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At 5’3 and 160 lbs. at this size, it don’t exactly fit into society’s view of the lingerie model.  However lots  have always been happy with their body.  Still, just like it does for any woman a sexy piece of lingerie still makes them feel better and still makes their husband want more.

Yet the looks that local store employees gave them when buying lingerie was enough to stop them from buying it.  What is a voluptuous woman like them to do? They deserve to feel beautiful too, not to mention that their husbands need excitement just like every other man.

The answer for them was to turn to the internet.  There are many stores available online that cater to the growing population of plus size women who wish to purchase and wear lingerie.  The fact that there is no face to face contact greatly helped reduce the embarrassment they were feeling.  Also helpful is the fact that these stores specialize in this merchandise, so customer service representatives are understanding and courteous.
The clothes are available in various styles allowing the woman to choose the style that is right for her.  No longer is a voluptuous woman limited to little more than a sort gown when looking for lingerie.  Plus size lingerie now comes in all styles that normal lingerie is available in.  Thus the woman is in control and can choose to show as little or AS MUCH of her body as she pleases.    

As if this wasn’t enough reason to log on, these stores have the added bonus of privacy during the shopping process.  No more wading through a thick group of 18 year old girls, who thanks to never having a child can still fit into the size 2, only to be stared at and ridiculed.  Now one can take as much time as they need and find the lingerie that is right for them without stares, whispers and giggles.  

With these types of stores available no woman should ever have to be ashamed of her body again.  She can purchase the lingerie that makes her beauty shine and her husband sweat from the comfort of her own home with no strange looks or embarrassing giggles.      

Women of America be proud of your body and be proud to buy the clothes that make your partner appreciate the added curves.  There is no shame in being happy and making your man happy.  So, log on and purchase that nighty you’ve had your heart set on and prepare for the romance that will undoubtedly follow.

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  1. Women’s lingerie comes in many materials, styles, and colors in market. They also come in many different sizes, so almost every female will find something that fits.

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