide and what to bare.

Throughout history lingerie has served as women’s answer to questions of individual sensuality and suggestion, and so from the many years of bustiers, bras and the babes that wore them, we’re exposing it all.







Not to any surprise, the 1800s’ version of sexy was’t any version at all. Any suggestion of intimacy was of a covert matter, an almost shameful secret only divulged behind closed doors and only shared between man and wife. The suppression of sexuality then quite literally translated into sartorial matters: the corset. Nearly every aspect of this garment was engineered to pull, push and manipulate the female body, from the drawstrings that cinched the waist together to the whalebone that pushed the breasts forward. Such constraints had a definite affect, causing women to suffer from organ deformation, crushed ribs and even miscarriage. But the era of lingerie’s suppression would quickly come to an end as fashion’s newest invention found its limelight.

Bloomers and Bras


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With Mary Phelps Jacobs’ invention of the bra in 1910, women were finally getting the choice and freedom that lingerie was meant to offer. Society’s corset requirement began to fade with WWI shortages and lingerie companies were in need of new solutions for their customers, one of these being the bra. Because of the 20s’ sleek and skimpy silhouette, women were going to need underwear of the same cloth, thus also introducing the slip. Much contrasting from the suppressive nature of earlier centuries, the slip granted a newfound liberation and simplicity. Granted, this image was quite androgynous and promoted a sort of boyish figure not usually associated with an image of sex, but by using lingerie to celebrate the female body, “sexy” was exactly the term for it. As styles changed in the 30s and 40s, underwear followed suit and women bought their lingerie in separates: bras and bloomers. These options again were a step in a positive direction, but still had a certain veneer of secrecy. Something would need to break this wall in order for a more available version of “sexy” to be found.

The Curves of Rebellion

pin up collageGil Elvgren, Harry Eckman

But with the 1950s, lingerie finally developed its overt display and societal acceptance. The image of sex could finally become tangible, and this was in part due to the rise of pin-up girls. Pin-up girls were pictures of often scantily-clad models printed on posters for the walls of America. On these models were the lingerie trends of the decade, advertising everything from seamed stockings and girdles to bustiers and corselets. In total, these trends encapsulated the newest image of sex: curves. With the 60s and 70s continued an era of sexual liberation and lingerie styles again evolved, but almost in a digressional manner. The 60s version of underwear was no underwear, as seen in the decade’s infamous bra burning and invention of the No-Bra. The 70s had a return to lingerie, but in a sleeker sense with trim nightgowns and loose fabrics.

Cher And Body Suits: A Love Affair

PicMonkey CollageMarie Claire

80s lingerie could not be explained without Cher, who was famous for debuting this little number in concert. Lingerie had officially gone back to the one-piece or teddies that had been forgotten for quite some time. Along with the body suit, popular styles were thongs, g-strings and any piece with a high-cut leg. Much opposed to the 80s’ version of sex, the 90s found its version in an androgynous display of very little clothing. The most commonly known example was in Calvin Klein’s controversial ads of the decade. Even though he was technically selling clothing, his models often wore no clothing at all, challenging ideas of nudity and the connotations of sex that go with them. In addition he created the unisex Calvin Klein waistband to prove that sexuality didn’t always have to be determined by gender. While his ideas and ads were widely known, they were also heavily censored and even faced a few child pornography charges. Still, his ideas of sex represented a new version that defied past standards and limitations.

The New Sexy

landscape-1432654179-gettyimages-459853378Getty Images

Today lingerie is obviously more accessible than ever in a variety of forms, but more importantly it has contributed a modern version of sexy completely unique from past eras. This new version is not about what’s covered up or not, but about the woman underneath it all. A woman of confidence. A woman of strength. A woman who encapsulates whatever sort of sexy she wants.

After all of these years, we’re happy that this is the sort of woman that lingerie has become.

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A glimpse of Wella Corsets Fashion Show 2014

Wella Lingerie kicked start the year of 2014 with a magnificient corset fashion show held in Guangzhou, China on 31 January 2014. Apart from the overwhelming response the company received from the audience, Wella Lingerie has become one of the world’s renown and trusted brand in sexy lingerie wholesale.

Here are some pictures taken at the show for your viewing leisure!

Wella Lingerie showcased the latest corsets
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel showcased the latest corset
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s Angel in fashion show 2014
Wella Lingerie's angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie's Angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie’s Angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie's angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s Corsets Fashion Show 2014




A taste of Wella Lingerie's Golden Sensation
A taste of Wella Lingerie’s Golden Sensation










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Wella Lingerie is the official distributor for the renown beach fashion brand: Relleciga

After RELLECIGA (“RC”) came to the attention of fashionistas at NYFW, it set its sights on Europe. Just a few days ago, RELLECIGA was invited to attend Imperia-m Fashion Show II in Slovakia on September 27. Imperia-m Fashion Show, also known as Orava Fashion Show, is the largest fashion show in Slovakia. Every year, it invites supermodels from around the country to display the latest clothes. This year, it even invited Miss World – Lydia Juraskova – to be their leading model. The models involved showed great interest in the show and in trying on RELLECIGA bikinis. “I’m looking forward to the Imperia-m Fashion Show,” said supermodel Michaela Truchlikova. During the show, Lydia Juraskova and 10 other models dressed up in more than 60 different sets of RC’s stylish bikinis and showed them on the catwalk. As soon as they appeared, the show was in full swing – models’ perfect bodies matching RC’s fashionable and sexy bikinis were a feast for the audience’s eyes, and cranked up awareness of the RELLECIGA brand. They showed the world that the body that could be put into a RELLECIGA bikini is the most perfect and sexy. Featured designs included RELLECIGA’s classic lace bikini series, which can bring out both sexy and sweet sides; the trendy jungle print bikini series, which gives people a sense of nature and mystery; and the rhinestone bikini series, which made the models shimmer, among others. The show of RELLECIGA bikinis won spectators’ praises. Fashionistas and other fashion professionals thought highly of RC’s stylish designs and believed that RC would lead the trends of the swimwear industry next year. The models who dressed up in the bikinis felt even more confident about themselves, since RC’s chic bikinis brought out their sexy sides and made their bodies look more curvaceous. “For swimwear I agree, RELLECIGA!” said one enthusiastic model. With extensive popularity in North America, RC is now looking toward Europe, and has great confidence in its plans to release 300 brand-new designs for 2014. About RELLECIGA: As one of the leading bikini & swimsuit brands available in the North America, RELLECIGA is among the best. RC is also the creator of RIKINI, which is a new category in the bikini industry. Moreover, RC was prominently displayed on an ultra-large LED screen in Times Square, New York City. For more information on RELLECIGA, please check our collection on our website.

Relleciga BikiniFashion Show
Relleciga Bikini Fashion Show
Relleciga Bikini Fashion Show
Relleciga Bikini Fashion Show
Relleciga Bikini Fashion Show
Relleciga Bikini Fashion Show
Relleciga Bikini
Relleciga Bikini

Yoshizawa Akiho Loves Wella Lingerie!

Wow, the famous Japanese AV Yoshizawa Akiho (よしざわ あきほ) (吉泽明步) loves Wella Lingerie!

A little profile about Yoshizawa Akiho. Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984 and after working as a gravure idol, made her AV debut in 2003 under contract to two studios, Alice Japan and Max-A. Her first video as an AV performer, Angel, was released by the Alice Japan label in March 2003. Her second video 18-Teens was made for the Max-A Samansa and she continued alternating performances between the two studios through the middle of 2006 usually making one movie a month.Among her early videos was the July 2003 incest-themed My Sister Is an AV Idol for Alice Japan directed by sometimes mainstream director Rokurō Mochizuki.For her work in her first year in AV, Yoshizawa was nominated for the Best New Actress Award at the 2003 X City Grand Prix Awards.

Yoshizawa’s work in AV for the 2007 year was acknowledged by several awards. One of her S1 videos, the May 2007 release Hyper Risky Mosaic – Special Bath House Tsubaki, featuring S1 stars Sora Aoi,Honoka, Yuma Asami and eight others was the studio’s entry for the 2007 AV Open contest where it took the 1st Place Award.Yoshizawa also won the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Vegas Night and her S1 video Hyper-Risky Mosaic Akiho Yoshizawa took the 2nd Place Award.In another media, she was a nominee for the Best Actress Award for her 2007 appearances on adult Channel 902 (Midnight Blue) on satellite TV broadcaster SKY PerfecTV! at the 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards ceremonies. The next year, at the December 2008 Moodyz Awards, a competition among 37 AV production companies sponsored by Japan’s largest AV distributor, the Hokuto Corporation, she won the 2nd Place award for Best Actress. She has a large amount of fans in Japan, China, Korea and South East Asia.

Wella Lingerie was selected by Yoshizawa Akiho in one of her movies shot in Hong Kong in 2012. In private, she is a fan of Wella Lingerie, especially when it comes to the corset dress.

She loves this particulat pink color lacey satin corset dress from Wella Lingerie. It could be found on the corset selections on

How to care for your corsets

After getting your beloved corsets, it is important to care for them.

Below are something to note to care for your beloved corsets:-

Corsets should be aired laying flat, or hung by the laces over the top of a chair, with the halves of the corset on either side. You shouldn’t roll a corset up for storage.

A corset should really be dry cleaned, but unfortunately cleaners who would handle corsets are few and far between unless you know of a theatrical cleaner in your area. If you must wash one do it so:

Wash the corset by hand in warm not hot water, NEVER in a washing machine, and wash in a mild powder and in a non-biological detergent, as they tend to attack the materials. They are all right for modern clothing that aren’t expected to last very long, but corsets are put under a lot of stress and any deterioration will vastly shorten its life.

Rinse well in running cold water – just swish around until the water runs clear but do not wring it.

Wrap in a towel and rub gently to remove as much moisture as possible.

Dry on a frame, as you would a real wool garment, and NEVER place near a heat source like a radiator, as it can warp the steels and cause uneven drying, which will warp the garment itself.

Corsets should not be washed frequently, as the metalwork, even though it may be stainless, will exhibit some corrosion, which will eventually show. The reason that Victorian women wore a chemise under, and a cover over their corsets, was so that they didn’t then need washing too frequently.

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So do you have what it takes to be a model?

What are the basic must have traits for any mainstream model?

It all sounds pretty shallow because it is. In the end models are clothes hangers and their role in the fashion industry is to make clothes look good so that they will sell. It is an industry heavily influenced by physical appearances. making it as a model requires the following traits and skills:

  • A slim build
  • A height somewhere between 5’8″ and 5’11” (there are exceptions)
  • Good bone structure with a symmetrical and angular face
  • Being naturally photogenic and/or a good knowledge of ones “angles”
  • Good posture and a strong runway walk (learned or natural)

What do modeling agents look for when signing a new model?

When agents look for new models to sign they look for a very specific set of physical criteria. How you look is definitely the first thing agents see. First and foremost models need to be tall and slim; for the most part they need to be slimmer than the average girl. This is the reason that the modeling industry gets such a bad rap, because the call for slim models could be seen as promoting an unrealistic body image. While this is a valid criticism there are some equally valid reasons that models need to be slender. Clothes hang better on a smaller body and the fashion industry is essentially about selling clothes and other trappings of style like cosmetics, skin care, accessories, and perfumes.

The fashion industry’s love-affair with skinny girls is not part of a conspiracy against average sized bodies. Slimmer figures are important on the runway but they also photograph better. Why? Pictures are two dimensional and for this reason the body loses some of its angles in photographs. Without the proper angles even slender girls can appear heavy in pictures. Lighting plays an important role in counteracting the flattening effects of photography but it can’t correct for all the effects of transferring a three dimensional object on to a two dimensional piece of paper. Using a slim model also helps eliminate the problems associated with losing the all important angles.

What is meant by “having good angles” or “knowing your angles?”

Often you’ll hear agents and photographers talking about “knowing your angles” and this is something that contributes to the next important trait that models must have; models must be photogenic. They must take a good picture. Even the prettiest girls can take terrible pictures and the reasons are simple. Some elements of being photogenic can be learned but many of them are at the mercy of genetics.

Knowing your angles, knowing how to pose and knowing how to hold a pose convincingly without looking strained are important and can all be learned. What can’t be learned is bone structure. Models almost always have very angular faces with strong yet balanced features. Symmetry is also important; most models have very symmetrical faces meaning one eye is not bigger or lower on the face than the other, the nose is centered on the face, the cheekbones are high and level and the jaw line is even. Ironically, angular faces are often considered odd looking in real life. In a three dimensional world angles create shadowing which can look strange at times.

So do you have what it takes to be a model?

We are looking for young and photogenic girls to be our models at to showcase our new Wella corsets and bustiers as well as other sex lingerie collections.

The Supermodel
Julio, the super model in Wella Corset