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What Makes The World’s First Lingerie Turnkey Solution So Unique?

Welcome to the first lingerie turnkey solution service provider in the world! Welcome to your own lingerie world!


Our mission

As a lingerie supplier, our aim is to help as many members as possible to easily open their own lingerie online store. With our turnkey solution service, they could now own a fully hosted ecommerce website in 24 hours which is ready to convert visitors into customers without the need to have inventory stocked up at their house!

Wearing sexy lingerie has become a life style. For centuries, sexy lingerie has been serving as good companion for men and women and have contributed in bridging wonderful relationship between men and women, why don’t we encourage more people to wear it and also do it as a business and serve more people?

Wella Turnkey Store

How it works?

Once our members sign up for the service, Wella Lingerie provides them with a ready website in their own domain name, which is pre-loaded with 2000 product images and information, as well as integrated with a shopping cart system that is directly linked to their own payment gateway. All the products information on the turnkey websites would be automatically updated every time we update the product information our website.

When it comes to products selling, the turnkey website is set up with the member’s own Paypal account for purpose of collecting payment from their customers. When their customers place order on the website, we would also receive the order in our system automatically.  All they need to do is to make payment to us after their customer made payment to them on the order. After receiving payment from the member, we would then ship out the order directly to their customer. The shipping comes with free shipping options available on a worldwide basis.

By using our turnkey site, our members save tremendous amount of time and money from having to build an ecommerce website from scratch. Most importantly, we help them upload all the products to the website while they are sleeping!  There is no need for them to go round and look for products and suppliers! In addition, it is not so easy to find reliable dropshipper who provides discreet and free shipping.

wella turnkey store

What makes us different?

We have been providing affordable sexy lingerie online for more than 8 years. Our products cover a wide range of lingerie including corsets, baby dolls, teddy, sleep wear, panty, clubwear, gown, swimwear, garters, costumes and many more

Our turnkey store is different from other affiliate sites which do not help build user’s own brand. With our turnkey solution, member could almost build a brand as fast as they wish to by leveraging on our private labelling service.  Apart from having you own domain, the products are delivered to their customers with their own labels. Isn’t it cool?

What makes us different again is we continue to provide guidance to our members on how they could make their website gain better traffic online. Our SEO service has helped members’ websites rank on the first page of Google with minimal cost.

There may be plenty of ecommerce website providers out there, but many would still find it difficult when they come to product sourcing, and it is especially hard to find a dropshipper who already has such an integrated turkey system in place like us, who takes care of basically everything from website building to supply of goods and also shipping.

turnkey features


As an online lingerie supplier, our dream is to let everyone wearing sexy lingerie in whatever style they want, whenever they want to. Let’s come together and help us build a healthy community for sexy lingerie and make it affordable for everyone.

Please visit Wella Turneky Solution Service and make the difference today!