Lady Gaga Hot Booty on a Cold Parisian Day

Lady Gaga Hot Booty on a Cold Parisian Day

It may be freezing in Paris but Lady Gaga warmed things up last week when she appeared in a pair of her traditional sexy fishnet leggings, panties and a lace bra top, under an open, waist high biker jacket. Lady Gaga also wore a large leather dog collar necklace and her black as the night sunglasses. She completed the look with a pair of high platform black front tied ankle boots.

Lady Gaga Tops Vogue Best Dress
Lady Gaga won Vogue Best Dress List in a landslide this year, receiving 42 percent of the votes for Vogue Best Dressed of the Year List. She clearly overshadowed runner up Blake Lively who received 24 percent of the vote.

Celebrity’s Choice of Sexy Lingerie
Among the various type of sexy lingerie, Lady Gaga fancies corsets and bra & panty sets. Look like Gaga, choose your favorite Celebrity’s sexy lingerie at

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