Lingerie Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy Lingerie by Color

Everyone has their own favorite color, but when it comes to buying lingerie, did you realize how much hair color played into the final look? Well it does and here are some tips to look your best, keep in mind hair color is only the starting point, skin color and tone are also an important factors.

Blondes, you ladies look fabulous in the color black and in all shades of blue.

Chiffon Halter Sleepwear Babydoll

Redheads your color is any shade of green, especially teal. You also look muy caliente in pinks and pastel tones.

Brunettes are gorgeous in white and red, and depending on skin tone black.

Sexy sheer gown with embroidered lace tube

Disappointed your favorite color is not matched to your hair color? Don’t despair, this is just a general guideline, the color of lingerie is still a personal matter between you and your sweetie and if canary yellow drives him wild, that’s the color for you.

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