Shopping Tips For Lingerie During the Winter

By Sman Rashid

You can shop in a large department store, a small boutique, a specialty shop or a on line shop and find a large array of fabulous winter lingerie. You will find collections that are sexy or cute. It all depends what you ware looking for. You will probably find that you have more choices than you know what to with.

It is however, important to find the right lingerie in order to have the desired results. Lingerie is like wearing another skin and we all know that you need to be comfortable in your own skin. So while you should take a chance and be more creative and exotic ant times, try to say with in a certain comfort zone when shopping for lingerie.

Here are some other tips when shopping for lingerie -

Don’t limit yourself to only a lacy corset or a sexy bra. Consider thongs, corsets, stockings & gloves and g-strings as well.

Cross-cross front & back Lace Satin Chemise
Black is usually the color that comes to mind. But red is a big color for the winter. It is said that men find red “hot” as well as sexy. Shades of beige, white, pink, or violet can be lovely and quite sexy also and give a soft romantic look.

Consider texture. While lace is lovely, there is nothing like red satin in the bedroom. Winter lingerie made of silk and lace is in this winter, as well as embroidery. Add a touch of fluff, Swarowski crystals, or satin ribbons, and you have quite a look. Knitted lingerie is also an option.
Triple Rhinestone Buckles Retro Corset
If you are very large breasted, look for bras that have generous neck openings and push-ups.

Choose the right size. Don’t buy anything too big or too small. If it is too big, you will not look sexy and if it is too small, it will just accentuate the fat.

Buy something that is flattering to your body shape. Buy a style that camouflages the worst of you and accents the best.

For daytime wear, you can go for cotton and lace panties and bras. For a more sporty feel go with cottons. Boxer panties are in and prints and logos are very in.

So throw away that old nightwear and go and treat yourself to some new lingerie this winter. You’ll soon find that there is no better way to warm up those cold nights with your man.

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