Quick Ideas to Reconnect

Take a Class
How about signing up for a class together? One weekend a month, you pick the other’s interest and spend that time reconnecting while also learning something new about your partner. You can do anything from taking a dancing, pottery, cooking or a home improvement class. You’ll go home happy while gaining a skill to boot.

Get Natural
The weather is cool, so hiking may be out of the question, but you can always rent a cabin in the woods. There’s something about being outdoors, in fresh air, that can never be wrong. You just can’t get more romantic than being in natural beauty, watching the starts in a clear night sky or lolling around a crackling fire.

There’s No Place Like Home
The possibilities are endless on what you, your partner and an empty house can accomplish. First thing first, unhook the phone, shut down the computer and turn off the cell phones. Then use that time to focus on each other. You can have a DVD marathon of your favorite shows. Get in the kitchen and share a glass of wine as you try to make the perfect pot roast. Or head to the shower and recreate your version of a spa. Candles and body scrubs are a must.

Bed and Breakfast
The next best thing to home. They are cozy, and with the personal touch, it’s almost like staying at a good friends house. Actually best friends, since you get pampered while you are there. Most B&B’s are located near recreational facilities or local attractions so you can treat it like a mini vacation. Or just stay indoors and enjoy the rest and solitude.

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