Everyday Lingerie: Baby Doll Lingerie – It’s Okay To Still Play With Dolls

One intimate apparel style that can really add spice to your wardrobe is baby doll lingerie.
baby doll lingerie
Baby doll lingerie generally has a form-fitting upper bodice that leads down into a flaring skirt. Intimate apparel of this style is perfect for curvaceous women who are small on top and have robust hips. Most baby doll lingerie comes with matching panty or thong. Some even have matching robes. As they are hot on the market, these comfortable lingerie pieces are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

For the bride on her big day, baby doll lingerie comes in bridal styles. One popular style of baby doll lingerie for brides offers sequin and pearl decoration on the cleavage. This playful intimate apparel piece is perfect for the bridal trousseau and adds a classy flare that is appropriate on a wedding night.

Though most baby doll lingerie is sleeveless, there are other options. One major company offers baby doll lingerie with capped sleeves. While staying playful and sexy, this after hours piece offers a little more substance and a different look.

In addition to baby doll lingerie for the bride or those with capped sleeves, there is the more traditional baby doll lingerie:
2 pc mesh babydoll
two-piece with lace open front.
These items are often accompanied with a matching g-string that completes the playfully sexy ensemble.

As you can see, baby doll lingerie is its own branch of the intimate apparel tree. It comes in a wide selection of styles and colors. Baby dolls gives you a sophisticated, sensual look. They can be as sexy, as playful, or as revealing as is desired by the wearer.

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Lingerie Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy Lingerie by Color

Everyone has their own favorite color, but when it comes to buying lingerie, did you realize how much hair color played into the final look? Well it does and here are some tips to look your best, keep in mind hair color is only the starting point, skin color and tone are also an important factors.

Blondes, you ladies look fabulous in the color black and in all shades of blue.

Chiffon Halter Sleepwear Babydoll

Redheads your color is any shade of green, especially teal. You also look muy caliente in pinks and pastel tones.

Brunettes are gorgeous in white and red, and depending on skin tone black.

Sexy sheer gown with embroidered lace tube

Disappointed your favorite color is not matched to your hair color? Don’t despair, this is just a general guideline, the color of lingerie is still a personal matter between you and your sweetie and if canary yellow drives him wild, that’s the color for you.

How to buy plus size lingerie

A lot of women have difficulty finding plus size lingerie pieces that truly fit. This article provides some shopping tips that can help make plus size lingerie buying a bit easier.

Plus size lingerie is available in an amazing range of styles and colors, offering numerous choices. However, many fuller figured women have trouble finding plus size lingerie pieces that actually fit. Read on for a few tips on buying plus size lingerie that actually works.

Get Measured

Although many fuller figured women are uncomfortable with their bodies, and hesitant to let others know their size, it is very important to push through the embarrassment. Calm your nerves by reminding yourself that a professional sales clerk sees women all day long of varying shapes and sizes. Though you may be uncomfortable with your body, it is simply a normal body.

Many women who have professional measurements taken for the first time are surprised to find that their estimates are not even close to their true lingerie sizes. Sometimes finding a piece that fits is as simple as trying on the proper size.

Look for Gentle Body Sculpting

We have come a long way since the days of uncomfortable and constricting undergarments.
Today’s sexy plus size lingerie styles offer gentle body sculpting with soft, stretchy and spandex. You will feel firmer, toned and beautiful rather than compressed and miserable.

like best

Shop Plus Size Lingerie Specialists
Although most lingerie stores now carry plus size lingerie, the size and style ranges may be limited. Additionally, the pieces may have been designed with smaller proportions in mind, and may not work as well on a fuller figured woman.

Plus size lingerie specialists, on the other hand, offer an immense array of styles and colors, all designed for the unique needs of fuller figured women. Although there are brick and mortar plus size lingerie shops, many women find that the internet offers a greater range of items.

Another advantage of shopping online is the ability to shop comfortably from your own home. Many women, regardless of size, are somewhat hesitant about walking into a lingerie store and looking a clerk in the eye while buying sexy lingerie. Online shopping allows you to purchase outrageously sexy plus size lingerie with no embarrassment.

There is no reason for plus size lingerie shopping to be difficult or depressing. Have proper measurements taken, and then look around for a quality lingerie store that caters to the unique needs of fuller figured women. The small time investment, combined with the above tips, can help you find the pieces that are right for you.

Plue Size Lingerie

How often have you walked into a shop or surfed online stores for sexy lingerie that is stylish, fashionable and available in your size? How often have you found what you were looking for?

Not often? You’re not alone. Over 52% of women in Australia are overweight, and many plus size women find it very difficult to find lingerie/underwear that fits but is also just as stylish as the size 8 version.
To help serve this growing need, Rose secret is pleased to launch our brand new plus size lingerie selection from brands across the globe. Almost all the sexy lingerie we provide in regular sizes is available in plus size.

To view this selection with sizes from 16-24 visit our website or click on the image below.
plue size lingerie
A very sexy and sensual range of plus size lingerie for ‘real women’.

How to Wear a Party Dress with Style

Nothing says femininity like a pretty party dress. Whatever shape or size, all women look fabulous in dresses.

Love your neckline

The neck and collarbone area is perhaps the most elegant and gracefully sensual part of a woman’s body. Take advantage of yours by exhibiting perfect posture in a strapless, scooped or off-the-shoulder number. Take it one step further by wearing your hair up.

Pump up the volume

Be the belle of the ball and boldly welcome extra

fabric into your life with flirty ruffles, and flowing pleats. You’ll feel light as a feather, and every move will carry extra dimension and win more attention.

Play with proportion

Designers pleat, gather, tuck and drape fabric to manipulate proportions, drawing the eye selectively toward certain body parts while magically concealing others.

Fabrics such as chiffon, organdy, tulle and silk create fluid forms with a sense of gravity. But remember, it is all about proportions, so don’t hide under a mass of uncontrollably fluffy fabric.

Dresses with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt cinched at your natural or empire waist are flattering to virtually every body type since they create or accentuate an hour-glass figure.

Balance, balance, balance: Pair fuller separates with slimmer complements.

If you can’t handle the heels, opt for a dainty pair of ballerina flats for a pretty look. But really, heels are most appropriate.

Go light on the bling

Heaps of jewelry often distract the eye from the real gem – you! Keep jewelry to a minimum: Select a delicate pair of earrings – you can’t go wrong with vintage-esque chandeliers – and leave it at that. A light dusting of shimmer across your collarbone will allow your natural beauty to shine.

Wear appropriate footwear

A beautiful dress deserves beautiful footwear. Heels really are most appropriate: they make you look taller, producing long, elegant lines and also augment the shapeliness of your legs. Leave clunky, block-heeled shoes at home; instead complete your outfit with an exquisite pair of pumps, whether they be closed-toed or strappy sandals.

If you can’t handle the heels, opt for a dainty pair of ballerina flats for a pretty look. But really, heels are most appropriate.

Have a strong support system

Poise and elegance are difficult to achieve when you are worried about your bosom falling out of your dress. No, we’re not talking girdles and corsets a la Gone With the Wind, but do invest in a quality strapless bras, and have it properly fitted by a support garment professional.

Haul out the big guns if absolutely necessary: duct tape is a clever way to keep all the right bits covered and in place with slinkier numbers.

Be honest with your waistline

Buy a dress that fits – not one that almost fits (whilst holding your breath). Creased rolls on the verge of rupturing stretched fabric completely devalue your fashion investment. Be smart and buy your (real) size.

Looking graceful stems from feeling comfortable and confident. Make sure you are comfortable in your dress. Can you breathe while sitting? Standing? Dancing, even? If not, leave the dress on the rack.

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Sexy Lingerie Wholesale Is Hot!

Ask any woman and you will perhaps get an idea how close to the heart of a woman is lingerie. Lingerie can go a long way in boosting the sex life of a woman. And why only women? Men to have their own reasons for fascination towards exotic looking lingerie. Any man would admit of the difference that the mere sight of their women dressed in seductive looking lingerie makes. Just that sight can be tantamount to a good deal of foreplay. Therefore, it pays well to have some fair idea about the wholesale lingerie. So, what is a wholesale lingerie? Let us know about it.

The wholesale lingerie is nothing different from any regular lingerie. What differentiates the wholesale lingerie from others is the price at which it comes. What the lingerie wholesaler does is tag the lingerie items with prices much lower than the other similar kinds of lingerie. The discount that the lingerie wholesaler offers may vary greatly – it can be a very small discount or the discount may also, at times, be quite large. A number of factors decide whether the wholesale lingerie will bear a big discount. For instance, material of the lingerie, the store size, or the lingerie wholesaler decide what amount of discount will be offered. The wholesale lingerie may include several items that include garter belts, brassiere, camisoles, gowns, panties, and so on.

Your selection of the wholesale lingerie also often depends on the kind of lingerie boutique you visit. One of the good things about the idea of wholesale lingerie is that you get a set of items that you can wear all at a time. Sometimes, the lingerie wholesaler offer wholesale lingerie that consists of a pack of similar lingerie. There can also be sets where different items are there, but they are all made of similar material.

It is not always about the individual lingerie wholesaler. Often several lingerie manufacturing companies also offer these wholesale lingerie all the year round. In that case, however, your choice for selection comes down as such companies put less number of items under the category of wholesale lingerie. One reason for offering the wholesale on lingerie is definitely promotion of the lingerie store. A discount on lingerie items, quite naturally, become a craze with women customers and that does loads of promotion for a store still at its infancy. Many a times, it is also seen that the lingerie wholesaler offer such discounts as those lingerie items have been with them for quite a long time. Having said that, it does not mean that the wholesale lingerie will be of poorer quality. Only that the stores want to sell off the old stocks.

Several lingerie wholesaler actually run boutiques and they offer wholesale lingerie as a part of their period of major sales. Whatever the reason be behind such sale, you, as a customer, can profit highly by collecting your favorite lingerie at unbelievably low prices. Just be a little careful and check out whether there is a any defect in the product you are zeroing in on.
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