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Getting your first corset

Corset has become an increasingly popular fashion among the women in many countries.  Corsets are no longer a fashion that is worn underneath your garment to assist in creating an hourglass figure which is used for such reason in the past history.

Nowadays, corsets comes in varies kinds of fabrics, design etc for various body types to fit in so that every woman could have an hour glass figure and feeling confident with their body.  Corsets nowadays are worn by many to parties, shopping etc.  It is becoming so popular on the streets.

Designs and varieties of corsets has also increased significantly these few years due to its popularity.

For a wide selection of corsets, have a look at

The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look
The right piece of corsets and bustiers give you a sensational look

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Time Again to Obtain Fabulous Body to Fit in Your Fabulous Bikinis!

Season for Fabulous Bikinis out at the Sunny Beach with your Fabulous Body

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sunshine at the beach.  However, we might have gain some unwanted fats during the cold weather and is concerned about wearing bikinis to the beach with confidence?  Below are some suggestions to work out for a fabulous body to fit in your fabulous swim suits.

1)    Bidding Farewell to the “Butterfly Arms”

–         Step 1:  Straighten your left arm, use your right hand (between the thumb and the index finger) place above your elbow, slide 10 times from above this elbow position towards your armpit and repeat the same for the other hand.

–         Step 2: Use the same between the thumb and the index finger, but this time to massage the outside of your elbow to tighten the arm.  Do it 10 times and repeat the same for the other hand.

–         Step 3: Right hand hold on to your left arm, use the the same between the thumb and the index finger, twist towards the inner side 5 times and repeat the same for the other arm.  (Note: Don’t twist it too hard in order to protect your own skin)

2)    Getting rid of your Small Tummy

It will definitely look unsightly to have a tummy bulging when you are on your bikini.  Can try using body shaping cream to massage 2 times a day in a circular motion.

3)    Tightening your thighs

–         Yoga Balancing. Place both of your arms at the back to support your body.  Lift up your legs and stay still.  Normal abdominal breathing.  Do 3 sets of 7 to 10 times.

4)    When you are tired, this exercise mentioned below can help you to relax and re-energize.  Lie down your body with your head facing down.   Forehead on your hands.  Band your both legs.  Hold a cushion or towel in between your feet.   This could help you to tighten the muscles on your thighs helping you to relax.  Do 3 sets of 10 times each.

5)    Jogging

–         Jog 3 times a week. Helps in building up muscles and cutting down fats shaping your body.

When you have a fabulous body that everyone else feels jeolous about, love your country would be the next thing you can do.

Join the Celebrations with the London 2012 Olympics Games!

In conjunction with the London Olympics Games 2012 where everyone is encouraged to take part in sports more often and stay healthy, Wella Lingerie has introduced the flagship patriotic stylish bikinis below aiming to help women look sexy, yet be supportive of the Games. With these fantastic season, why not make use of this fabulous products to drive up the sales!

The Wella Bikini
Wella Bikini


Wella Bikini
Wella Bikini

Wella Lingerie has abundant supply of these bikinis. Maximise your profit now with Wella Bikinis new 2012 Olympic Collections. More choices of fabulous swimwears and bikinis could be found on Wholesale and dropship are welcome. is the authorised reseller of Wella Bikinis.

Wella Bikinis on Time Square – the Most Shinning Bikinis Ever that is Just Fabulous

Be aware of the latest trends; be heard of the voices of over 500+ mainstream American media. The world’s new star of shinning bikini is right here! Wella Bikini is the ultimate choice for stylish bikini this season.

Recently, bombs her customers with their bikini sets, flattering every sexy woman around the globe.

Wella Lingerie is a well-establish lingerie brand.   Just sometime ago,  their eye-catching bikinis was display on the iMAX LCD Screen of Time Square, 7th Ave of Manhattan, New York City as per shown below:-

The Wella Bikini Show
Wella Bikinis hit NY Time Square
The Wella Bikinis Hit New York
The Wella's effect

Meanwhile, over 100 American mainstream presses, websites and media are talking about these bikinis and its beautiful designs.

Why people in US are so crazy about these marvelous bikinis? The reason is because these bikinis are simply irresistible to all women who would like to flatter their figure. Even women with small busts will be shining in shape. Why? Low cut tops and extreme low rise bottoms.

These Bikinis are designed to accentuate a woman’s curves by using less fabric and more tiny string bikini. The fabric is strong and flexible, and meant to be tight fitting. The design is intentionally tighter in areas where it will push the cleavage up most and maximize the size. The purpose is to make your shape stand out. Brazilian bathing suits are a must-haves for all girls.

This summer, we bring on the new-designs of triangle bikinis with multiple colours. There is a reason why the triangle bikini top and simple full bikini bottom have been in style for so long; this is because they offer simple flattery that does not change with the trends. Appropriate support can lift and shape small busts and flatter large busts. It will also prevent any unnecessary embarrassment with your bikini.

Wella Bikinis that contain spandex in their structure tend to provide elasticity and hold on to your body. The more it contains, the better it is for competitive swimming. However, not only swimmers can benefit its advantages now.

Wella Lingerie is happy to introduce herself as an expert in women’s clothing/lingerie. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Wella offer nothing but the best for women around the globe. Most importantly, our customers like the price of Wella Bikinis because it could not be more reasonable than this.

Below are some examples of the our flagship swimwears that are driving up sales like crazy:




The Wella Bikini
Extremely Colorful Bikini

Should there be any need for further enquiry, please do not hesitate to send in email to is the authorised re-seller of Wella Bikinis.

All Women Look Good In Sexy Lingerie, So Why Not Get Some.

Lingerie is an important part of every woman”s wardrobe and don”t they know it!
Every woman needs to feel good and to have fun with every piece of lingerie she wears. Lingerie that is too revealing, too skimpy, too tight, too trashy may not be for you. Lingerie is as individual as the woman who wears it. Hot Sexy Lingerie comes in a variety of colours, fabric and design which you can choose from, the prices can also be varied and expensive.



Specific bras and panties can make a woman feel sexy, seductive, passionate and can even bring out their wide side! However, wearing Hot sexy Lingerie is a sure way to spark the fire in the bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen, why limit yourself to one room in the house. Yet it can also work wonders and makes a woman feel on top of the world and very sexy indeed.


Lingerie fashions seems to be geared towards every women on earth, tall, thin, small, plus sized women, all of which want to feel comfortable, sexy and hot in their lingerie. They want to buy from quality suppliers who understand how they feel and make a product that will suit their needs. Or buy off the shelf for that one off night in the quiet little hotel you have planned for a while.


Today women find Hot Sexy Lingerie to be a very popular type of women’s underwear and can worn under most clothes and make many women feel confident and great. It gives the women control over her man and any other man for that matter.
Find lots of Sexy Hot Lingerie online now. You will have dreams about how great you look in hot and sexy lingerie and how hot it will make your man.

Sexy Hot Lingerie has a great power to make any ordinary women’s body look appealing, sensuous, fantastic and sexy.


Women’s Hot Sexy Lingerie is made from many materials ranging from silk, nylon, chiffon to the extreme latex and rubber. All of which are available in any styles, any colour and size. Today many women prefer to do their shopping for lingerie online.

Swim wear, club wear  and night wear are also important part of every woman’s collection of underwear. There are various types of garments that can be worn by women to give then a great looking body and make you feel super and look out of this world.

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