How to Wear a Camisole


Knowing how to wear a camisole for various occasions allows you to explore the versatility of this little lingerie item. While some camisoles are made to be shown during a romantic evening in, others can be worn as layering pieces under sweaters and blazers, and some can be worn on their own. They’re especially useful for covering cleavage beneath tops with plunging necklines.
Tips on How to Wear a Camisole
There are all kinds of camisoles and they can be worn in a variety of ways. While there are no hard and fast rules on how to wear a camisole, you’ll feel more confident when you wear one with the right outfit. To make sure you have the camisoles you need for any ensemble, you’ll probably need several in your wardrobe. Different camisoles you’ll come across and the best ways to wear them include:
Satin lace embroidered sheer camisole

Sheer Camisoles
Sheer camisoles are perfect for wearing under your sheer tops. The extra layer the cami provides is usually enough to prevent any embarrassing see-through situations – however, just to make sure, it’s always a good idea to look at your outfit in a brightly lit room before you head outdoors. While sheer camis come in white, black and nude colors, if you’re wearing a sheer white top, it’s best to wear a nude camisole underneath it. You can also wear white, but be aware that your camisole will be visible. If you’re wearing a sheer black shirt, you should wear a black camisole beneath it.

Basic Camisoles
You’ll find a large variety of simple camisoles, but these basic pieces perform a multitude of jobs. Some are very plain and look like little more than a sleeveless tank, while others have touches of lace on the neckline. You can wear a basic cami underneath a V-neck sweater and low-cut tops; if it has a lacy neckline, the peek of lace can add a feminine touch to your look. You can also use your camisole for layering in cooler weather. It’s much more feminine than an undershirt. Close-fitting camis work well under sleek tops and dresses.

Sexy Camisoles
Camisoles that are made for more intimate moments are often lacy and made in sensuous materials like satin or silk. They usually come in sets, paired with eye-catching G-strings, thongs or boy shorts. You’ll find a wide range of colors in sexy camisole sets, beyond the more basic colors that aren’t made for attention-getting.

Camisoles as Tops
There are some camisoles that are nice enough to be worn as tops. Look for camis that come with built-in bras if possible. If not, then wear a strapless bra beneath it for support or bras with clear, elastic straps. It’s considered tacky for your bra straps to show, even under slinky tops like this; there are enough options in bras these days so that your straps don’t ever show.

A Multi-Purpose Piece
Even if you have several camisoles on hand for certain outfits, they can often perform double or triple duty. A basic cami with lace detailing can be worn underneath your work clothes, but if it comes with matching panties, you can also wear that for an after-work date. A basic camisole can pair with pajama shorts or pants for a comfortable sleeping outfit. One trick to knowing how to wear a camisole is making it a multitask item.

You can find camisoles wherever lingerie is sold. Department stores, lingerie boutiques and online lingerie sites are all places to look for this versatile piece. Many camisoles are very reasonably priced, so it’s easy to buy all the camis you need for different outfits.

When wearing it as part of a casual ensemble, you can pair your cami with:

Naturally, this is more of a warm weather look and works well in the spring and summer. Be sure that any camisoles you wear as tops are meant to be worn as tops and not as underwear – they should not be see-through.

Once you learn the many different ways you can wear a camisole, you’ll probably want to make sure you have a suitable one on hand for almost all of your outfits.

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