Sexy Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men

What you need to know before buying your sweetheart very revealing lingerie…

In case you haven’t realized it – women love to feel sexy. Every woman loves to feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world – and you can certainly help. But before you go haring off to buy her some sexy little item like crotchless panties, stop and take a minute to think about whether this is what she really needs to make her feel like a sex goddess. After all, if your woman doesn’t feel sexy wearing what you buy her, she’s not going to feel good about herself or about your gift… and you know how that scenario goes.
Lace Embroidered Bustier with Underwired Cup
Here’s your first tip on what to consider when buying very revealing lingerie for your woman.

It may surprise you to learn that very revealing lingerie is the most popular type of lingerie that women buy for themselves. Many women have discovered the secret confidence that wearing very revealing lingerie under regular clothes can give them. And men have also cottoned on to buying very revealing lingerie as gifts on special occasions. But taking a little care to personalize your gift will go a long way to making sure it evokes the right response.

Do you know her favorite colors? Some women look great in black, but others feel sexier in silky pastel-colored lingerie. Lilac, pink and blue are very popular lingerie colors, but you’ll find a whole range of gorgeous and flattering colors in any good quality lingerie store.

If you’re not sure which colors she prefers, sneak a peak at her current revealing lingerie collection to find out. We’re not talking about her regular bras and panties, which may be in standard colors like black, white or beige, but her ‘special’ items. And if she doesn’t yet have any, here’s your chance to help her get in touch with her inner vixen. White or lilac might be a good choice for a first revealing lingerie gift.

Next, what type of lingerie would she prefer? Not every woman is comfortable wearing lingerie that reveals her entire bottom, so choosing a revealing pair of lacy boy short panties instead of a thong might be just what she needs to feel gorgeous.

Other examples of subtle yet very revealing lingerie are:
* a baby doll nightgown
Flower & leaf tie-up baby doll
* a chemise (which is a light nightgown that clings to the body in all the right places)
* a full or half slip (petticoat)
* a bustier/corset, which looks like a long, strapless bra that provides extra lift to the breasts
Gorgeous Strapless Fire Lady Vinly Bustier
* a teddy (as in the image above)

The key elements to look for are:
1. Comfortable fabric. Silk or satin feels much nicer against the skin than lace, which can scratch.
2. A flattering color. Choose either her favorite color of one you think she’ll look good in.
3. Revealing but not tasteless – unless you already know her preferences lean towards racy.

The important thing is, when it comes to very revealing lingerie, you must really know the woman you’re buying for. Choose something that she can be comfortable wearing, both physically and psychologically, yet will inspire her to feel sexier than she does in everyday circumstances.

Look for more tips on buying very revealing lingerie in our next post. In the meantime, you can find our list of recommended lingerie sites at the bottom of our Lingerie page.

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