How to Wear a Party Dress with Style

Nothing says femininity like a pretty party dress. Whatever shape or size, all women look fabulous in dresses.

Love your neckline

The neck and collarbone area is perhaps the most elegant and gracefully sensual part of a woman’s body. Take advantage of yours by exhibiting perfect posture in a strapless, scooped or off-the-shoulder number. Take it one step further by wearing your hair up.

Pump up the volume

Be the belle of the ball and boldly welcome extra

fabric into your life with flirty ruffles, and flowing pleats. You’ll feel light as a feather, and every move will carry extra dimension and win more attention.

Play with proportion

Designers pleat, gather, tuck and drape fabric to manipulate proportions, drawing the eye selectively toward certain body parts while magically concealing others.

Fabrics such as chiffon, organdy, tulle and silk create fluid forms with a sense of gravity. But remember, it is all about proportions, so don’t hide under a mass of uncontrollably fluffy fabric.

Dresses with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt cinched at your natural or empire waist are flattering to virtually every body type since they create or accentuate an hour-glass figure.

Balance, balance, balance: Pair fuller separates with slimmer complements.

If you can’t handle the heels, opt for a dainty pair of ballerina flats for a pretty look. But really, heels are most appropriate.

Go light on the bling

Heaps of jewelry often distract the eye from the real gem – you! Keep jewelry to a minimum: Select a delicate pair of earrings – you can’t go wrong with vintage-esque chandeliers – and leave it at that. A light dusting of shimmer across your collarbone will allow your natural beauty to shine.

Wear appropriate footwear

A beautiful dress deserves beautiful footwear. Heels really are most appropriate: they make you look taller, producing long, elegant lines and also augment the shapeliness of your legs. Leave clunky, block-heeled shoes at home; instead complete your outfit with an exquisite pair of pumps, whether they be closed-toed or strappy sandals.

If you can’t handle the heels, opt for a dainty pair of ballerina flats for a pretty look. But really, heels are most appropriate.

Have a strong support system

Poise and elegance are difficult to achieve when you are worried about your bosom falling out of your dress. No, we’re not talking girdles and corsets a la Gone With the Wind, but do invest in a quality strapless bras, and have it properly fitted by a support garment professional.

Haul out the big guns if absolutely necessary: duct tape is a clever way to keep all the right bits covered and in place with slinkier numbers.

Be honest with your waistline

Buy a dress that fits – not one that almost fits (whilst holding your breath). Creased rolls on the verge of rupturing stretched fabric completely devalue your fashion investment. Be smart and buy your (real) size.

Looking graceful stems from feeling comfortable and confident. Make sure you are comfortable in your dress. Can you breathe while sitting? Standing? Dancing, even? If not, leave the dress on the rack.

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