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The Corset Revival: How celebrities are wearing the trend

The corset renaissance is here and – believe us or not – it’s happening in a totally wearable way.

Originally worn as an undergarment in Victorian times, the corset trend is taking a modern turn of late, as seen in the street style of the stars.

It’s being reworked in a number of ways: over baggy t-shirts a la Kylie Jenner, mixed with knits like Kendall Jenner, or dressed up for a night out like Hailey Baldwin.

Let these celebrity looks inspire you to unearth your corset and have your very own Marie Antoinette moment…

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski wore her floral corset solo, matched with some brown trousers as she attended an event with Adidas. We love the addition of the Carolina Santo Domingo basket bag.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson in her favorite jacquard corset.


Romee Strijd
VS Angel Romee Strijd wore her corset with a short jumper over the top.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner wore her corset with a super cropped polo neck top and wide legged trousers. This is a supermodel look if we ever saw one.

Hailey Baldwin

And the corset doesn’t have to be dressy – proved here in another Hailey Baldwin look. The model wears hers with an off-the-shoulder knit underneath.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall wore a loosely tied corset over a matching dress while in New York. She wore the look with white boots and an adorable mini bag. Top styling points here.


Madonna in black mesh corset.

Celebrities are falling in love with corsets. Corsets are now a fashion and they are making you look great in any occasion. Visit and pick your favorite corsets today.

The advantages of slimming down with waist training corsets

Corset training or waist training is the means of cinching in the waist over a period of time with the aid of a corset. It is a widely known and a tight undergarment worn to reduce the midsection and bring you the hourglass elegant figure of a woman. Derived from the ancient Latin and French word, a corset has long been a desire for women. Available across different sizes and colors, the clothing has again become the newest in the fashion sector. Corsets can help to balance the body, reduce the chances of injury, correct past injuries, adjust body morphology and more; it is a quite controversial way of lowering the size of your waist since it has been connected with some health issues. Thus listed below are some advantages of waist training corset.

A smaller waist and hourglass figure

The hour glass physique is what a lot of women are after, thus the recognition of waist training. This way of training has been preferred to controlling the size of your waist by many sizes. Good cinchers are known to work with your body to give you a small and normal looking figure.

Good posture and back support

A cincher or corset has metallic bones which make it nearly impossible to slouch; giving you excellent posture each time you wear one. Back support really helps to provide healthy posture which is caused by the clinching and binding impact of the training. It also helps to heal and get rid of any back aches.

Black Waist Training Corset
Black Waist Training Corset


Increased sweating

Using a cincher during routines help to facilitate a better rate of sweating that helps in weight reduction and toning up abdominal muscle and back muscles because of its closed nature.

Tightening skin

The skin in the mid-section and back can be loose as many people pack in weight in these parts. Tightening the skin in these parts can help provide a well-toned and smooth appearance. The waist workout will ensure you look more energetic and youthful.

Corsets work as a weight reduction help

Corsets work as a gastric band and will not allow much increase of the stomach, therefore helping to regulate appetite and help reduce food portions. Using a corset will also help to notice yourself as a small person, planting the seed of faith in mind that weight-loss is attainable, and acting as a solid motivation to enhance nutrition and fitness routine.

Corsets are known to assist in preventing the weakening of joints encountered by people who have connective tissue problems. By using corsets and enhancing their good posture, they are less likely to experience dislocation of intersections and other bodily altering injuries.

Most of the benefits of using corsets for slimming down are on the health aspect and it is best to see a qualified health professional or your personal doctor concerning these health benefits. Corset weight training is a good innovation of mankind and with the perfect guidance; it will give you many benefits that will change your whole life in a favorable way.

Steel Boned Corset vs Latex/Spandex Waist Cincher

latext corsets
latext corsets

We get asked all the time “What’s the difference between a waist cincher and a corset?”. The quick answer is “LOTS!” I am going to try an offer a little more detail today as to the differences of these products, and also how you might want them both to work together towards your goals.

Waist cinchers, which is a term used to define those shaping garments that target the abdomen specifically. That is where the similarity to corsets ends. A waist cincher will usually shave an inch or two from your waistline while you are wearing it and is designed to provide a slimming affect underneath your clothes. Most cinchers are made from a combination of nylon and latex or spandex, some with plastic boning. If you carry your weight in your tummy, they can help give you more of a waistline for sure-but not the hourglass curves a steel boned corset will give you.

waist training corset
steel boned waist training corset

Steel boned corsets are designed to not only give you AMAZING curves, but will instantly take three, four even six-seven (or more) inches off instantly (depending on how much “fluff” you have). Corsets also will help you to re-shape your body overtime (like braces for your teeth or tapers to stretch earlobe piercings-I personally find corsets to be less invasive than either of those options-but you get the idea). Proper dedication and patience to waist training will give you a smaller waist even without your corset on, and a little corset maintenance will keep it that way.

waist training corset
waist training corset

Many women find they want to waist train almost around the clock, but sleeping in a steel boned corset is not for everyone-and you certainly shouldn’t work out in one! That is where you might benefit from both products. Cinchers are more comfortable to sleep in and work out in, but still provide some support and shaping. Corsets are bulkier as well, and if you are looking to for some slimming help underneath a fitted top or dress, the cincher is easier to hide (as it is meant for that). As I said at the start of this blog, you will not achieve the same results with a cincher, but it will shave a little (and bring in your waist if you carry excess weight in your tummy).

So many products with so many different can make your head spin! I hope this clears up at least this one FAQ for many of you. We would love to hear your experiences and advice on cinchers and corsets below in the comments.

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Wedding Lingerie – What goes under the Wedding Dress?

wedding corset


What should you wear under your wedding dress?

You’ve spent days, weeks and maybe even years agonising and searching for The One, the love of your life, the apple of your eye – your wedding dress (what did you think we meant?) It’s guaranteed that your dress will be stunning because you’ve put so much thought into it, but have you considered how you will look beneath the dress? At times, achieving the bod we want can feel like a battle against nature, but ladies, we are going to war! We will equip you with the tools and trade secrets to ensure you can reign victorious over saggy boobs, flabby tummies and ever-expanding thighs.

Have a flat tummy in your wedding dress

The stomach is the number one enemy for most brides, but there is one solution to all stomach issues: invest in some high waist control briefs. Choose a pair that has a high-rise design, which extends up to your bust. This will ensure that beneath the dress your silhouette will look sleek without any tell-tale creases or ridges. It also gives you support in other problem areas. The ideal pair of briefs will be: seam free, made from a stretchy fabric and in a subtle shade that cannot be seen through your dress. Although ugly, these undies will effortlessly flatten, smooth and suck in all of your bad bits. Most shape underwear ranges have a thong option and some even tackle cellulite.

Choose the right bra for your wedding dress

Which bra you choose will depend upon your dress. Most wedding dresses that reveal cleavage are designed with the belief that brides will wear an enhancing bra. Therefore if your dress shows off your chest you will need to wear a push up or gel bra. If your dress is backless opt for a self-adhesive bra. Yet, if your dress is backless and you have a large chest, a self-adhesive bra will not offer you enough support. Instead purchase a control suit that has an in-built bra. Whatever the style your dress is, get measured. The straps need to be firm, but comfortable. The wiring should lie snugly against your ribs and your breasts should fit comfortably inside the cups.

Slim your thighs for your wedding dress

Often the thighs are overlooked, but having slim, toned thighs can give you and your dress a stunning silhouette. To achieve this look you will need a pair of control pants. The style that target your thighs typically look like cycling shorts. These pants suck in and firm up the thigh area and also accentuate the waistline. Make sure you buy a pair with an extended waist band, as this will reduce the risk of getting the dreaded ‘muffin top’. Again remember to buy a pair that are seam free. When buying shape-wear it can be tempting to but a size too small in attempt to suck you in further. Don’t! They will make you feel restricted and will often bind or roll.

The perfect bridal behind!

The size of your bottom is not too big an issue nowadays. What we are all striving for though is a pert bottom. Getting a pair of lycra shape-wear underwear will lift and improve the overall shape of your butt. Avoid any light wear ranges. Light wear ranges focus too much on smoothing and are designed for day to day use. Ideally you will buy a firm control pair of pants, which will smooth, lift and reduce your measurements. Buy a pair that comes with straps that attach to your bra. This increases the lift effect and will also ensure that the garments will not slip. Also remember to buy a pair with poppers in the gusset –it will be hard enough going to the bathroom in your wedding dress, so don’t make things harder for yourself!

Accentuate your waist for your wedding dress

Okay, we know it’s the 21st century, but hey, a corset should not be laughed at. A decent corset can bring in your waist and stomach by five inches. There’s more –not only does it give you a slim silhouette, it also improves posture, whilst hiding away any imperfections. For a tight fitting dress, you will not be able to wear a normal corset. You will need something that fits tighter to your body, like a lycra suit, which is also known as a pair of waist nippers. The waist nippers work in the same way as a corset, but sit closer to the body and will give you more freedom. Make sure you get a low leg line, to avoid any visible lines.

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