Intimate Clothing – Is it Bought For Him Or Her?

By Chris Courtis
The first thing that needs to be clarified is the term Intimate Clothing. This relates to anything that is worn usually by a woman (depends on preferences) that is deemed sexy and alluring; this can be underwear, club wear, night wear or dance clothing. There are a whole range of different items that fall into the category and these are just a few of the types of clothing that can be considered within an intimate range. Back to the theme of the article, the first point to consider is who is buying the intimate clothing and why? There are a whole range of reasons as to why your partner, husband or boyfriend may be purchasing intimate clothing for you and then there is the possibility you may be buying some for yourself. If your partner is buying the intimate clothing either for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or some other special occasion then nine times out of ten they will buy something that they would like to see you wearing. Therefore it could be the possibility that they are buying the clothing for their enjoyment, of course as well as yours.

On the other hand if the intimate clothing is being bought by yourself then there are two aspects to this, the first is you will buy something that you like and secondly you will buy something that you think your partner will like. For many women buying some sexy underwear will make them feel good, spice up the bedroom life and give them a self confidence boost. Most people like to look good and feel good and clothes are just one way this can be achieved, making sure both partners in a relationship enjoy what they are wearing both in and out the house will ensure the partnership keeps fresh and vibrant.

There are lots of different types of intimate clothing available, why not discuss with your partner what they like, what intimate clothes they may like to see you in and vice versa. By buying something a little risqué it could really make the difference in the bedroom and rekindle the sparks of passion and desire. If this is not discussed and your partner went out and bought some intimate clothing for you would they come back with items you like? If the answer to this question is no then some subtle hints may not be a bad idea and could save a great deal of embarrassment in the long term. In answer to the original question, there really is no actual answer so the best thing to do is make sure your partner knows what you do and don’t like and then you probably won’t go far wrong.

When you want to look your best Intimate Clothing will help you give you glamour and elegance. There are so many different types of womens clothing available for you to enjoy from sensual lingerie to dance and clubwear, with such a wide range there will be something for everyone.

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