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Sexy Corsets – Reinventing Lingerie

This week we shall talk about one of the most treasured heritage for women’s underwear – Corset. Corsets give us the impression of tightly pinched waists and straps that knock the breath out of women. It was probably true of corsets back during the Victorian times, but modern corsets are much more comfortable than corsets of yesteryear.

Furthermore, corsets used to be an inner garment worn to accentuate the fullness of a woman’s figure. Corsets are used for the same reason today, but not as an inner garment. In fact, modern fashion has the corsets designed specially to show them off by wearing on the outside.

The hourglass figure is an eternal statement of perfect feminine figure, and the corset was designed to train the female body into this epitome of perfection. The vintage corset had stiff wooden or ivory supports which held the body frame in place but were very rigid and uncomfortable to wear. However, in their quest for the ideal body form, women wore the corsets no matter how painful it was, and there were documented incidents were women actually fainted from wearing one.

Luckily for the women of today, modern corsets are much more comfortable and are designed to make women feel much more confident of themselves. Corsets are worn on the outside as an upper garment; these are known as dress corsets. They are slightly modified from the concept of old corsets and can be made with denim and with modern additions like zippers. These corsets are decorated with laces and frilly straps for a sexy look and can be a tad bit revealing to set the senses on fire. Even more revealing are the lingerie corsets. These are the true heirs of the vintage corsets. These inner garments are very erotic and are used as sexy clothing for bedroom antics.

When wearing corsets, it is important to let a new piece condition to your body shape over sometime. It might be slightly uncomfortable to begin with, but after a week or so, when the corset have been suitably adjusted to you, it will be much more comfortable to wear.

You can try wearing a tube top underneath your corset to isolate any contact between the corset and your skin. This will reduce any irritation arising from trapped moisture between the corset and your skin.

It is also a good idea to get more than one set of corset for wearing alternately. This allows time for your corsets to wear well and to be aired. But do not fold or roll your corsets when you air or store them. Hang them over a chair or specialized corset hangers to retain their shape.

Corsets are a legacy from the Victorian era, and they have been reinvented again and again over the past century. Today, corsets are worn as both lingerie and also as dresses. Corsets are a window to the past and also a fashionable wear today. It will do wonders for your posture and shape the lovely figure that you always desire.

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Bustier and Corset – Differentiating Lingerie Twins

What we are talking about here are corsets and bustiers. Modern day fashion has brought the corset and the bustier from the inside of an outfit to the outfit itself, usually being paired by a pair of sexy jeans, a mini denim skit, or even tutus.

Women with a fuller build are the ones that really benefit from wearing corsets and bustiers. Plus size corsets hug all the right places that need to be cinched and at the same time, they also make the places that you want to be accentuated really stand out – like the chest and the hips, giving that fantastic hour-glass figure that everyone longs for. Plus size corsets are really heaven sent for the bbw (big beautiful woman).

A big question that may be tickling the minds of those that wear plus size corsets is that they are very similar to bustiers. To help settle a rather trivial but curious dispute let us differentiate the twins of the lingerie world, the bustier and the corset.

A bustier is a sleeveless top that spans the bust to the waist (sometimes touching the hips or the top area of the butt) and it is worn either as lingerie or as outer clothing. It is form fitting and it may sometimes have garters attached to it. Modern bustiers now have thin lacy straps but most bustiers are like tube tops.



The corset was developed more than a millennium ago. It is a close fitted boned undergarment that shapes a woman’s torso. It can either extend from above or below the bust to the hips, giving that appropriate binding effect to have a flatter waistline.

As you can see from the definition above, the two are more likely to be called as twins. They look the same and they practically do the same thing. But in the interest of settling the debate, one huge difference between the two is that the corset came first in terms of origin while the bustier came trailing decades later. A more prominent difference is that a corset does not always cover the breasts while a bustier always does. A corset that covers the chest area is called an over-bust corset.

In any case, both lingerie styles can be worn in and out of the bedroom. Especially for plus size women, you really want to emphasize the breasts as they are usually one of the best assets a fuller woman has. Wearing a plus size corset or a plus size bustier can further enhance that, giving you a more voluptuous appearance.


Some women are hesitant in wearing a plus size corset in public, but if you wear it in good taste, then there is nothing to be worried about. Just make sure you wear it in appropriate places such as parties and clubs and you can never go wrong!

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Advantages Of The Corset And Corset Construction

There are many reasons why the corset construction was designed the way it is. The basic structure of the corset, although somewhat different today, remained basically the same when it was originally created. The overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a suitable undergarment for women that would give them a more feminine, womanly figure.

The desire for many women to have a smaller, slimmer waist played a major role in the corset construction. When this piece of lingerie was first created, many women did not have the thin, ideal shape and figure that is often acquired today by diet and exercise. Thus, creating a piece of lingerie that would help in effort to reduce the thickness of one’s waist, such as the corset, would prove to be an increasingly popular invention that would continue to be successful among women.

Today, that same desire is still associated with women. Although there are more opportunities to achieve a desirable figure through weight loss regimens and diets than their were when the corset was first created, many women still feel the need to achieve a smaller waist appearance through wearing a corset. Therefore, for this reason along with several other, the corset construction continues to have the same overall effect when it comes to slimming down the waist area.

Another detail that strongly influenced the corset construction was the increasingly popular demand of women to have a fuller breast area. The creators of the first corset ever made realized this demand and put it into effect when creating this piece of lingerie. They knew that if they designed something that would not only make the waist appear smaller, but also add a bigger cleavage to the wearers of this undergarment, the chances of sales on this item would increase.

Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims
Broadway Classic Long Boning Corset with Sequins Details and Scallop Lace Trims

This realization influenced the corset construction greatly. So, corsets were designed not only to add the appearance of a thinner waist but also greatly boosted the bust area.

Of course, the original corset construction did have some notoriously known disadvantages. When they were first created, corsets were known to somewhat constrict the woman’s body. The tightness that was required to achieve the boosted bust and slimmer waist was sometimes too tight for the wearer to endure. Although many women still wore corsets, it was often not a pleasantly comfortable experience. Fortunately, since this time the corset comfort has increased and changed.

Today, the corset construction is not only designed to accentuate the woman’s body by slimming down areas and boosting other areas, but it is also designed to maintain a certain level of comfort that was lacking in the earlier and original corset designs. Fortunately, for women who are not to fond of the idea that “you have to pay to be beautiful, achieving a more womanly figure can be successfully achieved without having to endure discomfort.

In conclusion, the overall purpose of the corset construction is to provide a more womanly shape to the wearer of the corset by thinning the waist area and boosting the bust. Corsets have been worn for centuries. Today, women are still interested in achieving such shape, which is why corsets continue to be one of the most well known undergarments of the century.

Lynette Young
Rose Secret Fashions’ adviser

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