The Season of Love

By Pamela Rathlou

The Season of Love is upon us. This is a time when people seem to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves romantically. Suddenly the “special” lingerie comes out of the depths of the dresser and flowers and chocolates are offered to soften the heart and heighten the senses.

People seem more relaxed with their emotions and ready to express themselves physically in one way or another. Whether it’s a stolen kiss, a gentle caress or the offer of flowers or a sweet treat it’s all the same language. Translated into North American English it all means, I care about you and want to be close, do you feel the same way?

Valentine’s Day or week or season was a great invention. It invites the world to look at each other through eyes of love, romance and passion. It gives those who are otherwise too shy, a chance to reach out with a little more confidence – after all it’s Valentine’s and you are supposed to be romantic. This is a way to see if it’s reciprocal without having to really wear your heart on your sleeve and it’s easier to laugh off rejection without feeling foolish as many people are reaching out in the same way.

Valentines' Love Bug Playset

Valentine’s actually aids nature and the survival of the human race….really! It takes place at the time of year when it’s very cold in many places, so it keeps us warm and in many circumstances it helps in keeping the planet populated (maybe not quite as productive as New Years or a winter blackout, but good just the same).

If you have lingerie hiding away just waiting for Valentine’s – let it see the light of day, make sure it’s clean and fresh (and fits to full advantage). Don’t wait for the season of Love to wear your lingerie and strut your stuff – it’s good all year round. The Season of Love isn’t a season – it’s Life! In Every Day there is time to touch, caress and let someone know you love them. What greater gift can you give than your love?

To those of you who don’t have any sexy lingerie – GET SOME…go…now…really, go buy yourself some curve enhancing, eye popping, sweat rolling sexy lingerie…go now…why are you still reading this…run fast…

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