How to Throw a Great Lingerie Party

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your lingerie party is a great success. As a Hostess it is important that you put a little effort into your party, not only so your guests have a great time, but also so you make the most of the Hostess Rewards.

1. Wish List

Firstly work out exactly what it is that you wish to earn for free or at a discount. Make yourself a ‘Wish List’ of everything that takes your fancy, even if you think that you could never afford it all if you were to buy it at the full retail price. Remember, the Hostess Rewards are there to help you earn it at a discounted price or even receive it complimentary from the company.

2. Invites

It is really important to send out your invites as early as you can so your friends don’t make other arrangements. When choosing your party date don’t try and find a date to suit everyone as this is often impossible. Pick a date with your consultant that suits the both of you and then if any of your guests can’t make it they can still order or they may want to book their own party, which of course will benefit you with extra discounted items. You can, of course, book another party date, which will earn you the extra Hostess Reward, and will also give your friends who missed out the opportunity to come. Plus you will earn the Hostess Rewards all over again! It can be tempting to send out a general invitation via Facebook instead of posting the invites. By all means create an ‘Events’ page for your party but it does help to send out the invites in the mail. In a world of emails and text messages it is nice to receive something in the mail, particularly something other than a bill, and it does make people feel special to receive individual invitations rather than just a group email.

3. Dress to impress

Obviously, attire is going to be a central element of the evening. If you’re simply inviting over some of your best female friends, you might exchange lingerie or other adult-oriented gifts and there may not be any required attire beyond what you wrap in those gifts. However, if you’re throwing a lingerie party that you want to be as sexy as possible – you’re going to have to stand by that door and only admit those who play by the rules. A lingerie party of this degree is almost like a costume party. Be creative with what lingerie you throw on! Sometimes less really isn’t more – it’s better to wear something classy and sensuous, rather than too overtly revealing. But what’s great about a lingerie party, is that all bets are off. What happens at the lingerie party, stays at the lingerie party. A little scandal, in this case, is a good ingredient for your get-together. You want this to be the talk of the town! Shop for latest lingerie in town on Lingerie Wholesale. Please register an account at to start the shopping spree!

4. Food

Don’t go overboard when it comes to preparing food. You will find that your guests won’t eat much anyway and people won’t be tempted to book themselves if it looks like hosting a party takes a lot of effort. Simple snacks are best and either tea and coffee or a glass of bubbles is fine. Food can also be a distraction from the products and can also make the party longer than necessary, which doesn’t help your bookings.

5. Numbers

Always invite more as it is inevitable that some people won’t be able to come. The general rule is invite 25 people to get a party of 10. If you are struggling with numbers then ask your guests to bring a friend or family member along. Ask your consultant to help you with this who can possibly offer some sort of raffle prize for those guests who invite along someone new. You might also prefer a more intimate gathering and your consultant is likely to be happy to do a personal fitting for you and a couple of friends.

6. Outside orders

Anyone who can’t come can always place an order so don’t forget to show them the catalogue or direct them to the company website. These sales will all count towards your total, which increases your amount of Hostess Rewards.

7. Bookings

As well as getting bookings on the day anyone who can’t make it might like to host their own party so always suggest this to them. If you are enthusiastic about the product and genuinely want to share it with your friends there is no reason you shouldn’t share the product, plus you are giving your friend the opportunity to get their own lingerie wardrobe sorted out for free!

8. Gifts are a must!

No matter what kind of lingerie party you’re trying to put together, gifts are in order. Adult toys and jammies are the typical gifts that are exchanged at such parties, but there really are many options. Have fun! All the gifts may be for your special bachelorette or perhaps you can make some party bags for your guests, packed full of R and X-rated goodies. You probably shouldn’t plan to throw a lingerie party unless you’ve saved up more than a few pennies beforehand. It might be in your best interest to have a friend or two help you out with the party planning and decorating – if you’re not a lone host, it won’t be nearly as hard to put together. Come and check out what you can offer to your guests at Lingerie Deals. There are heavily discounted items on the website which would give you a jumpstart on this.

9. Relax

On the evening or day of your party don’t forget to relax! If you have kept things simple and given your guests a quick reminder call, then you can be happy knowing that your party will run smoothly and you can look at enjoying yourself and earning some great bras and underwear for free!


Lingerie Catalogues for Party
Lingerie Catalogues for Party


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