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Benefits of Buying Lingerie Online

There are many good reasons to buy lingerie online, especially if you are a man. Going into a women’s store to look for that special lingerie item for your loved one could be quite embarrassing for some men. Crowds of females and lots of bright colours and delicate fabrics surround you. It’s just not what you are used to and you can feel yourself breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it. Then having to actually look through all that lingerie to pick the right size could be quite traumatic.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, then why not look online instead? No crowds, no hassles; just your familiar computer and you. You can bring up pictures of all the garments available and order what you want with the click of your mouse. You won’t feel the least bit embarrassed because there is no need to ask for help from a female shop assistant. Sure in a real shop the assistant can help, but you have to know the size, colour preference and style of garment first.

Yes, you still have to know those things when buying online, but the pictures are there before you, so it’s easy to make a choice. You don’t even have to know the names of the garments. Bustiers, thongs, camisoles, baby dolls and different kinds of panties are all tagged with their correct names. Simply choose those you like the look of. And if you get it wrong, you can nearly always return it for a refund or replacement without feeling embarrassed to explain everything to the salesgirl.

Just make sure when you are buying online that you choose a reputable business and check their refund policy.  so you can still take advantage of a bargain.

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A Lingerie Checklist For Women

By Tiffany Hart

Buying and wearing lingerie is all about feeling sexy. When you feel it, you project that feeling and others will take notice. There are many different ways you can go with lingerie. Here is a checklist of options you may not have tried.

When buying lingerie, it is vital that you think about what you want to achieve. For some women, the goal is to limit the coverage of skin. With others, it is not so much about showing your assets as it is about hinting about what might exist. Whatever your approach, there is a piece of lingerie for you. Consider whether you have all of these in your collection.

Corset - The corset is a take it or leave piece of lingerie. The corset is worn around the midsection. It is squeezed tight and pushes the breasts upwards. It is a classic lingerie look, but it can also be uncomfortable.

Satin Criss Cross Lace Up Corset

Thongs – There are actually many different types of thongs. They run from the smallest g-strings that are basically a string running around your waist with another running front to back to pieces with more material. The sensation of wearing a thong is one many women do not like. If you feel this way, try moving to styles that have a bit more cloth. Regardless, the thong is a very sexy look that can really catch the attention of your partner.

Camisole – The camisole is an underappreciated piece of lingerie. A cotton or silk camisole should be worn from the breast down to your belly button without an underlying bra. Combined with a bikini panty, it is a look that will warm up things quickly. As a major plus, it is incredibly comfortable as well.

Garter Belt – The garter belt is a classic lingerie piece. It consists of a lace band that runs around the waist and has clip straps dangling down to the legs. These are then attached to sexy stockings. Every woman should have at least one garter belt in her collection of lingerie.

Teddy – Another comfortable option is the teddy. Often sold with matching panties, it is a smallish robe that fits over the shoulders and rides down to the thighs. It is worn open and is a piece of lingerie that entices by suggesting what might be found underneath instead of simply showing it. A teddy is very comfortable to wear, making it a favorite among many women.

Sexy Sheer Sequin Teddy

Obviously, there are variations on these general lingerie pieces, but they represent the major pieces you should have in your lingerie arsenal. You never know, after all, when you might need them!

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