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Vinyl Lingerie & Clothing – Looking for something to wear that is Sexy, Sensual and Unique?


Many people consider vinyl lingerie  and clothing as fetish wear and to some degree they are correct. Before you decide what vinyl lingerie and clothing is best for you, give it a try.

While many, if not most, adults are familiar with lingerie and sexy lingerie, most have little or no idea about vinyl bustiers and vinyl clothing . First of all vinyl is rather misunderstood! Vinyl is usually associated with such things as vinyl siding, vinyl seat covers and rarely if ever vinyl lingerie. To make matters worse vinyl is often referred to as PVC as in poly vinyl chloride, patent leather and such. Most women don’t care to wear poly vinyl chloride as it sounds like something you use to line or even clean your pool. Girls love to wear those shiny patent leather shoes, but not so sure about wearing a pair of patent leather panties. So vinyl has a definite identity crisis and this in part explains why vinyl lingerie and clothing resides in the fetish wear department.

There is nothing wrong with fetish wear and part of vinyl’s allure is that it isn’t something every woman chooses to wear. Vinyl is shiny, very supple and needs to be worn very snug as it is a composite “fabric” and can be somewhat stiff until it warms up. The fact that it isn’t conventional clothing is at least in part why it is a favorite of alternative groups such as gothic chicks, and those who want to look different and vinyl is a great alternative to looking different. The truth is the vinyl lingerie and clothing selection is quite large and there is something here for everyone, whether you love dressing in all black or are a sexy housewife from Detroit.

Due to its lower cost as opposed to leather, vinyl is a great replacement and stands on its own when one is looking for that “special” look only vinyl can offer. Vinyl harnesses, bustiers, bras and panties are just a few of the unique looks that exude the look of domination versus submission. Further the shiny look of vinyl is one that you don’t find anywhere else as photographers find it a look that conveys a one of a kind look that you don’t see on the street. Many burlesque performers use the material whether it is in mini skirts, tops or vinyl pants for a one of a kind look and feel.

Since vinyl clothing, lingerie, shoes and boots are all made of this same wonder fabric known as vinyl, a matched set can be obtained from head to toe, in addition to the various fetish accessories such as whips, blind folds and hats. The thrust of the vinyl lingerie and clothing business is that vinyl is a clothing line in and of itself. Consider this; the vinyl line is a unique way to expand your wardrobe with little expense. Since the line begins with sexy panties, bras, baby dolls and extends to bustiers, corsets, harnesses and more it is a lingerie line that few are aware of and neglect to browse as it simply has never entered their minds.

You have seen vinyl everywhere but you may have not recognized it as vinyl. Vinyl hot pants, mini skirts and booty shorts are seen in movies and videos all the time. The reasons vary but the need to have a new, fresh, exciting look is always a factor as vinyl just doesn’t look like your mother’s department store apparel. One of our most popular sexy vinyl dresses laces up the front as well as the back exposing just about everything as you can lace it up as tight or loose as you desire.

 popular vinyl style

Virtually all of the vinyl dresses and skirts exude a certain sexuality due to their look which can be described as exotic, sexy, shiny and of course, form fitting. The shiny part is the eye catcher as few fabrics boast of being shiny and the shiny nature of vinyl leads to its allure.

The next time you are looking for something different, unusual and one of a kind take a look at vinyl regardless of the name you use it is all the same. Yes, it does have its own following and no it is not going to be seen in Sunday school any time soon. That is exactly why you can look forward to an evening of stares and admiration as you may likely be the only belle at the ball wearing sexy and sensuous vinyl.

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How to shop for Lingerie on the web?


How do you shop for lingerie, sexy lingerie  and plus size lingerie  on the internet? Shopping for lingerie can be difficult but we offer tips and suggestions to make finding the right, sexy lingerie easier and more fun.

It is a good idea to approach shopping for lingerie on the web with a good, solid plan that will make the time spent more productive. There are lingerie websites  and  you want to weed some out from the beginning. Look for websites that have toll free numbers so you can talk to a customer service representative to ask questions and more importantly to communicate with if you have a return or a problem later during the transaction. It can be very frustrating to try and get ahold of a company solely by email if they don’t have telephone access. It is also a bad sign if they have not invested in long distance phone service or have any employees to handle customer inquiries. If they do not have clearly visible email contact move on as this will likely cause problems later on. Although you probably won’t have a problem later on it is generally not a good idea to deal with any business that doesn’t offer clear and reliable means of contact.

If the online website only offers dropshipping then choose carefully as they may have little if any product knowledge as they are using a selected number of suppliers. Dropshipping is a very common method of supplying products to customers and in and of itself is perfectly appropriate. The practice involves the website carrying no inventory thus the perception that the website is run out of someone’s bedroom or garage. Dropshippers promote their services as allowing the web site owner to promote their lingerie website without having to invest a nickel as the dropshipper carries all the inventory and the website owner does not have to carry a stitch of lingerie. At its heart this is a legitimate method of running a website but it does have its limits and drawbacks. First the lingerie website has little if anything invested in inventory so it may come and go in the night. Second the lingerie website may have little if any lingerie knowledge as they never see the product, know its characteristics. Third the lingerie site only uses dropship sites thus the selection will be limited to dropship inventory only. While many quality lingerie, sexy shoes, adult wholesalers do dropship, many others do not.

Since a lingerie website is in another state or perhaps another country you must be able to make decisions about products without trying them on. Sexy lingerie is often sold as one size fits most and this means there is a good amount of stretch spandex in the product for it to fit a woman with 5’2″ to one that is 5’7″. Also the weight differences will range from 110 to perhaps 165. Corsets are sold by bra size so if you wear a size 34 bra then you may need a size 34 corset. Cup size is not important in purchasing corsets. Shelf bras are sexy bras that support your breasts on a “shelf” that exposes your breasts and nipples. Again cup size is not a factor in these bras. When it comes to sexy stockings  keep in mind that there are two types of thigh high stockings. One is a stay up stocking that has silicone strips on the inside of the stocking tops that hugs your thighs and helps them stay up. The other stocking is not a stay up and requires a sexy garter belt  in order to stay up on your legs.

Our new sexy products

2009 is upon us. What better time is there for you to buy some new sexy lingerie and other sexy products?!

There are our new products.
1. Corset

Glamour Overbust Corset

Glamour Overbust Corset
A very pretty style in striking thai satin that will make anyone feel special. Corsets with lace trim on the top and bottom hems. Corsets are front fastening.

Satin Lace Corset
Satin Lace Corset
Satin corset with lace top and bottom.

English Princess Corset
English Princess Corset
Sexy English Princess strapless scalloped lace corset with ribbon tie up details. A design that will give you a slimmer look.


2. Club Wear

Frilly dye printing halter neck mini dress
Frilly dye printing halter neck mini dress

Sexy strappy bra and booty shorts
Sexy strappy bra and booty shorts
Sexy strappy design bra and strappy design booty shorts

3. Sexy Jewelry

Rhinestone shining Barbie necklace
Rhinestone shining Barbie necklace

Satin lace crop Valentine’s Peek-a-boo Bikini Set

By Caroline Brelin
Every day I, along with millions of women put on a bra, usually beige but sometimes black. Its sensible, satisfactory, and comfortable. Then soon after moving to France I became more and more hypnotized by all the French woman wearing assorted colored bra straps that were peeking out of their sundresses and T-shirts. Every day I would survey bra straps; the clear bra straps the young girls were wearing with tank tops, the gingham check with lace on the grocer’s wife, the green ivory the neighbor wore, the purple with roses on a friend, elegant black at night, and silky pink under a rose colored dress. Rarely, if ever did I see a plain white bra strap.
The insurance agent wearing a red sleeveless dress had a matching fire engine red bra strap sidle outside the sleeve glancing up at me as to say: “Aren’t I beautiful?”
Wow I thought that bra strap really does have something to say.
A comfortable bra to wear under white T-Shirts or work suits. No imagination and definitely no mystery. Being tantalized to find out more about French women and lingerie especially the bra, I began my own personal investigation.
Frenchwomen spend nearly twenty percent of their annual clothing budget on lingerie. In the U.S. the average clothing budget is about $1800 a year. Twenty percent means that an average American woman should be spending $360 a year on lingerie. I personally am falling way below the average. Why is that I wonder. A product of the 70s when we were burning our bras? It was now thirty years later and I wanted something more, something these French women secretly knew and loved.
My various interviews with French women, proved my instincts right, every French woman believed with her heart and soul that wearing a beautiful lace or satin bra with matching underwear was the essence of looking and feeling good. It isn’t about the man (which some say it is), but about how they feel wearing cool silk on their warm skin, and a demi-cup where their cleavage glistens in the summer heat. After all the bra was invented in 1889 by a French woman who cut the midriff off her corset to allow for more waist movement. The French should know.

For the next week I wore each bra under a T-shirt, tank, and summer dress taking time to match the bra with the color top. I felt different somehow; more put together, more elegant, more French.
Slowly, I found myself falling in love with satin bra and panty set and I decided this time I want to a just a little bit naughty. I decided to go for a wilder style. I searched on the web (many women do this nowadays) and came across a sensational and playful piece of satin peek-a-boo bra and panty set of the brand “Rose Secret” from a website. Before buying that, I was looking at the product picture. It made me feel jubilant and impish. “My boy friend will definitely like me wearing this” I was talking to myself. So I took out my credit card and clicked on the “buy” button without second thought.

Satin lace crop Valentine’s Peek-a-boo Bikini Set

peekaboo bikin

Peek-a-boo Bikini

To my surprise, this sensational piece of bra and panty set totally transformed me into a younger person and I admitted this type of bra set was the most beautiful on me. I realize how a matching and playful underwear can add funs to my life. It is not so much about the man but it is how you feel within.
I like the fact that French would no longer wear underwear that didn’t match the bra that’s why they always buy a wholesale complete set that comes with panty. For the next week, I thought a g-string would be fun too so I tried a string bikini. I could never get the hang of it even though I read recently that it is not the breast that is getting the most attention these days but the fessé, otherwise known as the buttock. Was it more important to feel elegant and sexy than to be sensible? Evidentially the British are thinking so ever since Bridget Jones. One report stated that the British are now spending more than the French, Germans, Italians, and Spanish on lingerie and definitely more than the Americans.
Wearing sexy lingerie became a fun for me. I walked on the street I was concentrating on how it felt; soft, silky, playful, and sexy. I swayed to miss a dog and danced around a tree whistling a song I just heard on the radio. I then realized I was smiling at everyone I met. Bonjour monsieur, Bonjour Madame. They smiled back, and I wondered if just possible they knew my secret of the matching satin bra and underwear.