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Lingerie – A Zillion Options For Every Woman

By Tiffany Hart

Every woman should spice things up every so often. In addition to putting a bit of spice into a relationship, it can make you feel sexy. A sexy woman is a confident woman. Fortunately, there are what seem to be a “zillion” options for every women regardless of her style preferences and body shapes.

Mention lingerie and many women picture tight corsets and garter belts. They also picture uncomfortable materials and cuts that might not emphasize their best assets. Well, the good news is there are many different ways to look sexy and just as many different types of lingerie to make it happen.

Satin Boning Corset

The first thing to keep in mind with lingerie is the sexy element of it is often not in what is shown, but what is hinted at. A g-string may look great on a 22 year old Brazilian beach model, but a sexy low cut bikini panty might be a better choice for a 35 year old in Chicago. The key is to wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. If you are worried about showing off an asset that maybe you are uncomfortable with, things aren’t going to go real well. That being said, let’s take a look at some sexy options.

Women were bras all day long. A quality bra can really make a look, and the same goes for lingerie. That being said, a romantic, private evening might be the time to consider a sexy alternative. How about a silk camisole that rides down to your belly button? With thin straps, it is a look universally commended by men. Wearing it with a bikini or thong panty can result in an outfit that will make any man pay attention.

Moving a bit lower, underwear is an issue. If you have a nice derriere, show it off with something skimpy in the thong or bikini panty line. If you have nice legs as well, you can tie it all together with a panty/garter belt combination that draws the eyes up the legs. It is a classic sensual look in the lingerie fashion world, one that is a winner nearly every time.

The classic lingerie piece is the corset. It is worn tightly around the midsection and pushes up the breast. If you pull up pictures of lingerie models, you will always see at least one. Personally, I find the corset uncomfortable. It is difficult to feel sexy when you are tied up like an inmate in an insane asylum. That being said, lingerie is all about personal taste, so go with what you like.

Ultimately, the lingerie you choose should be comfortable and make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you convey that to those around you. In short, buy what you like and things should work out well.

How to Wear a Camisole


Knowing how to wear a camisole for various occasions allows you to explore the versatility of this little lingerie item. While some camisoles are made to be shown during a romantic evening in, others can be worn as layering pieces under sweaters and blazers, and some can be worn on their own. They’re especially useful for covering cleavage beneath tops with plunging necklines.
Tips on How to Wear a Camisole
There are all kinds of camisoles and they can be worn in a variety of ways. While there are no hard and fast rules on how to wear a camisole, you’ll feel more confident when you wear one with the right outfit. To make sure you have the camisoles you need for any ensemble, you’ll probably need several in your wardrobe. Different camisoles you’ll come across and the best ways to wear them include:
Satin lace embroidered sheer camisole

Sheer Camisoles
Sheer camisoles are perfect for wearing under your sheer tops. The extra layer the cami provides is usually enough to prevent any embarrassing see-through situations – however, just to make sure, it’s always a good idea to look at your outfit in a brightly lit room before you head outdoors. While sheer camis come in white, black and nude colors, if you’re wearing a sheer white top, it’s best to wear a nude camisole underneath it. You can also wear white, but be aware that your camisole will be visible. If you’re wearing a sheer black shirt, you should wear a black camisole beneath it.

Basic Camisoles
You’ll find a large variety of simple camisoles, but these basic pieces perform a multitude of jobs. Some are very plain and look like little more than a sleeveless tank, while others have touches of lace on the neckline. You can wear a basic cami underneath a V-neck sweater and low-cut tops; if it has a lacy neckline, the peek of lace can add a feminine touch to your look. You can also use your camisole for layering in cooler weather. It’s much more feminine than an undershirt. Close-fitting camis work well under sleek tops and dresses.

Sexy Camisoles
Camisoles that are made for more intimate moments are often lacy and made in sensuous materials like satin or silk. They usually come in sets, paired with eye-catching G-strings, thongs or boy shorts. You’ll find a wide range of colors in sexy camisole sets, beyond the more basic colors that aren’t made for attention-getting.

Camisoles as Tops
There are some camisoles that are nice enough to be worn as tops. Look for camis that come with built-in bras if possible. If not, then wear a strapless bra beneath it for support or bras with clear, elastic straps. It’s considered tacky for your bra straps to show, even under slinky tops like this; there are enough options in bras these days so that your straps don’t ever show.

A Multi-Purpose Piece
Even if you have several camisoles on hand for certain outfits, they can often perform double or triple duty. A basic cami with lace detailing can be worn underneath your work clothes, but if it comes with matching panties, you can also wear that for an after-work date. A basic camisole can pair with pajama shorts or pants for a comfortable sleeping outfit. One trick to knowing how to wear a camisole is making it a multitask item.

You can find camisoles wherever lingerie is sold. Department stores, lingerie boutiques and online lingerie sites are all places to look for this versatile piece. Many camisoles are very reasonably priced, so it’s easy to buy all the camis you need for different outfits.

When wearing it as part of a casual ensemble, you can pair your cami with:

Naturally, this is more of a warm weather look and works well in the spring and summer. Be sure that any camisoles you wear as tops are meant to be worn as tops and not as underwear – they should not be see-through.

Once you learn the many different ways you can wear a camisole, you’ll probably want to make sure you have a suitable one on hand for almost all of your outfits.

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Lingerie is a Great Gift

By Victor Epand

Have you ever thought what could I do to bring a little spice into my love life? Men and women alike, I am sure, have thought about this from time to time, especially if they have been married for any length of time.

There are a number of things that a man or a woman could do to spice up their marriage and that could be considered a gift for either one of you. Lingerie can be considered as a gift from both of you if you really think about it, because this is a gift that continues to gift back by adding a little spice into your life. The fact is that no one can lose when ever they give their loved one the gift of lingerie. However, the only time that giving lingerie as a gift would actually back fire is if the gift is purchased in the style or worse, in the wrong size.

If the individual, whether it is a man or woman, will put some time and consideration into purchasing the gift of the lingerie, then the receiver of the gift is rewarded with a great gift. It is too often that men will find themselves tempted to purchase some thing that they may happen to find attractive and sexy. These same men are then astonished later when their girlfriend or wife is utterly repulsed by the lingerie and they refuse to wear the garment at all.

It does take a special kind of woman to tolerate a thong, but men continue to thrust their desires into their lingerie purchase decisions that utterly conflict with the desires and tastes of the partner. In fact, thong sales actually only account for less than twenty-five percent of all lingerie purchases, which is why the odds are that a woman would probably wish and appreciate not receiving a thong as a gift from a man in their life, unless they actually do wear thongs.

In order to give lingerie as a gift, then the man or woman must do their homework prior to purchasing their gift. Men need to find out what the woman in their life is most happy about their body, because what ever this part of the body happens to be then lingerie is sure to accentuate it. For instance, if a woman is particularly proud of her cleavage, then a halter may be the way to go, but a chemise would probably be better for a woman with great legs. No matter what part of their body that a woman happens to be most comfortable with, then there is by all odds a piece of lingerie out there on the market that is readily made to complement it.

The color of the lingerie is really important to consider as well, because when you take in to consideration what color is more appropriate it is always important to take into account the color of the woman’s hair. For some reason or another, blonds tend to enjoy colors that are light and not very bright, such as pastels. Brunettes on the other hand need a color that will accentuate their darker hues so it is best to choose colors such as purples, dark greens, and reds, which are actively worn by brunettes. Redheads really need a dark color, but it must still be complementary with their skin and hair such as greens and blues. There are very few redheads that can wear the color orange or even red, so you may want to keep that in mind whenever you are choosing a color.

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Advantages Of The Corset And Corset Construction

There are many reasons why the corset construction was designed the way it is. The basic structure of the corset, although somewhat different today, remained basically the same when it was originally created. The overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a suitable undergarment for women that would give them a more feminine, womanly figure.

The desire for many women to have a smaller, slimmer waist played a major role in the corset construction. When this piece of lingerie was first created, many women did not have the thin, ideal shape and figure that is often acquired today by diet and exercise. Thus, creating a piece of lingerie that would help in effort to reduce the thickness of one’s waist, such as the corset, would prove to be an increasingly popular invention that would continue to be successful among women.

Today, that same desire is still associated with women. Although there are more opportunities to achieve a desirable figure through weight loss regimens and diets than their were when the corset was first created, many women still feel the need to achieve a smaller waist appearance through wearing a corset. Therefore, for this reason along with several other, the corset construction continues to have the same overall effect when it comes to slimming down the waist area.

Another detail that strongly influenced the corset construction was the increasingly popular demand of women to have a fuller breast area. The creators of the first corset ever made realized this demand and put it into effect when creating this piece of lingerie. They knew that if they designed something that would not only make the waist appear smaller, but also add a bigger cleavage to the wearers of this undergarment, the chances of sales on this item would increase.

Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims
Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims

This realization influenced the corset construction greatly. So, corsets were designed not only to add the appearance of a thinner waist but also greatly boosted the bust area.

Of course, the original corset construction did have some notoriously known disadvantages. When they were first created, corsets were known to somewhat constrict the woman’s body. The tightness that was required to achieve the boosted bust and slimmer waist was sometimes too tight for the wearer to endure. Although many women still wore corsets, it was often not a pleasantly comfortable experience. Fortunately, since this time the corset comfort has increased and changed.

Today, the corset construction is not only designed to accentuate the woman’s body by slimming down areas and boosting other areas, but it is also designed to maintain a certain level of comfort that was lacking in the earlier and original corset designs. Fortunately, for women who are not to fond of the idea that “you have to pay to be beautiful, achieving a more womanly figure can be successfully achieved without having to endure discomfort.

In conclusion, the overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a more womanly shape to the wearer of the corset by thinning the waist area and boosting the bust. Corsets have been worn for centuries. Today, women are still interested in achieving such shape, which is why corsets continue to be one of the most well known undergarments of the century.

Lynette Young
Rose Secret Fashions’ adviser

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