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Swimwear Season is Coming – Get Your Favorite Beach Dress/Cover Up

It’s the time for get a few pieces of bikini again!

The point of being by the pool, lake or beach is to soak up the sun with sunscreen, relax under an umbrella, or swim. In these instances, you’ll wear your swimsuit sans cover-up. But there are times in these settings when you’ll probably want to partially cover up your bod and suit. Like when you’re walking to and from the car, visiting the restroom, grabbing a bite to eat, chasing toddlers, playing beach bats, strolling along the beach, when it feels a little breezy, or when you’ve just had enough of exposing lots of skin. Cover up comes in many types, you should be able to find what you like.

Visit our website at for some best selling cover up.

Wella Swimwear cover up
Wella Swimwear cover up


Customers’ Happy Sharing

Too happy to be the owner of these new Relleciga arrivals, Sharon could not stop showing us how good looking she is in these perfectly matched summer bikinis. She sent us the photos and hope to share this with others. Who else has a perfect experience like hers?

Click here to see all our customers’ testimonials.

Sharon's new bikinis from Relleciga
Sharon’s new bikinis from Relleciga
Nice Bikini package
Nice Bikini package

Why We Do Not Simply Give Away Our Newly Printed Catalog Easily

If you think a printed catalog maybe important in a lingerie business? I can tell you no…… but it is f***ing important!!

This is the reason why we do not simply give it away to customers who do not know how to treasure it, and we only give it to the customers who work super hard for their business. So make very sure you are one of them.

You would understand this simple logic.

This is how we come up with our latest catalog for our Relleciga Swimwear.

1. First, we thought simplicity is important so we put larger pictures without fancy artwork.

2. Second, we thought you would not want your customers to know our identity so we put our company name and address in a removable sticker at the back of the catalog.

3.  Third, we understand your customers may rely heavily on the cataog to make the buying decision so we do not put in any pricing which allows you to make your own.

4. We spent a great deal of money to make to print the catalogs. It costs money dude.

As such, a nice catalog like this must find its owner carefully.

To say how good our swimwear is would be meaningless. It is what your customers say matter.

We understand what your customers need and every customer goes through a buying process before making decision to buy. A nice and professional printed catalog helps therm speed up their buying process. That’s all.

Remember, you must treasure the relationship with your customers like how your customers treasure every cents they spend with you. It does not come for nothing. And a nice catalog sells products faster than anything else.

This is why we do not give away our catalog easily. If you really needs one and you treasure the relationship with your customers, you may request it from us, and of course, subject to our evaluation.

Click Wella Bikinis to request our printed catalog.

*Note: We purposely make the following image larger than the given space of this blog post so you do not have to borrow a magnifying glass to look at it. Don’t ever think this is an alignment error!

Swimwear catalog
Relleciga printed catalog

Our Bikini Flagship Brand Rocks the Time Square For the Third Time!

Wella Lingerie Flagship brand on swimwear “Relleciga” was on Time Square New York once more in April 2014!

Relleciga, although a relatively new comer in bikini in the United States, it has since won the confidence of many online and offline distributors of women fashion and swimwear. Our professional designers constantly come up with cutting edge designs that stun the eye balls of many. You would not believe how confident you would be after trying it on yourself.

Our collection includes floral print, lace, colors, sequins, polka dots, stripe, plaid, animal print, and beach wraps. Visit Wella Lingerie for all swimsuit collection now!

Get ready for the bikini season with these lovely stripes and polka dot bikinis

Ge ready for this season and beyond with Wella Bikinis. We create sensational swimwear, bikini and bathing suits for beach lovers all over the world and your customer would love our these new designs. Discover our new arrivals on the alluring stripe and polka dot bikini and more.

polka dot bikini 162009G
Stripe and polka dot bikini 162009G
polka dot bikini 162009R
Stripe and polka dot bikini 162009R
polka dot bikini 162009W
Stripe and polka dot bikini 162009W