Sexy Corsets – Reinventing Lingerie

This week we shall talk about one of the most treasured heritage for women’s underwear – Corset. Corsets give us the impression of tightly pinched waists and straps that knock the breath out of women. It was probably true of corsets back during the Victorian times, but modern corsets are much more comfortable than corsets of yesteryear.

Furthermore, corsets used to be an inner garment worn to accentuate the fullness of a woman’s figure. Corsets are used for the same reason today, but not as an inner garment. In fact, modern fashion has the corsets designed specially to show them off by wearing on the outside.

The hourglass figure is an eternal statement of perfect feminine figure, and the corset was designed to train the female body into this epitome of perfection. The vintage corset had stiff wooden or ivory supports which held the body frame in place but were very rigid and uncomfortable to wear. However, in their quest for the ideal body form, women wore the corsets no matter how painful it was, and there were documented incidents were women actually fainted from wearing one.

Luckily for the women of today, modern corsets are much more comfortable and are designed to make women feel much more confident of themselves. Corsets are worn on the outside as an upper garment; these are known as dress corsets. They are slightly modified from the concept of old corsets and can be made with denim and with modern additions like zippers. These corsets are decorated with laces and frilly straps for a sexy look and can be a tad bit revealing to set the senses on fire. Even more revealing are the lingerie corsets. These are the true heirs of the vintage corsets. These inner garments are very erotic and are used as sexy clothing for bedroom antics.

When wearing corsets, it is important to let a new piece condition to your body shape over sometime. It might be slightly uncomfortable to begin with, but after a week or so, when the corset have been suitably adjusted to you, it will be much more comfortable to wear.

You can try wearing a tube top underneath your corset to isolate any contact between the corset and your skin. This will reduce any irritation arising from trapped moisture between the corset and your skin.

It is also a good idea to get more than one set of corset for wearing alternately. This allows time for your corsets to wear well and to be aired. But do not fold or roll your corsets when you air or store them. Hang them over a chair or specialized corset hangers to retain their shape.

Corsets are a legacy from the Victorian era, and they have been reinvented again and again over the past century. Today, corsets are worn as both lingerie and also as dresses. Corsets are a window to the past and also a fashionable wear today. It will do wonders for your posture and shape the lovely figure that you always desire.

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