Lingerie Dropshipping with Turnkey Online Solutions

To those who dare to try out in business, we offer you with the latest online tool which is powerful and easy to use i.e. the world’s first lingerie online solution that provide users with a professional website which is ready to convert visitors into customers.

Upon signing up for our turnkey solution service, you are going to own a ready lingerie business ecommerce website within 24 hours (after setting up the DNS for the domain name). The goods would be shipped directly to your customer when there is an order. The payment would be paid to you directly by your customers. We do not disclose our identity to your customers when shipping the goods. The shipping fee is free on the turnkey site.

This service primarily help you save plenty of the time and cost on website building, hosting, looking for suppliers, inventory management, shipping and handling and all other operating costs. What you need to do is to market the website and bring in customers (we also can help you on this).

The cost of operating the store is US$30 per month. The one time set up fee is US$50 or US$100 for without domain registration or with domain registration respectively. Member could also choose to sign up quarterly, half-yearly or annually. The cost would be US$90, US$150 and US$255 respectively.

Turnkey Lingerie Business
Turnkey Lingerie Business

Some asks why the costs of products in the turnkey store are higher than that of the website. The costs of the products in the turnkey store are inclusive of shipping cost, i.e, US$6 more than the dropship price on our website for each item. Member could view the dropship prices on our website after registering a dropship account on our website. The shipping is free on the turnkey store with airmail and you can upgrade the shipping to expedited service. With purchase of more than 2 items, the shipping would be upgraded automatically to expedited service.

The turnkey solution service has already benefited a lot of online businesses. Come and feel it and you would know how amazing it is. It is easy to use and dropshipping has never been this easy before. You can learn more about our turnkey solution service at All the features of our turnkey stores are listed on


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