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A glimpse of Wella Corsets Fashion Show 2014

Wella Lingerie kicked start the year of 2014 with a magnificient corset fashion show held in Guangzhou, China on 31 January 2014. Apart from the overwhelming response the company received from the audience, Wella Lingerie has become one of the world’s renown and trusted brand in sexy lingerie wholesale.

Here are some pictures taken at the show for your viewing leisure!

Wella Lingerie showcased the latest corsets
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel showcased the latest corset
Wella Lingerie Fashion Show
Wella Lingerie's angel showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s Angel in fashion show 2014
Wella Lingerie's angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie's Angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie’s Angel in fashion show
Wella Lingerie's angels showcased the latest corsets and bustiers
Wella Lingerie’s Corsets Fashion Show 2014




A taste of Wella Lingerie's Golden Sensation
A taste of Wella Lingerie’s Golden Sensation










Corset is a sensational piece of fashion. Feel it with your body. Visit our website at now.

Our mission is to make the world sexier, and now everyone can have a feel of hour glass figure with Wella’s corsets and bustiers!


Yoshizawa Akiho Loves Wella Lingerie!

Wow, the famous Japanese AV Yoshizawa Akiho (よしざわ あきほ) (吉泽明步) loves Wella Lingerie!

A little profile about Yoshizawa Akiho. Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984 and after working as a gravure idol, made her AV debut in 2003 under contract to two studios, Alice Japan and Max-A. Her first video as an AV performer, Angel, was released by the Alice Japan label in March 2003. Her second video 18-Teens was made for the Max-A Samansa and she continued alternating performances between the two studios through the middle of 2006 usually making one movie a month.Among her early videos was the July 2003 incest-themed My Sister Is an AV Idol for Alice Japan directed by sometimes mainstream director Rokurō Mochizuki.For her work in her first year in AV, Yoshizawa was nominated for the Best New Actress Award at the 2003 X City Grand Prix Awards.

Yoshizawa’s work in AV for the 2007 year was acknowledged by several awards. One of her S1 videos, the May 2007 release Hyper Risky Mosaic – Special Bath House Tsubaki, featuring S1 stars Sora Aoi,Honoka, Yuma Asami and eight others was the studio’s entry for the 2007 AV Open contest where it took the 1st Place Award.Yoshizawa also won the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Vegas Night and her S1 video Hyper-Risky Mosaic Akiho Yoshizawa took the 2nd Place Award.In another media, she was a nominee for the Best Actress Award for her 2007 appearances on adult Channel 902 (Midnight Blue) on satellite TV broadcaster SKY PerfecTV! at the 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards ceremonies. The next year, at the December 2008 Moodyz Awards, a competition among 37 AV production companies sponsored by Japan’s largest AV distributor, the Hokuto Corporation, she won the 2nd Place award for Best Actress. She has a large amount of fans in Japan, China, Korea and South East Asia.

Wella Lingerie was selected by Yoshizawa Akiho in one of her movies shot in Hong Kong in 2012. In private, she is a fan of Wella Lingerie, especially when it comes to the corset dress.

She loves this particulat pink color lacey satin corset dress from Wella Lingerie. It could be found on the corset selections on

How To Properly Care For Your Lingerie

Knowing how to take care of your lingerie is essential, especially if you want to make last longer. Most lingerie needs special care so that they will last for many years. Proper care on lingerie
falls mainly on two categories: proper washing and proper storing.

When washing your lingerie, you need to keep in mind that the materials they use for
these undergarments are very delicate. This is the very reason why they only
require careful washing. Make it a point to never place you lingerie along with
your regular wash loads, not once.

When washing your lingerie, place it on a basin with regular tap water and add some
mild shampoo in it. Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes and after that,
gently scrub the soiled areas of the lingerie.

Rinse your lingerie with regular clean tap water until it is free from the shampoo
you used. Hang your lingerie on a clothes hanger or a clothesline to dry.

Some women prefer using the delicate or gentle cycles of their washing machines.
However, you need to be very careful when attempting this for the first time as
you just might end up ruining the delicate fabric or your costly lingerie.

Just like any other type of washing, you must take careful consideration of the
color of the lingerie you are washing. Do not mix different colored lingerie
together when washing as this might allow the dark colored lingerie to bleed
into the light colored lingerie. You can prevent this from happening by making
sure that all the colors are sorted out before washing them.

Another reason why washing your lingerie on a washer is not advisable is because some
lingerie have hooks, buttons, and fasteners which could snag on some part of
the clothing or on other lingerie. This could lead to the tearing of your

Make sure to dry your newly-washed lingerie on an airy place and not under direct
sunlight. The colors of your lingerie will easily fade if you dry them under
direct sunlight.

When your lingerie has dried up completely, try sorting them out for proper storage.
Some lingerie can be folded while some need to be hung in order to retain their

See all our sexy lingerie collections at and pick your favorite ones for the day! Sexy lingerie is an important element in a harmonious relationship with your partner. Treat it with care and it would take care of your relationship.

See our models in some of the amazing babydolls by Wella Lingerie.

Babydoll by Wella Lingerie
Wella's Sexy Babydoll
Sequins Clubwear by Wella Lingerie
Wella Sequins Clubwear

Wella Lingerie is a reputable sexy lingerie manufacturer and distributor. We provide sexy lingerie wholesale and dropship via Visit our facebook page at

It’s the perfect time to sell swimwear

The Bikini of the Year
Wella Bikini - The Designer Inspired Swimwear

Women all over the world wear sexy bikinis of all different styles all year round. Whether at the beach, on a cruise, at a pool party, or relaxing in
a jacuzzi, a bikini can make a woman feel and look as sexy as possible. The most sexy beachwear available are bikinis of any style. G-String style bikinis are generally the most sexy. These are ultra-revealing and made available in just about every type of print. Whether a solid colour bikini, lace bikini, or floral prints swimsuit bikini.

Looking for a perfect fit for yourself? The best in sexy swimwear are bikinis of any style that best suit your body type. Women with smaller breasts can get padded bikini tops. Women wanting more shape can get under wire bikini tops to give them a little boost. If you are self conscious about your hips or butt, sheer skirts can be added so that you still look sexy but can hide your cellulite in these areas. Bikinis are designed to make women look and feel sexy, so search for a style that really suits your body type. Swimsuits should make you feel comfortable and proud of your body, rather than self-conscious. Confidence is key, but sexy swimwear can help you achieve confidence.

Sexy swimwear or bathing suit is important to show others that they have a great body and are just as worthy of showing it off as any other woman is. Thy may often see some women at the beach, or even some of your friends, who are completely covered. They might wear a ridiculous pair of knee-length shorts and an over sized t-shirt. Later they’ll complain about how they have such bad tan lines. There are many swimwear styles to fit every size and shape. Bikinis can be bought as a set, or they can mix and match a different top and bottom to better suit their needs. Perhaps they want a more revealing top piece, but a less revealing bottom. They can buy a pair of hipster bottoms with a small string bikini top in the same colour or a contrasting colour or style so that it matches.

With winter ending, it’s the perfect time to start selling sexy swimwear and find the best bikinis to add into your store. Visit for the latest collections for Wella Bikini, the world leading designer inspired swimsuit bikini at super low prices!!



In this Christmas, Wella Corset Inspires Confidence

Shopping for Christmas costume or lingerie for Christmas?

A nice piece of corset can brings self confidence in a woman. Corset should not just be a normal undergarment. It should be woman’s best friend, who can listen to her, and give her comfort and confidence. Try out our new lines of Christmas Wella corsets, whih inspire confidence in woman. From the time they wear on this beautiful set of artwork, they would never be the same. What you need to do is to watch out your friends who could onld be pure jealous on you!

The Christmas Choice of Corsets
Miss Santa Corset
This fabulous Christmas Santa Corset is the bet choice for woman who would like to look confident and kinky in this Christmas! They are on sale at

Hot trend: Corsets and Bustiers

If you are like me, your knowledge of a corset is some brutal device forced upon women in ye olden days, or a memory of Kate Winslet’s mom in Titanic painfully strapping her into one. Ouch! But in recent years, the corset has slowly lost its death grip on our mid sections and has become the hottest trend. You can find all the hippest stars sporting them, from Jessica Simpson to Beyonce.
It’s quite easy to incorporate it into your style. During the day, layer one under your jacket or favorite v-neck sweater. Or at night wear one with a slim fitting skirt. Don’t forget to jazz it up with some fabulous accessories like jewelry and purse. Think you have what it takes to step out in corset style?
Corsets and bustiers are the darings women’s lingerie. They are very similar in style, as both are boned and fitted on the torso. They have a very slimming effect on your figure. The major difference between a corset and a bustier is that bustier often have built in cups for support whereas corstes do not.

Corsets and bustiers do not size the way clothes do, they size like a bra. You usually have a round the back measurement and a cup measurement, just like a bra but you are recommended to give yourself one size more around the back allowing for extra movement. The size noted for our corsets and bustiers is the band size, so if you where a 40DD, your bustier or corset size would be 40. If you want some extra room, you would order a 42. We also have many corsets and bustiers that are made of stretch satin or lace. These provide extra room without having to go up a size. They are also very comfortable.

Stunning Multi-gromited Lace Ties Front Vinyl Bustier
Corsets and bustiers
are often fitted with hook and eye catches that run up the back of the garment or sometimes they are laced up. They are often made to sit just above the bust to below the hips so that you can easily attach garters and stockings to them.

In Victorian times corsets were all the rage. They were worn by all women but not in the sense that they are today. In those days you did not leave without looking your best. Your best being your slimmest. Corsets held in every extra pound that you had.

Today, you can choose to wear a corset under a suit or clothing for that extra sensual feel or to provide extra lift. Corsets and bustiers are especially helpful as bridal lingerie under the dress, as they provide the slimming effect and lift that you want for that special occasion. You can also wear this lingerie for a special rendez vous with someone special.