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Choose the Right Lingerie For the Right Moment

Do you want to look sexy without burning a hole in your pocket? If yes, you now have quality lingerie at wholesale prices on the web.

There are a number of cheap sexy lingerie sellers who have emerged into the scene with a whale of collections to offer you. For making that long lasting impression in your bedroom or just at a reveler party, you may feel the need of sexy lingerie anytime. Even if you had purchased a few pieces for you in the last years, these may become too tasteless for this season. For the most exciting ranges, the web is the best place you can always have a look on. The online sexy adult lingerie sellers now have pretty good collections of lingerie and lingerie items including baby dolls, bustiers and basques, sexy sets, camisoles, teddies, thongs and knickers, stockings, garters, shelf bras, peek-a-boo lingerie, chemises, corsets, hosiery, panties etc. And the best thing for you is that you get all the sizes for you. Even many online sellers offer you the advantage of choosing your product size wise like 32, 34, 36, 38, small, medium, large, XL, one size, plus size and so on. Shop by fabric facility is also available through many a sites. Silk, Lace, Fishnet, Sheer and Satin need special mention here.

When you shop online for sexy adult lingerie, the prime advantage that you get is you need not feel any embarrassment as you may feel it while going for a regular shopping at an undergarment outlet. Moreover, you can also purchase matching stuffs that go well with a particular product. For example, Spiral wire bras with butterflies for trim including matching thong, leather pasties with tassels and studs coming with matching g-string, sexy cup-less corset in red leather with boning and zip front etc. are just too good for a memorable group purchase. Sexy sandals with ankle strap, black patent heel with rhinestones etc. are just a few examples of associated stuffs that may draw your attention while making any online lingerie purchase. Bulk booking gives you the added advantage of enjoying further discounts on your chosen products.

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By Melissa B. Clark

Factors to Consider in Choosing Lingerie

Most women are ultimately aware of what types of clothes fit their bodies and personalities well. Choosing the perfect skirt to match their top and then pairing it with the best stilettos in town are never a cause of headache. But shifting the subject to the most intimate wearables, say lingerie, a lot of the female population are still baffled. Your choice of lingerie can either make or break your style, so it is important to know what lingerie will flatter your figure or make your entire style falter. Some lingerie may be designed to cover-up for the small “problematic areas” of your body, but don’t forget that lingerie are still one of the most stylish ways of flaunting the sexier parts of the female anatomy. Here are some tips to consider in choosing the perfect lingerie.

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1. The size of your breasts.

Let’s face it, the bust line calls for the most attention of all the other parts of the female anatomy. For smaller breasts, padded or wired lingerie will make your breasts appear bigger.

2. Your legs and thighs.

For petites, choose high-cut leg designs that will create an illusion of longer, fuller legs. If you’re gunning for a sexier, more seductive look, a fitting, skimpy little thong will do the trick. This will not only make your legs appear longer but slimmer as well. For those who hate their big thighs or the plumpness in their bottoms, opt for a dressing gown that covers up the fullness of your bottoms to create an illusion of slimmer legs. Stay away from styles that hug tightly to the lower part of your body as this will only emphasize the roundness. Divert attention from your lower body to your upper body by wearing a bustier or anything that would emphasize your breasts.

3. Your tummy.

If you have a bulging tummy, go for dark-colored lingerie. You may choose from black, maroon, dark-green and the like. It is best to wear fabrics that are opaque instead of sheer and see-through fabrics like chiffon. Draw away attention from your tummy by emphasizing your shoulders and neckline. You may wear a light-colored chemise and pair it with something dark below to help emphasize your upper body.

4. Your hair.

Color is what the beholder catches first so make sure you opt for the right color that suits you.

For fair-haired, blonde ladies, light hues and pastels will look superb on you. Dark-haired beauties can go well with darker shades or brighter hues. Red-headed lovelies will look dazzling in deep greens and blues or chocolate brown and auburn palettes.

5. Your arms and shoulders.

If you have thick arms and shoulders, go for lingerie with sleeves or with wide straps.

6. Your waist and hips.

For women who feel they don’t have curves to flaunt, two-piece lingerie will do the trick. They create an illusion of a curvaceous, hourglass figure.

7. Accessories

Whatever hideous pasts or problems you want to cover up, accessories will always be your best partners. Laces, ribbons, jewels-feel free to style yourself as pleased.


By Sherri Myers

Looking Sexy For Your Lover in Lingerie

The best way to make your romantic life blossom is by adding sexy lingerie to the mix. You can create a honeymoon atmosphere at home by making sure that you look desirable to your husband in lingerie that pleases both of you. All women enjoy knowing that they can make their men want them. You can be certain that the attention is focused squarely on you and your body when you add some deliciously naughty lingerie to your wardrobe.

Nudity is an instant turn on but many people are a little shy about strutting into a room clad in nothing but their birthday suit. With sexy lingerie you are able to ignite passion by just displaying undergarments that have a tantalizing level of sophisticated sex appeal. When looking sexy and desirable is on your mind, match the mood with red hot lingerie choices.

Men appreciate it when their women take the time to make romantic moments special. They will definitely notice you if you enter the room wearing spicy, sassy little thong panties that show off your curves. Keep in mind that their interest is more in the package than in the wrapping, though. If you choose something like a sheer, see through babydoll that reveals your body you will instantly have your husband’s complete attention.

A flowing, silk peignoir or nightgown can be exciting, but a simple see through baby doll gown takes the excitement up a few levels. Consider wearing stockings instead of panty hose, and try a few different bra styles. Look for bras with cups that expose instead of cover if you really want to give a surprise to your guy. Experiment with silk, lace and leather lingerie, and use colors and animal prints to deliver extra “oomph” to your look.

Remember that clothes make the woman and they also make the mood. Add an assortment of thong panties to your lingerie collection. These will make your legs look longer while giving you a sassy, sexy appearance. For an instant shot of sex appeal wear thigh high stockings or a lacy garter belt. Either of these choices will delight your lover the moment you enter the room.

Dressing and undressing are two activities that husbands enjoy watching their wives perform. When this action includes some great lingerie it makes you appear even sexier to your man. Guys like to see the prim and proper skirt and blouse being removed. It heightens their desire when they are treated to the sight of a revealing teddy beneath the layer of demure outerwear. Just consider this scenario to be a recurring fantasy that you can easily fulfill at home.

Rev up the interest and action in your bedroom by adding lacy, satin teddies and g-string panties to your lingerie drawer. The right intimate wear can transform any woman into a sexual goddess in the eyes of her husband. If you put on a skimpy lace thong and demi-bra and then give your lover a view from the front and the back he will be putty in your hands. Be prepared for a long, romantic evening when you set the stage with the kind of sexy lingerie your man is yearning to see.

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Lingerie Secret – How to Choose the Perfect Piece

Here is a secret on choosing lingerie? First of all, let me ask you this question…What are looking to do for your man? A confident Woman understands the provocative physical response she has on her man (on any more for that matter)… so the question is, what kind of carnal, bodice-ripping fantasy does she want to explore with her man? Or maybe she just wants to explore the fantasy herself? It could be simple or complex, but it starts in the mind and goes out from there. Whatever it is, it’s got to be something that makes her feel like she is a most cherished prize. And when a woman finally and teasingly reveals to her man what’s been dancing around in her mind, inflating her libido, the bed room is ready to be torn asunder. It’s suffice to say that sexy lingerie has the distinct ability to elevate any and all carnal encounter… and that’s what you want anyway, isn’t it?

So now that you’ve taken the plunge on deciding that you are going to purchase some delightfully naughty sexy lingerie, how do you go about choosing it? This requires some truth-telling… no need to lie to one’s self, because when it comes time to strut into the candle-lit bedroom you’re not looking to hide anything any way… as it’s all going to come off in the next 10 minutes! The choice of lingerie has a lot to do with body shape, not necessarily body type or weight. Any woman WILL look good – in the eyes of her man – with the properly chosen garment. Effectively evocative lingerie accentuates a Woman’s natural curves, so she must decide on what are her greatest assets (boobs, booty, legs) and go from there.

Now, a corset has a unique ability to pump up the volume on a woman’s assets – as is clinches in the waist and props up her boobs which in turn appears to give them more volume and the form-fitting nature of a corset adds an intangible quality to the final presentation, as well. Presentation is the key, isn’t it? And corsets bestow an hourglass figure if one doesn’t exist, and brings an existing one into a whole new light. All these little elements heighten the experience for the viewer and ratchet up the excitement level, the playfulness. You can spare no expense when choosing lingerie, because you’ll regret it afterward. So splurge on what ever you chose.

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Lingerie, Swimwear, Corsets and Sleepwear – A Guide to Guessing Her Size

By Paul Bowers
Taking the steps to buying your sweetheart lingerie is to be congratulated, the sign of a truly modern man. The message you are sending to her is a strong one – you have gone above and beyond in search of the perfect gift. After all, that’s what girls really want – to know that you’ve actually put a little thought into your gift for her. Buying great lingerie is not rocket science and it will send your stock value soaring with her. Just avoid making the mistakes listed below and you’ll be the envy of all your mates.

1. Deciding a good time to go shopping is after a few pints with the lads.

Although it might seem like the perfect thing to do – you are feeling generous, you are feeling brave and hey, your mates have offered to come along and help out. Don’t expect the High Street boutiques to have their welcome mats out for you. You might not be the model of the discerning customer they are eager to serve and chances are your buying decisions might be a little different from what your girlfriend might appreciate.

2. Asking the sales lady to try it on.

A big no-no! She might look like exactly the same size as your girl and seem really eager to help out, but you might quickly find out she doesn’t share your sense of humour. You might find your the one wearing handcuffs!

3. Forgetting who you are buying for – not a porn star or America’s Next Supermodel.

If this is a first time lingerie purchase, you might want to play it safe and buy something you know she would like and be comfortable in. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with risqué lingerie but you might want to make that decision together. There is a danger that she will interpret your racy selection as a reflection on her – or a secret fancy of yours which she hasn’t bought into. Buyer beware!

4. Forgetting all about her personal style and taste.

If you’ve never seen her wear red, there might be a good reason why. Pick colours and styles that are similar to garments she already wears. If in doubt, white and black are usually a safe bet. We can give you an overview of the most popular lingerie items and suggestions on body types they might suit. Pay careful attention to fabrics. Silk, satin and sateen cottons are natural and are considered the premium luxury lingerie materials. For a more revealing insight into female desires, see “What Do Woman Want?” under ‘A Man’s World’.

5. Guessing her size

Bra sizing can be tricky but fear not, you have options. If you are feeling ambitious, either put on your detective hat and go looking at labels in her underwear drawer (be ready with a good excuse in case you get caught!) or ask someone who might know (mums, sisters, close friends might be able to slyly find out). As a back up, there are lots of other beautiful lingerie items, like camisoles, chemises, and fabulous nightwear, which will be easier to judge the size of (S M or L) and are sure to impress.

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Surprise Your Husband With Sexy Plus-Size Lingerie

Do you ever get the feeling that you and your husband are in a rut? Do you wear an oversize t-shirt or flannel pajamas to bed every night? Has the romance disappeared from your marriage? These days you’ll find that plus-size lingerie is available to help full figure women look and feel sexy again.

Depending on your comfort level, you can find plus-size lingerie that runs the gamut of how revealing it is. You can find plus-size lingerie that is racy and hot or classy and elegant-it’s up to you.

One flirtatious, but modest, piece of plus-size lingerie is the babydoll. A babydoll is like a short mini-dress. Depending on how daring you are, they come in sheer fabric, but they also come in cotton, lace, silk, and satin if you want to be more covered up. Babydolls tend to accentuate your cleavage while disguising a larger stomach and hips. If you want to be even more covered, you might be comfortable in buying a matching robe, either long or short. Your husband will still love the sexy surprise, and you might feel more comfortable a little more covered up, at least until you get more used to wearing sexy plus-size lingerie. If you want to wear something even more modest, buy a long, ankle-length, silky nightgown, which you can also pair with a matching robe.

If you’re ready to be a bit more daring, sexy corsets and bustiers come in plus-sizes and will make you more shapely and play up your curves. Not only will you look voluptuous in a sexy corset, but you can make it even hotter if you add a pair of thong panties, garter belt, stockings, and a pair of kitten heels. You won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in this outfit since your husband will be so thrilled he won’t give you the opportunity to become embarrassed for trying something new.

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