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The Development of Corset – The evolution of the corset culture

The corset is a pioneer of the modern bra, but its historical origins can be said to be a historic beach-goers. In ancient Greek and Roman times, people respect for nature, there is a type of clothing that could support the breast of a woman. Their bra and panty set is just like the popular bikinis now.

In the next middle age, the influence of Christianity in Europe is becoming increasingly widespread. During this period, there is no keen pursuit of cultural development in the clothing, nothing special, men’s and women’s clothing styles inherited Roman style, there is no significant difference, and are based on the cylindrical shape of the robe, long-sleeved style. Aristocratic women also wear a “face clothing”, it is not only a veil, and also have to wrap the head, or even cover the entire shoulder, similar to the nuns headscarves.
It is worth mentioning that the Christianity culture had a major impact on the fashion during that time. Christianity was widely spread during the confrontation of the Roman Empire, it strongly oppose the drawbacks of the Roman Empire, at that time, simple is considered to be beautiful. Not many people will deliberately dressed up. Whether they are ordinary civilians or from the royal family, they basically dressed the same. At that time, women went topless and pose the “S-shape” to attract attention.
However, from 1096 to 1291, the Crusaders up to 200 years in Europe conquered the war. This war changed the European history. First, the dream on the establishment of the World Church did not realise. Also due to lack of organization of the Crusaders, the church prestige dropped significantly. In addition, the Crusaders opened the door to the Oriental trade, leading to the emergence of a large number of freedmen to accelerate the development of Western Europe, handicrafts and commerce, which became an important force of the commercial development of civilization in the Renaissance and the middle class.
The subsequent development of the Renaissance and the development of middle-class business culture played a role. At that time, the Europeans elsewhere, back to the novel textiles, spices and other goods, has greatly stimulated the desire of aristocratic luxury, the use of luxury has become a fashion. Accompanied by literacy, poetry, emotional revival, no doubt induced the feminist consciousness In a great historical background, people began to question the teaching and the pursuit of sensory stimulation. Ever since, the era of the corsets began!

Devil history debut

In the Middle Ages, the Christian culture occupies a dominant position, they never think that the female body is a beautiful symbol of female curves. Who would have thought that the devil debut actually is so dramatic – it has to do with a group of mice!
In the mid-14th century, plague is very popular, and claimed the lives of one third of the people of Europe. To the latter half of century, there is a rapid decline in the population, the spread of the plague makes the European panic. The Government must take urgent measures to encourage people to increase the population, which had an excuse for the women to attract the men in public. Since then, people began to lost faith in God, forsaking the faith and began the life of endless indulgence. There was history described: “When some women put on a wig in public, wearing low-cut shirt, could have a candle standing on the cleavage, who can doubt that human nature has been devoid to the edge of hell? ” In this wave, the corset mounted the stage of history.

This trend originated in Spain, initially it is sewn from fabrics with tie up design to tightened the waist area. In the process of development, there has been an iconic figure of the era -the French King Henry II, Princess of Germany.

Note: The above history of corsets is a shared article. The truth of this story remains to be determined.

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