Starting a Lingerie Business at Home With a REAL Turnkey Website

Starting a lingerie business simply requires 3 things namely, merchandise, a drop-shipping arrangement and a ready website. For people with little website design and inventory management experience, a full turnkey website is the best solution. Turnkey websites are ready to go “out-of-the-box.” You will have a website host, merchandise, checkout system and professionally designed website pages provided for you. Depending on your website name and the amount of inventory you plan to stock, a lingerie business built on a turnkey platform requires very minimal start-up investment.

A turnkey website is one that is fully functional at the time of purchase. In most cases, you will have a host and installed shopping cart included in the purchase price. Make sure the name is compatible with the lingerie theme. You should be able to add and change logo to the main page of the website anytime as you like. Also pay attention to whether the site is e-commerce-based, drop-ship-based or affiliate-based, as the difference impacts functionality and purpose. An e-commerce site generally means you will purchase and ship merchandise yourself. Drop-shipping websites allow you to take customer orders that are filled by your supplier. Affiliate websites send customers to another website to complete the purchase, and you receive a commission from sales. Wella Turnkey Solution Service is a full drop-shipping website which does not require any involvement of the user in the stage of site building and goods sourcing. If you are running an e-commerce lingerie site, then you should purchase lingerie from a wholesaler. True wholesale sites will often require customers to provide a federal tax ID number to access wholesale prices. Be sure and purchase a variety of lingerie in different styles, colors and the broadest range of sizes. Customers love selections.

With a fully functional turnkey website such as the one provided by Wella Lingerie, it includes the following features:

• Provide a shopping cart with built-in shipping methods and options;

• Comes with 10 different currencies to suit different markets;

• Comes with basic SEO elements such as metatags;

• A great variety of high quality and professionally designed templates to choose from;

• The supplier does not divulge their identity in the shipment;

• Provide private labelling service;

• The shopping cart could easily integrate with various online payment gateways;

• The website could integrate with social media websites such as facebook, twitter and other social network sites;

• The site comes with your own domain;

• Own logo and banners could be easily uploaded and changed on the front page of the website;

• Provide clear instructions in an operating manual on how to manage the back office of the website;

• Provide an email account associated with your own domain name;

Lastly, make your site “live” and start selling. In the initial stage, your website would not be able to rank on the main search engines so quickly, the best tools to market your website would be the social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, youtube etc.



6 thoughts on “Starting a Lingerie Business at Home With a REAL Turnkey Website”

  1. thank you our order was received, package in good order thank you for keeping us up to date as to the where abouts our order was. We are happy with our order they are of good quality very pleased.

  2. Just purchase a turnkey site from Wella Lingerie for a month and is already starting to get sales from the site. As a beginner in this line, i am so excited and i am waiting to see my sales grow!

    It allows me to start my own lingerie business in such a short time! Wella Lingerie rocks!

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