Tips For Men Buying Lingerie This Valentine’s

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching as is lady’s expectations to receive the most perfect gift a man can buy. The easiest gift options and the most cliché gifts are flowers and chocolates, yet lingerie is always the one gift that men tend to avoid. However, with a little planning and thought there are ways to ensure that you pick the perfect lingerie which could consequently be the best Valentine’s gift your partner has ever received.

Colour & Style
Take careful attention to what she currently wears in terms of the style and colour and to the piece she wears the most. Is there a colour that she wears more frequently than others and does she have a favourite colour? Although it is the symbolic colour of love, you do not always have to buy red on Valentine’s Day, there is so much more choice in lingerie today. If you’re quite stuck then black is always a good option and also the softer shades such as champagne, peach or cream, but don’t go for white if it’s a lingerie gift. Other than colours, take a look at what style she likes. Choosing something sexy does not always mean it must be lacy – smooth fabrics such as silk or satin are luxurious and will be a perfect choice.


Go To Buy……

Make sure you do your homework and buy the correct size. If you get the chance take a sneaky peak through her underwear draw to see what size she is – you can’t just take a wild guess as this could turn into a disaster on Valentine’s Day if it ends up being too big!

Alternatives to Lingerie
If you are struggling to find the correct lingerie gift or you are worried about getting her bra size right then try considering other options. Try nightwear lingerie – there are many vintage pyjama sets around but for something a little sexier try a chemise – a short night gown made out of light material – or a silky robe.

Shopping Online
Shopping for lingerie can be quite a daunting and embarrassing experience for men, however, there is now a solution…buy online. There is now a vast amount of lingerie available to buy online, with a range of sizes, colours and designer variations. Rose Secret store offers help and advice via email and telephone so if you’re stuck just ask!

By Sally Nightingale

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