The Coveted High Resolution Product Photos and FREE SHIPPING!

According to the business research, 98% of the merchants who do online businesses agree that  high resolution images and high quality products are of great importance to their businesses.

To show our appreciation for the support of our customers, customers who place a wholesale order of at least US$1,500 will get our new copyrighted high resolution product images with their own watermark.

These photos are absolutely new!

In addition to these, we will also provide Free Shipping for wholesale orders of US$3,000 as well as giving away new our products images with their own watermark for free!

Wella Lingerie strives to create a better and competitive business environment for our customers. Whether you are in the business of lingerie wholesale or lingerie dropship, you would find us to be a reliable partner that you can trust.

Sometimes you just need some better tools and aids and it would work miracle!

Don’t lose out in this competitive world. Take action now to grow your business faster by taking this great cost saving opportunity with Wella Lingerie!

Free Shipping
Free shipping for wholesale orders

6 thoughts on “The Coveted High Resolution Product Photos and FREE SHIPPING!”

  1. The images and the items received are wonderful! I am confident that these will bring in sales to my new start up lingerie business.

    In addtion to these, i am considering to sign up for your turnkey store to expand my business in the shortest time possible.

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