Plus Size Lingerie Tips and Hints

For the full-figured woman it can be intimidating to find plus size lingerie. However, it’s important to every woman to look and feel her best, no matter what size lingerie she wears. Knowing where to shop and having an open mind are the keys to finding the right set of bra and panties for everyday wear or that special night-time occasion.

Plus Size Lingerie Tips and Hints
Look for durable, sturdy items when shopping for everyday wear. Mesh and sheer lace will probably not hold up for a full day. Cotton, Lycra, and spandex are fabrics to search out that not only feel good, but are strong enough for everyday use.
Shop wearing a typical workday outfit. If you frequently wear button down shirts, do not shop in a t-shirt. Trying on a bra with your button-down over it will ensure that the shirt will lay flat and not gap.
Let the salesperson help. Many have been trained in fitting, so do not hesitate to take advantage, especially if you have gained or lost weight recently. This can significantly change the size and style of bra you may need.
When looking for specialty items, like minimizers, longline bras, or shapewear, take several sizes into the fitting room. These items tend to size differently than other lingerie, and you may want a larger or smaller size, depending on the effect you want.
As in any clothing line, fit and size vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is best to try on your size instead of buying it straight from the rack.
If you have a full chest, look for chemises and teddies with underwire bras built in to support your breasts.
Ties and adjustable straps on slips, chemises, gowns, and teddies can help make the fit snugger and keep the lingerie from shifting.
If you are shy about your stomach, stay away from “fly-away” chemises and baby dolls, as these styles draw attention to the problem area.
Find styles that emphasize your features. Look for colors that flatter your skin tone and v-neck shapes in slips/chemises to draw eyes upward to your face and neck. Gals with slim legs benefit from short baby-dolls, which draw attention to calves and thighs.

Shopping Online
If you do not have the time to go shopping for plus size lingerie in person, or are intimidated by the salesclerks and frustrated by a small selection at stores, visiting websites may be a good way to find lingerie. A online stores – Rose Secret.

Rose Secret has both sexy and sensible lingerie. Lover’s Couple Sets, corsets, babydolls, Costumes, teddies, and diva tanga set are all available.

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