Pretty Lingerie – Top Tips For Colour

When buying gifts of Pretty Lingerie or others garments of an intimate nature it is equally important to choose from the correct range of colours as if you were purchasing a gift of outer wear. Even if you are buying that special item of seductive under wear for yourself think about what suits you.

Although red and black are perceived to be sexy it is not everyone that suits these striking contrasting colours.

If the lady has red hair and freckles (as cute as they are) steer clear of reds and pinks it will do nothing for her. If the lady rarely sports a suntan the sexiest black satin underwear will make her look like a Zebra crossing!

Colour is as important as style when it comes to the “undies department” As a general rule darker skin tones can take stronger colours, but there are of course exceptions and this depends to a certain degree on personal choice. When I say personal choice Gentleman I refer to hers not yours, remember she is the one wearing it so she is the one who has to feel good about your intimate gift.

Body shape can also be a guide to colour, as we all differ in shape and size so don’t extenuate any problem areas with the choice of colour, use your choice to enhance the figure not the bad bits that most women have. Be sensitive in your choice. Going back to the red haired lady with the sandy completion think of the green range, these colours are complimentary, and tone down a hint of redness in the skin as any make up expert will tell you. It does of course depend if the garments are for every day wear or for bedroom pleasures, if that later is true you can let you fantasies run free.

Again pale skins as in natural blondes may have trouble with yellows and creams and darker skins may not look their best in tans and browns. If you are in doubt white can be sexy too especially when trimmed with pretty lace and can be worn under light summer clothes. Before you make your choice consult our comparison colour wheels and get it right every time, no matter how many different ladies you buy for!

For all your lingerie needs, nights in or nights out. The good news is, no more embarrassing moments or glancing eyes in the lingerie store.

All our products are shipped discreetly in a plain mailing bag or box, with no indication as to the contents, or reference to our company. So why not give us a try you will not be disappointed











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