Lingerie – A Zillion Options For Every Woman

By Tiffany Hart

Every woman should spice things up every so often. In addition to putting a bit of spice into a relationship, it can make you feel sexy. A sexy woman is a confident woman. Fortunately, there are what seem to be a “zillion” options for every women regardless of her style preferences and body shapes.

Mention lingerie and many women picture tight corsets and garter belts. They also picture uncomfortable materials and cuts that might not emphasize their best assets. Well, the good news is there are many different ways to look sexy and just as many different types of lingerie to make it happen.

Satin Boning Corset

The first thing to keep in mind with lingerie is the sexy element of it is often not in what is shown, but what is hinted at. A g-string may look great on a 22 year old Brazilian beach model, but a sexy low cut bikini panty might be a better choice for a 35 year old in Chicago. The key is to wear what makes you feel sexy and confident. If you are worried about showing off an asset that maybe you are uncomfortable with, things aren’t going to go real well. That being said, let’s take a look at some sexy options.

Women were bras all day long. A quality bra can really make a look, and the same goes for lingerie. That being said, a romantic, private evening might be the time to consider a sexy alternative. How about a silk camisole that rides down to your belly button? With thin straps, it is a look universally commended by men. Wearing it with a bikini or thong panty can result in an outfit that will make any man pay attention.

Moving a bit lower, underwear is an issue. If you have a nice derriere, show it off with something skimpy in the thong or bikini panty line. If you have nice legs as well, you can tie it all together with a panty/garter belt combination that draws the eyes up the legs. It is a classic sensual look in the lingerie fashion world, one that is a winner nearly every time.

The classic lingerie piece is the corset. It is worn tightly around the midsection and pushes up the breast. If you pull up pictures of lingerie models, you will always see at least one. Personally, I find the corset uncomfortable. It is difficult to feel sexy when you are tied up like an inmate in an insane asylum. That being said, lingerie is all about personal taste, so go with what you like.

Ultimately, the lingerie you choose should be comfortable and make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you convey that to those around you. In short, buy what you like and things should work out well.

2 thoughts on “Lingerie – A Zillion Options For Every Woman”

  1. I do agree. I think most of the sexy look is to do with confidence and not being afraid to make sure you stand out. If your worried and scared of what people may say it shows and defeats the object of wearing something sexy where as it works the opposite way round too.

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