Special Occasion Lingerie: Here Comes the Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie can be a thoughtful gift, as long as you take care not to offend the sensibilities of the bride. If you are thinking of giving bridal lingerie as a wedding shower gift, you need to consider the personality of the bride in your selection.

There is a wide variety of bridal lingerie available ranging in taste from edible panties to full length nightgowns. If you don’t know the bride all that well and want to give bridal lingerie as a gift, you should probably err on the side of caution. What you consider to be modest bridal lingerie, may be shockingly offensive to the bride. Some safe options for bridal lingerie include a garter belt, full length negligee or a robe. If you are not sure of the bride’s size, you can always purchase a gift certificate for a store selling bridal lingerie and other romantic items.

On the other hand, if you are good friends with the bride, feel free to have some fun in your selection of bridal lingerie. Some off the wall selections for bridal lingerie include edible clothing, themed costumes and other gag items. However, you also want to select bridal lingerie that the bride is actually going to wear on her wedding night. So, you may want to give one item for fun and an actual piece of bridal lingerie that can be used.

Of course, in your selection of bridal lingerie, consider the tastes and preferences of your friend first and foremost. Be sure to pick a color and style that you think the bride is going to like.

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