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Full Figure Lingerie For a Full and Happy Life

There are more than 66 million women in North America that are considered to be plus sized or full figured. These women are a growing group who demand sexy full figure lingerie. Why not? This growth is not just due to expanding North American waistlines, but also bust lines. Full figure lingerie is the only way for a woman with full curves to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Curves are sexy, and full figure lingerie is a way to show those off in an intimate way.
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With millions of plus sized women in North America, there is a growing need for full figure lingerie in a mainstream way. Full figure lingerie can refer to any number of sexy garments designed for the full figured woman: sexy panties, thongs, corsets, body shapers, and even teddies.
However, perhaps the most mainstream and common full figure lingerie items are plus sized bra and panty sets. Even wearing such full figure lingerie as undergarments can give the plus sized woman a feeling of sexiness and confidence. In addition, full figure lingerie in the form of matching bra and panty sets can be flattering in those intimate moments at home. Full figure lingerie fits, and that is its greatest attribute. When lingerie fits and supports properly, women feel better and look better.

Full figure lingerie fits the needs of an ever growing market: full figured women. These women demand the comfort and sex appeal of full figure lingerie because they demand the right to feel sexy and look sexy. Full figure lingerie is not the total answer, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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Find a Sexy Confident You in Classy Lingerie

There is nothing like classy lingerie to make you feel special, confident, and sexy. Classy lingerie doesn’t mean boring lingerie; you can find many pieces that look stylish, but still remain demure and refined.

You can choose from a wide variety of classy lingerie. An elegant matching bra and panty set, or slip under your clothes is sure to make you feel great all day. Wrapping yourself up in a smooth silky robe after a bath or shower will relax you, and slipping into a comfy set of pajamas will send you off to dreamland calm and soothed.


No matter what your style is, there is classy lingerie to fit it. You can find pieces in almost every color, pattern, and fabric. A simple, silky, mono-colored nightgown is the perfect classy lingerie. Or, if you want something a little more elegant, go with a piece with a bit of lace, or ribbon. If your style is wild and racy, you can still find a classy lingerie piece that fits you, just look for something with a classic cut, but in a bright print, or with a more open back.

Classy lingerie is the perfect way for someone to venture into the world of lingerie. The classic cuts, simple designs, and coverage flatter every body. If you are a little shy, a classy lingerie piece will keep you semi covered and comfortable.

Remember, the point of lingerie is to feel good in it, and enjoy the feeling of wearing it, so always wear lingerie that you are comfortable in. If a piece is uncomfortable to you it won’t be enjoyable to wear, no matter how pretty it is.