Lingerie Can Be Both Sexy And Comfortable

Between men and woman there will always be different opinions on what to buy. Lingerie can be sexy, and comfortable as well as long as it is the right size. Do try to wear bras and underwear for the size you want to be, wear the correct size for yourself and you will be more comfortable. It is estimated that over 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. A bra that is too tight can leave a pinching red mark on your back caused by the tightened elastic. It will also lead to bad posture because the breasts are not supported correctly.

If you are wearing a bra where you are coming out of it or your curves are not smooth than the bra may be too small. If the strap of the bra is coming up from under your rib cage the bra may be too small as well. Make sure to have the correct measurements and then go from there.
Low cut bust bikini set lingerie with mini skirt
In buying underwear it depends on what the occasion will be as you would probably not wear the same underwear painting your house as you would if you were at the clubs. A thong can be a sexy piece of underwear with the right outfit but it can also be uncomfortable at times. Pick the underwear that fits you comfortably, and also fits the occasion.

When buying sexy lingerie pick something that could get your lover excited. Also pick something which you will be happy wearing. You can shop for lingerie together, online or at a store, or make a surprise gift for a special occasion. It’s all about what taste you have. If you like it – try it, if not leave it. It all matters as to what can turn a couple on, not anyone else.

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