Sexy Lingerie for Older Women

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of sexy lingerie for older women was treated as a joke or, at best, a fetish. However, American women are finally taking a cue from their French sisters and asserting the right to be sexy at any age – and people are noticing!

Why Sexy Lingerie for Older Women?
The idea of a woman being sexy after marriage and children is one that still rankles with a lot of people, including women. It’s as though sexual appeal is just for young, unmarried women and once a woman is over a certain age, she is wisest to stop thinking of herself as sexy, because no one else will.

The European idea is very different – they see women as becoming more sexually appealing as they age, because she gains in knowledge and experience. Sexy lingerie for older women has been big business in Europe for years, although there is no differential between the bras and bustiers and garters worn by younger or older women. Good lingerie is simply good lingerie.

Women’s bodies have also changed. More exercise and healthy living means that getting older doesn’t mean losing strength and tone. And men who used to think a woman over fifty couldn’t possibly be sexy may have seen Helen Mirren and changed their minds. Women can be sexy for many decades, so why not have the underwear to enhance it?

Choices in Lingerie for Mature Women
One of the benefits of being older is that you usually have a little more money to spend and know how to spend it wisely. A woman who has lived a bit and perhaps done some breastfeeding knows how important it is to have a bra that fits well and offers maximum support. Women of any age, especially if they are quite curvy, can have difficulty finding a bra that is supportive and sexy.

Beyond Bras and Panties
Older women may have some sensitivity about their midsections and thighs, especially if they’ve had more than one child. But there are many options in sexy lingerie that can hide perceived imperfections and enhance assets. Chemises and teddies are great for masking the belly and playing the tease. Corsets and bustiers do wonders for shaping the waist and pushing up the breasts. Instead of an uncomfortable thong, wear them with boy shorts or tap pants and stockings.

Accessories are a great way to play up sexiness and further hide anything that may trouble you. A ribbon around the neck is always appealing, as are opera gloves. And don’t forget shoes! A good pair of heels never fails to capture attention.

Finally, remember that sexiness is always in the attitude. A strong, confident woman who knows what she wants will have men of all ages lying at her feet.

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